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  1. If you were as tough as you claim to be, you wouldnt have to name drop to prove to people you know what you are talking about....Mike welch would whoop that kid...So would Nauracy.
  2. I understand he is your bro, but lets try to be humble... Good thing for him mike welch and jake rosenbaum just turned pro, both of these guys would twirk this kid
  3. Didnt really seem like he "dove at his legs"... The guy stood straight up, Nick lowered his level and the shot was right there.... Nice debut Nick...Gotta be careful underhooking the leg to pass on those tall guys...Triagles get thown up real quick with those daddy long legs haha
  4. Hard to argue against Danny Bedoy...That double championship is a rare accomplishment to put on a resume!
  5. Olympic level? A high percentage of the most prestigeous tournaments to compete in at the highschool and college levels are something other than folkstyle (Fargo, Fila, university nationals, etc.)...
  6. Cant wait for this one... McDonough vs. Sanders rematch and Daniel Dennis vs. Jason Ness should be awesome
  7. Scotty's makes a mean buffalo chicken wrap with waffle fries!
  8. He wasnt ripping on seeger wrestlers, he only questioned the strength of their schedule with that comment....Sure you could bring up Eli Cook who had a successful senior season......But i do agree with the angel...Im sure you could find 8-10 wrestlers that came into the Mville SS with 3 losses or less that sat in the stands at conseco for every 1 Eli Cook....
  9. Booker agrees... One of those 4will be wearin a blue ring after this season
  10. Alot of picks for Jack Hammons to make the trip this year...Anyone know when the last time snake nation had a state qualifier? Im pullin for em!
  11. Until he runs into kieffer
  12. Credentials?? Nobody is a lock at any weight class, but him being 1) Undefeated at his weight class 2) being the highest placer at his weight from the previous year, and 3) having a good match with last years champ in the semi's apparently gets him "credited" enough to be the man right now...IMO at least
  13. I think randy will do more than decesion...Thinkin he'll either lay down a big right hand or pound out a TKO when coleman is tired
  14. Just curious how much sponsorship is required to put something like this on?
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