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  1. Only the shadow knows........
  2. Quality is a relitive term, and when you are talking about rankings, I would argue how much quality you have. It seems to me that people get all bent out of shape and the discussion quickly deteriorates into he beat so so by this much and this kid lost to that kid, so therefore he should be ranked higher. Interesting discussions, but I dont know about quality.... ;D I would use the term "mildly entertaining". Good call
  3. From the IHSAA web site. 1. East Chicago Central (10): East Chicago Central, Hammond, Hammond Bishop Noll, Hammond Clark, Hammond Gavit, Hammond Morton, Highland, Lake Central, Munster, Whiting. 2. Calumet (10): Calumet, Gary Roosevelt, Gary Wallace, Gary West Side, Gary Wirt, Griffith, Hobart, Lake Station Edison, Merrillville, River Forest. 3. Crown Point (8): Andrean, Boone Grove, Crown Point, Hanover Central, Kankakee Valley, Lowell, North Newton, Valparaiso. 4. LaPorte (8): Chesterton, Glenn, Knox, LaPorte, Michigan City, New Prairie, North Judson, Portage.
  4. Quality is a relitive term, and when you are talking about rankings, I would argue how much quality you have. It seems to me that people get all bent out of shape and the discussion quickly deteriorates into he beat so so by this much and this kid lost to that kid, so therefore he should be ranked higher. Interesting discussions, but I dont know about quality.... ;D
  5. Trinedad


    Hey rankings guy, I get the feeling that some of these people think you should be in the BCS committee. You can take that anyway ya want. BTW, nice explaination on why you did what tyou did at 30 and 35. And as I have always said, these rankings have no meaning, the true rankings will come out after State, and those are the ones that matter. Thanks for all the hard work, no way would I do that only to get second guessed at every turn. If I want to be told how wrong I am, I will just talk to the wife.
  6. regionfan#1 Regional Qualifier Cool Points: 5 [wahoo] [boo] Posts: 76 Re: Merrillville & Mater Dei ? Reply #17 on: Yesterday at 12:22:45 PM ? Quote -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 103- M dec 3-0 112- MD dec 3-3 119- M dec 6-3 125- M pin 12-3 130- MD dec 12-6 135- MD pin 12-12 140- MD maj 12-19 145- M dec 15-19 152- MD dec 15-22 160- MD dec 15-25 171- MD pin 15-31 189- MD dec 15- 34 215- MD tech 15- 39 285- M dec 18 - 39 I believe that is how it went.......between the lo
  7. My question would be, why do we have to have "competition" between the 2 sites, it seems to me that they are both trying to do the same thing and that one could be an informational tool for the other and visa versa. Both sites have the goal of promoting the sport of wrestling and if the ISHSWCA becomes the site that coaches use to spread tha info that they need and the fans use this one, then I say congrats to both.
  8. But a coach having them ready for his team, and Y2. pr whoever the job would be hoisted on is a different thing entirely. Reciveing them and updating them all the time would be a very difficult job.
  9. Is it at cathederal, or perry, and what time does it start?
  10. For Warren we had 2 unbeatens, Michael Johnson-Jones at 189 and Gabe Berry at 215
  11. I dont know if he will climb atop the rankings or not, but one thing if for certain, this proves to everyone that Sampson can and will cradle anyone in the state, and he will be very tough to deal with come tourney time. Congrats on a great win.
  12. What do ya mean, 4-3 sounds like he controlled it from the start. ;D
  13. Yeah good luck with having all those boys so close together. I am sure you spend more then ya should on things like lights and other breakable items around the house from horse play. We will see ya next weekend at the Duals. And again at sectionals. Have a good one.
  14. Desire, Dedication, Perseverence. In short, work your butt off. As to how long will it take, there are so many things that go into this. You have to combine everything mentioned here as well as have some luck along the way, by that I mean, avoiding a serious injury that hinders your ability. You have to seek out quality coaching, and quality work out partners. If you dont happen to have those in your room, go outside your room to find them. Always seek out the toughest kid in your weight class and wrestle them as often as possible, only by wrestling the best can you ever hope to be the be
  15. You are right, he did learn a lesson. I am not going to get into any of the wrestling stuff, but, I would be interested to hear just a little about what his brothers are saying to him....having 2 brothers myslef, I can only imagine that he is not going to live this down any time soon. Just tel him to smile and reralize that sometime they too will make a mistake and he will get a chance to ride them back. That is the great thing about brothers, they can say things to you that knobdy else would dare.
  16. EMD did not lose a dual meet all day, in their pool, or in the crossover round. They were the dominant team, Merriville was 2nd, and Farmington 3rd. Warren was way off both EMD and Merr. and a litle closer to Farmington. If Farmington was a team in Indiana, I would put them in the 12-15 rank area. (after further review, I would say a little lower, I dont think the beat Center Grove, so lets say 18-20)
  17. If anything this underscores just how hard it is to be a 4 timer, I am hoping to see it, I always love to be around when history is made, and yes, I realize that 4 timers have been done, but each and every time it is history. This is an amazing career that he is putting together, and I have enjoyed watching him wrestle for many years.
  18. Well I said he had a great match with Mango, he was with him the whole way, so I was not suprised to see that he has these credentials. Tough kid.
  19. No, Odom did not wrestle Mango, he was at 25, btw, Mango is a stud, he is as big as Cashe, and may be quicker as well. I watched his match with Wisdom from Farmnigtom both these guys are ranked in the top 10 in the nation ( I was told this by a coach from a MO. school, dont know for sure how true it is, but it looked like it) it was a great match won by Mango 5-3 Merr. nor EMD wrestled Whitfield as they were not in the top 2 from their pool Mt Carmel was not there, they dropped out to go to another tourney. Napules did wrestle Wisdom from Farmington, and earned a hard fought 4-3
  20. Blake, and the Woods family, Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Dave Odom Nick Odom The Warren Central Wrestlers
  21. All matches started at 103 Warren central 40 Whitfield 39 103 WBF 112 LFF 119 W 9-1 125 LBF 130 LBF 135 WBF 140 LFF 145 LBF 152 LBF 160 L 6-4 171 WBF 189 WBF 215 WBF 285 WFF Farmington 38 Warren Central 26 103 L14-1 112 LFF 119 WBF 125 LBF 130 L 9-4 135 WBF 140 LFF 145 L 4-1 152 L 8-5 160 L 10-2 171 L 7-5 189 W 13-2 215 WBF 285 W 4-0 WARREN CENTRAL 44 OAKVILLE 20 103 L 11-3 112 LFF 119 WFF 125 WBF 130 L 9-1 135 DBL FF 140 L 9-5 145 WBF 152 W 9-0 160 L 8-6 171 WBF 189 WBF 215 WBF 285
  22. This is a great tourney, there are always some incredilby talented kids here. I will be there and as long as I dont get to wound up, I will try to put the WC matches on but since it is a 5 hour drive for me, it most likely wont be until sunday.
  23. And dont forget, it is a great time to talk to them about club wrestling, and getting them on the mat for some freestyle matches.
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