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  1. Did'nt you say before that you asked somene to marry you? That might count as a mistake for someone...... ;D
  2. Y2, Is this the hospitality suite that is ran by mostly warren people, or is there another one?
  3. OK, I am hoping that you have not been in Indiana for very long, And while I dont know the exact geographical boundries, the "region" is in the northwest corner of the state up near Chicago.
  4. At 50 posts you move up to a regional qualifier Also on topic 2 years ago, Odom of Warren Central beat Wright of Cathederal early in the season, and Nick did not make it out of SS that year. Losing to Nelsen of LN in the 1st match.
  5. The match started at 285 285 Jordan Bedan CG over Kyle White WC 10-4 103 Troy Willey CG over David Ramirez WC 15-0 112 Clint Plake CG FF 119 Matt Milton CG over Matt Moreland WC fall 125 Matt Adams CG over Zach Baughman WC fall 130 Karielle Law WC over Jordan Legan CG 8-6 135 Nick Odom WC over Spencer Hays CG fall 140 Jerod Crump CG over Jon Decker WC 11-8 145 Sean Mappes CG over Dan Blackburn WC 15-0 152 Devin Gladney WC over Logan Sabik CG 7-6 160 Kris Colangelo over Brock Warner CG fall 171 Shelby Mappes CG over Nate Metzger WG 17-7 189 Mike Jones WC over
  6. Kristi, ya gonna give us any of the seeds?
  7. Without a list of teams, or individule's that are gonna be there, I will go out on a limb and predict that there will be some good wrestling going on, and there will be a winner of each match. I will also guess with limited certainty that there might just be a weight class winner in each weight class. And quite possibly, there will be a team named winner as well.
  8. Sometimes going up a weight is the best thing to do.
  9. No, but the IHSAA knows what sectionals feed into the super regional, or what ever it is called now.
  10. When your knees give out! ;D Well my knees still work, however my back is in real trouble....
  11. I am curious, how many of those teams will face each other before team state? Can someone put a link on here to track your schools path. ie, what sectionals feed into each other ect.
  12. I know, it took forever for the season to get here, now it is 1/2 way over, and it is just about gone.... :'(
  13. Just for my own clarification, at what point do you stop being young? ;D
  14. Not sure about high school tournaments, but U of I is hosting quite a few teams at there place this weekend.
  15. No Berry did not wrestle the second day, Schaefer beat Alex Wainscot at 215 from WC
  16. I would be curious to see the correllation between small town medium size town and large town coverage. Here in INdy, they will do a story on the Capitol City classic, usually 5-8 paragraphs, County and the city meet, 5-8 combined, and then along the tourney trail the articles get a little more, but not much. I am not sure who we have to pay off in the sports department to realize that playing with balls is not the only way to have a sport.
  17. Agreed, but it looked like Porras could lose 5 lbs easier than Cashe (but I was a good distance away). Cashe looked cut, Porras looked big (if that makes sense?) Only to someone that spends anytime around wrestlers would that make sense, it makes perfect sense to me.
  18. http://web1.ncaa.org/onlineDir/exec/sponsorship?sortOrder=0&division=1&sport=MWR Here is a link to the NCAA web site that lists all D-1 schools that offer wrestling, they also have a list there for D-2 and D-3 schools, with links to each schools sports web site. Many of the schools have recruite me questionaires that you can fill out to get them some basic info. you should have in advance someo of the following items. High School name address, phone number High School counselor, and coach name and number act score, sat score registration to the clearing house and registrat
  19. They have a special deal worked out for the barn, it is not available to them for that price any other time of the year. As far as schools here in indy that could host this. you have a few with the room for the mats, but I am unsure if there is enough room for the spectators. The fieldhouse at warren can hold 12 mats for the schoolboy duals, with no chairs in between them, maybe 2 more total which gets you to 14, plus if you put 5 in the main gym, you can get 18, but no seating anywhere in the fieldhouse, and traffic flow would be a mess inside the school. I have not seen Bed Davis' new facili
  20. That happend with me a long time ago. I dont coach as much as provide feed back on what I am seeing out there as far as how he looks, the positions he gets in and I ask him to explain why he went this way or that way, as much for my own info as for making him thnk about what he did and why.
  21. While I enjoy eating deer meat, I think that when it is 75 outside it is too cold to spend a day sitting in a deer stand.....but feel free to bring some deer chili down to the state meet, I would be more then happy to eat it with ya.
  22. city wrestling meet It's a family affair for the McGinleys in city wrestling meet Cathedral coach watches nephews and cousin triumph as his fifth-ranked team rolls to victory By Paul Shepherd / Star correspondent Posted: December 21, 2008Post a CommentRecommend E-mail Print Share Del.icio.us Digg Reddit Yahoo Google A A It was a good day for the McGinley family Saturday at the City wrestling finals, but not everyone in the McGinley clan could be victorious. Cathedral coach Sean McGinley watched his fifth-ranked Irish capture their ninth consecutive City crown with 346
  23. county wrestling meet Perry Meridian has to battle for wrestling crown By Steve Brooks / Star correspondent Posted: December 21, 2008Post a CommentRecommend E-mail Print Share Del.icio.us Digg Reddit Yahoo Google A A The final team standings showed that Perry Meridian won Saturday's Marion County Wrestling Tournament in decisive fashion. But the host Falcons had to work almost every second for most of their six individual titles. The Falcons won three finals matches by three points or less and narrowly avoided being pinned in two contests. Despite all that, the third-ra
  24. Team scores: Cathedral 346, Tech 270, Manual 186.5, Indiana Deaf 144, Bishop Chatard 139.5, Northwest 128.5, Broad Ripple 124, Washington 104.5, Howe 104, Arlington 98, Scecina 60, Crispus Attucks 38, Cardinal Ritter 37, Indiana Blind 17. Championship matches: 103 -- Dominique Price (Tech) def. Brian Harvey (Cathedral) 9-7 112 -- Blake Roytek (Cathedral) def. Aaron Thurman (Tech) fall, 2:26 119 -- Storm Cosby (Tech) def. Charlie McGinley (Cath.) 16-9 125 -- Brandon Wright (Cathedral) def. Lovester Posey (Tech) fall, 2:52 130 -- John Gr
  25. My interest has been piqued.....
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