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  1. Congrats Autumn, hope you do great things moving forward.
  2. I would love that, nt sure he is a good candidate, he is out of town so often. As far as the scholarship, he is doing fine, cash is not the issue with him, it is time. But you are right, he would make a great official.
  3. Been paying attention to the signings of all the Indiana kids, a lot of schools are signing them, has Trine stopped recruiting in state kids? Or are they just not in a position to get these kids?
  4. No, they wont, but there is a high likelihood that they will have hundreds of hours practicing with the #1 seed, and will in some if not a lot of cases be the 2nd best in the sectional, and in weaker regionals, might be the 2nd there as well. I know a kid that could have won sectional if he has been allowed to be entered as a 2nd string kid.
  5. Interesting with the 2 kids per weight. That will help the larger schools, can you see a situation where a strong team gets 20 or more kids through to regionals, or SS? I don't mind, but there will be a lot of yelling if that were to happen.
  6. Thanks, I did go to the IHSAA site, they had me join the local central Indiana association. I am waiting for the books to be sent to me, and then its time to study and bone up on things. It scares the hell out of me, I have been around wrestling for 23 years, and have yet to ref any match. I intend to go to some local tourneys if and when they start and get used to being out there. My son did ask me what would I do if I ran into a parent like me when I was younger. I said, well, I would listen for a time, then run them out, there is no room for people like me in the stands. We both had a good
  7. you are GREAT coach, I wish you well in anything you do frm here on out.
  8. Just waiting for my book to come, what advice do any of you have for a guy that has been around for a long time, but never ref'ed a match? I love this sport, and think that I have learned a lot, and just want to give back to what this sport has given me and my family.
  9. I just signed up and paid for membership. I hope I can pass the test when offered. I love this sport, it has given so much to me and my family.
  10. I gotta believe silas Alred would be the top pound for pound in the state. Pinned the entire season, and 94% for his career.
  11. And one heck of a great kid. Might be the most dominant wrestler in the history of the state.
  12. I don't know about you guys, but this virus stuff has got to end. No sports of any kind on tv, I actually had to talk to my wife this weekend, When will the insanity end.....
  13. I can take him, I know it. (he has to wrestle with both arms tied behind his back, and he cant counter anything I try. Then, maybe.)
  14. not really on topic, but related. How many other sports have someone qualify for the Olympics, and they not be given the spot? Don't misunderstand this, I love the trials, and watching the dreams come true, I am just curious how many other sports work like this.
  15. I do not know if it would help on the international scene, we seem to do decent, and the wrestlers who compete for the USA seem to get plenty of freestyle. I would however like to see some of the rules in folkstyle, the push out rule being top among them.
  16. I was talking to someone from Center grove, they stated that they have a few in middle school that can beat the guys that they had at state. I do not know them, but I trust the guy that told me that.
  17. I would also put my brother in law Cary house from Anderson Highland in there, he had a great career, and his tree is well represented.
  18. If you are going to try and enforce this rule, there would be no comments on many of the topics.......
  19. Congrats to all, Cale Hoover, I count you as a friend, and enjoy our conversations each time we meet. You are a very deserving person.
  20. The kid is a beast, and anyone who does not vote for him needs to have their voting rights removed for lack of having a functional brain.
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