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  1. Congrats Brannigan, you had a great day today, it is days like this that make all those early morning practices worth it.
  2. To all you bantam, midget, schoolboy and middle school parents out there, trust me, it took forever for high school to get here, and as soon as it got here, it has gone by in a flash. Stop yelling and screaming at the refs, quit complaining about the coaches, sit back cheer him on, and enjoy the time, it does fly by once it is here. It was just yesterday I was excited and scared because my little boy was going into such a large high school, and now in a short time he will be leaving that same high school with a degree as a man, and moving away to a school in some far off place and I will only
  3. A girl that does not understand the dedication you put into your chosen sport, sounds to me like you made the right call.
  4. A couple of spots here and there, but yes for the most part it was our regular line up. Ben Davis wrestled very well, and deserved the win, the differences in our line up would not have made up the difference in the score by any means.
  5. Warren Central 49 Northwestern 28 130 WC W 11-2 135 WC WFF 140 WC WFF 145 WC WBF 152 WC W 19-4 160 WC LBF 171 WC W 21-10 189 WC WFF 215 WC WBF 285 WC LBF 103 WC L 10-0 112 WC LFF 119 WC LBF 125 WC WBF WARREN CENTRAL 42 ADAMS CENTRAL 33 135 WC WBF 140 WC WBF 145 WC W 6-2 152 WC LBF 160 WC WB INJ. 171 WC LBF 189 WC WBF 215 WC WBF 285 WC WBF 103 WC L 2-0 112 WC LFF 119 WC LBF 125 WC W 3-2 130 WC LBF WARREN CENTRAL 30 RONCALLI 40 140 WC W 7-0 145 WC WBF 152 WC W 8-5 160 WC LBF 171 WC W 5-1 189 WC WBF 215 WC
  6. FF, I am not feeling it now, I am enjoying his senior season, however when the tourney gets here and every match could be his last it will be gut wrenching. Unless he makes it to saturday at state, then I will be able to sit back and watch, knowing he has done what he set out to do, but until that time comes I will be on pins an needles.
  7. There is a place about 5 minutes by car, on Kentucky, it is called "Johns Famous Stews", when ya walk in you are gonna say wow, he told this place was good, it is a little hole in the wall bar and dinner, it has the best stew in town. To borrow a line from chunky, so thick you could eat it with a fork, but use a spoon, you'll want to get every drop. There is another hole in the wall place over on Tibbs and Minnesoya, called "Manns Grill" very reasonable pricing, and you can feed two people with what they puton your plate, again one of those places that when ya walk in is a little dingey,
  8. It would depend on the weight selected but yes I think if you can start with one of your stronger wrestlers and get some momentum for the rest of the team it can really set the tone for the meet. If you can come out and get 2-3 wins to start, then the guys following them wrestle a bit harded, fight for that take down just a bit harder, not wanting to be the 1st to lose. However, if one of your "studs" gets beat, the oposite can happen. The team says wow, he got beat, what chance do the rest of us have. Now an interesting idea would be to allow the home team select the starting weight, t
  9. 2006 state finals at 103 from the Newcastle Semi-state 1st Camden Eppert 2nd Brandon Wright 4th Brandon Nelsen 7th Jacob Tonte
  10. I am guessing the "Bobby Cox" trophy is out of the question......but if we did, it could be in the shape of a donkey, or the south end of a north bound horse. Actually if ya want to honor someone pick a person from the past that has demonstrated a love of this sport like few other. I would suggets asking TAE for some input as he seems to be a great source of wrestling facts and history.
  11. If you are looking for BBQin Indy, the best place is GT SOuths. it is aways awy, up on 71st and Binford blvd. out orth of the state fair grounds, but it has the best in town
  12. No, neither of them deserve to be there ahead of a team that won on the tournament trail laid out in front of them. I am sure that many years a quality team has been left behind because Perry was so dominant, or an LN or Cath. team got left home, because they faced each other in the sectionals, and then again in the regionals.
  13. There are a lot of ways that you could do this, you could do a weight class award, a semi-state award as regional(area not tourney) MVP's and then an all state MVP award. I mean once you start talking about this the possibilites become mind numbing. As far as what you end up doing, if anything will be greatly appreciated, and soundly discussed for a long time after the awards are given. So are ya thinking just a mention only along with a cover story on the home page, or are ya thinking about something like a plaque. Y2, this can be something really sharp. Good luck, now that this has got
  14. Well, I can tell ya the people from the Shelbyville (warren central this year) sectional were thrilled that we dont have to go to Perry again. The representative will have to wrestle a very tough New castle, and some rather tough teams from the Columbus, Seymour, and Jennings county sectionals. A list of teams that feed into the Seymour super regional 22. Warren Central (10): Beech Grove, Eastern Hancock, Franklin Central, Greenfield-Central, Mount Vernon (Fortville), New Palestine, Roncalli, Shelbyville, Triton Central, Warren Central. 23. Shenandoah (11): Blue River Valley, Cam
  15. Would the tourney MVP be for the kid that got the furthest that was a suprise to everyone, or lets say cashe wins in dominating fashion as expected, would iut go to him?
  16. No pun intended, but do ya think he has a fathead?...well, ok, maybe a little pun intended..
  17. I did not say it was sane or rational, it is what it is. Some coaches think it gives them a competitive advantage for the other tewam to not know about you. Personally I think it works against a kid if he is unknown. A good kid is going to come out and really work his tail off figuring the kid has nothing to lose. And if it is a good kid, then everyone knows who he is anyway.
  18. A lot of people are secretive about thier results. Not sure why, but it does seem to be only the posting of the team scores, and no individule scores. Maybe tou can make it a requirement to atleast make the results include weight class results. I dot really care who wrestled, but sometimes a lopsided score is not as lopsided when ya see how it unfolded. Other times it is just a good ol' fashioned butt woopin.
  19. Well, he shows up at the state finals, and sometimes makes it to a semi-state, but he leaves as soon as he can so he can get back to what he really loves, which is anything but wrestling.
  20. I have found that the older I get, the better I was.
  21. The latest results, However, I doubt that Mr. Cox will care that much about these. I am sure that if he cares at all, he has checked out this board and will see that we have loaded the results with multiple votes, but it is a nice thought that he might actually care about this sport. What is your favorite winter sport? Swimming and Diving 5.1% Basketball 8.9% Gymnastics 2.3% Wrestling 83.7% LAST UPDATED: 1/15/2009 7:44:30 AM DISCLAIMER: This poll is informal, not scientific. It only reflects the opinions of site visitors who ha
  22. I must admit I was a little suprised to see that WC had cracked the top 20. DC, maybe you could start a topic similer to the RC started "ask DC". While it is true that WC has wrestled a very tough schedule , it is equally true that we have preformed marginally at some of these meets. I would be interested to know why you did put us in the top 20 as well. We have losses to 2,4,5,6,9,10,13,15,16, and HM EC, we have wins against HM Avon, and highly reguarded team Whitfield of Missouri. In some of the losses, we were very competitive, in others, not so much. Mr Mullins, take heart, all of t
  23. Your point about a 3 sport athlete not being able to make up his mind until late in his senior season is well taken, and I understand how that can hurt an athletes chances. At a large school, that choice has to be made in the 7th 8th or 9th grade. In a large school, you see very few 3 sport athletes, the competion for varsity spots are so competitive that you must choose sooner then you would at a small school. The athlete at a small school has the chance to make that same choice. Class wrestling is not the way to go for the individule tourney. If they want to put one in for the team
  24. Well, not a prison, but it is close to a couple of different county lock ups. So dont pick up and hitch hikers. And you are not to far awy from of this cities walking display cases, so be careful.
  25. I selected PM since that is where we go through, but man there are going to be alot of real quality wrestlers left home from these sites that might have won at another regional.
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