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  1. Isnt it every wrestlers job to not get pinned? I thought that saving team points was a good thing? Did the ref warn him before he hit him with the flagrant call, or did it happen to quickly? Is this going to have any ramifications for Tony and the sectional, or does the fact that it happened during the match mean that the punishment stays within the match and getting dq'd is the only result.
  2. Or maybe it will lead to CSI Iowa. : No, they wont do that because then they would have to actually show real wrestling, or at the very least investigate the sport to depict life like wrestling.
  3. A classy show by 2 classy programs, and a classy kid. all you can say is CLASSIC
  4. OK, everyone needs to remember all of the contacts they have across the country and just inundate CBS with emails for casting this kind of light on wrestling. Pedo's, kids dropping dead after practice, kids on the team being completely insane, parents going nuts. My guess, the writer of this show was a 2nd string water boy for the bball team and hated wrestlers because they actually did something. Not only that, they showed horrible wrestling, what the heck was that refs position the showed at the end? Why was the kid on all fours with no top guy covering him, and then a cheesey lat
  5. I would say it comes down to both. You have to have the talent to get to a point in the tourney where the draw can make a difference. Each year there are ticket round matches that would be great semi-finals if held the next week at Conseco. This year there will be 5-6 ticket round matches that will garner alot of talk on this board the week leading up to semi-state. There will be quite a few that will happen at the regional round, and come Friday night at state, a few people will get paired up for matches that should come later on Saturday. So I will not mention what this screams for, it
  6. Jon is wrestling 140 at Warren Central, the family moved back to Warren this year and right now he is 21-5
  7. Well, if you end up moving to : Da Region", you have many great programs to choose from. You will need to look at each school up there and decide if a larger school, or a smaller school will be the best fit. If you manage to be in town for the state finals, you will see many kids from all size schools representing that area of the state. If you move into the central Indiana area, you again are faced with a lot of good choices, depending on drive time you want to make to work. The north side offers 4-5 good selections of schools that have ISWA clubs as well as fielding quality high school
  8. It would not suprise me if alot of the weight classes dont go that way people expect them to go. Outside of 4 of them I dont see anyone that are head and shoulders about the rest. I think Nelsen should win convincingly at 112, Cashe will not be stopped at 125, I dont think Mascaro will be challenged at 135, Johnson-Jones should win at 189. Other then those classes, there is someone to challenge at every other weight. In some cases 3-4 kids are capable of walking away with the hardware Even saying that, each one of these kids is capable of making a mistake that cost them. Do I expect
  9. Even during the High School season? dont work out with kids from other schools up here, that is a big nono
  10. I am sure the rules concerning that are silimer to those in Indiana. Most good school programs offer a freestyle and greco club to go along with the HS tem for the off season. BTW, What is the off season?
  11. No, I think he must have been hurt this year, he only has a 6-4 record
  12. Predictions 103 Parham 112 Nelsen 119 Milton 125 Quiroga 130 135 Mascaro 140 Crump 145 Goodwin 152 Ziems 160 Komilov 171 Mappes 189 Johnson-Jones 215 Berry 285Cuevas
  13. Ranked wrestlers here this weekend 103 None 112 2) Brandon Nelsen 11 Lawrence North 119 12) Matt Milton 11 Center Grove 125 1) Cashe Quiroga 12 Lawrence North 9) Matt Adams 12 Center Grove 130 9) Nick Odom 12 Warren Central 16) Jordan Legan 11 Center Grove 135 4) Will Mascaro 12 Carmel 140 9) Jerod Crump 12 Center Grove 145 16) Matt Goodwin 12 Lawrence North 152 None 160 13) Chris Hines 11 Ben Davis 171 4) Bryce Grimes 12 Lawrence North 5) Shelby Mappes 12 Center Grove 189 8- Michael John
  14. ***Brackets*** http://indianamat.com/brackets/2009/mic2009.html Teams Ben Davis, Carmel, Center Grove, Lawrence North, North Central, TH North, TH South, Warren Central Ranked teams as of the last ranking per this site 10. Lawrence North (9-4) 15. Carmel (4-3) 16. Center Grove (16-0) 19. Warren Central (9-10) Top 4 seeds 103 1 Parham C 2 Boston LN 3 Willsey CG 4 Muller NC 112 Nelsen LN Pedigo BD Cremer C Plake CG 119 Jensen THS Milton CG Sommer C Mooreland WC 125 Quiroga LN Adams CG Case THS Ackermann C
  15. 17. Crawfordsville (9): Covington, Crawfordsville, Fountain Central, North Montgomery, North Vermillion, Rockville, South Vermillion, Southmont, Turkey Run These are the kids that are ranked here. At 130 13) Wade Bohannon 12 South Vermillion At 189 9) Chaz Brock 12 Crawfordsville
  16. Ya know this is an interesting topic, it would be interesting to get the info on the gold and blue teams from the last 5-10 years and see what the accompishments of each team were. Did the gold or blue team progress further, that sort of thing. I dont want to do that work, but I would sure enjoy the results. What can I say, I am lazy, and just want to be entertained. ;D
  17. teams involved are as follows. 23. Shenandoah (11): Blue River Valley, Cambridge City Lincoln, Centerville, Hagerstown, Knightstown, New Castle, Northeastern, Richmond, Rushville, Shenandoah, Tri. Ranked Wrestlers 103 1) Brenden Campbell 9 New Castle 112 3) Connor Mullins 9 New Castle 8) Cody Stewart 12 Rushville 119 None 125 None 130 None 135 None 140 7) Keith Duncan 12 Rushville 145 None 152 None 160 None 171 None 189 None 215 None 285 None I hope I did no
  18. Fleeing the mat, I am quite certain if I had to wrestle him, I would have a knee injury, or shoulder injury, heck I would use a stubbed toe as a reason not to wrestle him. That might be a 1st, a stubbed toe keeping someone off the mat. Maybe TAE could research that and provide us with the correct answer.
  19. I think I could take him...... To McDonalds, or any other place he wanted to eat after he pounded me on the mat.
  20. You are correct, giving coach P all the credit would be wrong, and he would be the 1st to tell you that. I can think of 3 distinct times when my sons wrestling has taken a leap forward. The 1st was way back in elementary school when we got invited to go into the CYO program over at Holy Spirit where he recieved some excellent coaching. The second was in middle school when he went and worked out with coach Redd up at LC, and 3rd and most significntly was when he stepped into the room at CIA. There he not only recieved great coaching from coach P, but also had some of the best practice partners
  21. Metropolitan Interscholastic Conference Ben Davis. Carmel, Center Grove, Lawerence North, North Central, Terre Haute North, Terre Haute South, Warren Central At Lawerence North Saturday
  22. And if you expand that out to the top 5 or top 10, the list gets quite long. Coach P knows how to prepare guys for the run that is for sure. I would reccommend anyone that can get their wrestler in to see him and attend his camps, and clinics as often as possible.
  23. Also check out the cia web site, coach P always puts on saturday sunday camps that have great wrestlers, and are quite affordable.
  24. WOOO, thaere is a chick in my back yard and I did not know about it.....
  25. Wahoo for you. I always enjoy the conversations with my friends and other I meet that always ask why do ya spend so much time doing that. You are always running around to this tourney or that one, and spending so much time and money on it, what do ya get out of it. They just dont realize the cash is a very small investment that you make in the lives of your kids, the time means nothing if you are not spending it working on your relationship with your kids. There has never been a reason that I could give them that they would understand. They dont see the friendships that only a wres
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