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  1. David Palmer

    Legendary Delta/ Muncie Southside wrestler, David Palmer, lost his battle to cancer in late December. He was 54 years old.

    In the early 1980's David was a one-time state runner up and a state champion for Muncie Southside as well as a 2x state champion for Delta HS. David led Delta to their first team state championship title in 1981 that eventually turned into 5 consecutive titles. In 1979 David became the first Indiana wrestler to make the world team and the first to win a gold medal. David wrestled for Oklahoma Univ. on a full ride scholarship and graduated with a bachelors degree in accounting.

    David was an inspiration to all those that knew him and was always helping others.  He will be greatly missed!

    Please join friends and family for a Life Celebration of David Palmer this Sunday January 14th at Mansfield Park in Muncie. Celebration begins at 4:00pm.

    For more info please contact :

    Delta coach Gary Schliessman at cabincreations@comcast.net

  2. We had a great time with this group of young men.  After going 5-0 and winning our pool, we ran into 3 outstanding academy all-star teams in the gold pool and went 0-3 to finish 4th overall.  Our guys really battled hard and carried themselves well.  Thomas Penola (Zionsville) went undefeated for Hoosier Hustle and wrestled out of his mind!  He was in great shape and pushed his opponents past their breaking point in about every match.  Several of our wrestlers rallied in individual matches to tie it up and then won in OT.  Each of the wrestlers on this squad undoubtedly had a weak spot or two exposed that they need to come home and work on, but that is why we go to events of this nature.  Many of the PA wrestlers really, really ride and turn efficiently on top.  Overall, a great experience with a great group of young men who each represented their school and community with great effort and sportsmanship.  Thank you to the IN and IL coaches who supported this project by allowing their wrestler to compete with Hoosier Hustle.  A special congratulations to Ty Mills and Thomas Penola who have committed to wrestle for Duke and Purdue respectively.  Two fine student-athletes!

    As I told the wrestlers this past weekend, the upcoming high school season will be my 30th, and final, season as a head high school wrestling coach.  This past weekend was my last preseason event, and I, and our coaches, had a blast with this group of guys.  These guys were a class act all the way around!  Best of luck to all of the Hoosier Hustle squad members this upcoming high school season.

    Coach McCormick

  3. Hoosier Hustle

    98     Carter Overby (Yorktown)

    106     Zachary Todd (Yorktown)

    113     Brayden Curtis (Yorktown)

    120     Ty Mills (Brownsburg)

    126     Brady McKivitz (Avon); Jacob Hall (Huntington North); Sebastian Stewart (Yorktown)

    132     Xayvier Curtis (Yorktown)

    138     Alex Barr (Yorktown)

    145     Eric Hiestand (Yorktown)

    152     Chandler Woenker (FW Luers); Grant Geisinger (Frankton)

    160     Hunter Reed (Columbia City)

    170     Cody Klettheimer (Frankton)

    182     Jake Leske (McHenry - IL)

    195     Thomas Penola (Zionsville); Tyson Enis (Yorktown)


    285     Logan Petro (Mt. Zion - iL); Alan Diaz (Yorktown)


    Hoosier Hustle will open up with High Points, NJ at 1:00pm tomorrow.

  4. The Hoosier Hustle squad will compete in York, PA this weekend at the York Expo Center-Utz Arena in the Columbus Day Duals (hosted by Tyrant Wrestling)

    The event will be run on trackwrestling.

    Saturday (Oct. 7) ---  wrestling begins at 1:00pm (3 rounds)

    Sunday (Oct. 8) --- wrestling begins at 9:00am (5 rounds)


    Elementary School Division   Middle School Division   High School Division
    Apex, NJ   Beast Training, CT   A & B Core, NJ
    Bandits, VA   Buxton Intense, NJ   Beat the Streets NYC, NY
    Beast Training, CT   Buxton, NJ   Buxton Brawlers, NJ
    Buxton Extreme, NJ   Cobra Kai, NJ   Christiansburg, VA
    Contender Elite, PA   Contender Elite, PA   Dark Knights, PA
    CTWAY, CT   Dark Knights, PA   Eagle Riders, DE
    Legion of Doom, OH   Devils, NJ   Edge, NJ
    Mat Warriors, NJ   Edge, NJ   Emmaus, PA
    Red Hawk, NJ   Indiana Smackdown, IN   Florida Jets, FL
    RedNose, NJ   Lost Boys, PA   Gladiators, PA
    SIR, NJ   Outsiders, MD   HFG Storm, MD
    SMWC WolfPack, MD   RHOMP, NJ   High Point, NJ
    Team Nauman Grey, PA   SIR, NJ   Hoosier Hustle, IN
    Team Nauman Red, PA   SMWC WolfPack, MD   Howell, NJ
    Terps Hit Squad, MD   South Plainfield, NJ   Iowa Style Black, NY
    Terps Navy, MD   Team Nauman Grey, PA   Iowa Style Gold, NY
        Team Nauman Red, PA   Keystone Select, PA
        Team Tugman, CT   KT Kidz, CT
        Terps Super Kids, MD   Lost Boys, PA
        Terps Xtreme, MD   Lower Dauphin, PA
        Triumph , NJ   Outsiders, MD
            Patriots, WV
            RedNose, NJ
            Seagull, NJ
            Silverbacks, CT
            SMWC WolfPack, MD
            South Side, CT
            Team Nauman Grey, PA
            Team Nauman Red, PA
            Team Northeast, NY
            Team Tugman, CT
            TN-D2, TN
            Turks Head, PA
            Tyrant, DE
            Valley Boyz, PA
            War Dog WC, NJ
            Weaver Elite, PA
            York Extreme, PA

  5. Coach Ward, and his staff, are doing great things at Army WP.  In addition to putting together a top 25 recruiting class for this season, they are "teaching coaches" in the room.  Coach Ward and his staff are on the mat working with their athletes in the room every day on cutting edge technique and skills.

    As mentioned in his bio., Coach Ward wrestled at Oklahoma State under legendary coach John Smith.  Coach Ward's experience at OSU is evident in his work ethic and mentoring of his athletes.

    Throw on top of all of that the fact that there are 5 Indiana boys currently on the WP/USMAPS roster along with a new coach who also wrestled in Indiana (Atwood);  with another IN senior commit for next season already.  Coach Ward has a lot of respect for IN wrestling and has put his money where his mouth is in recruiting in our state.

    I am looking forward to Coach Ward's sessions at our coaches' clinic this month.  Should be some good stuff.

    Thank you to the IHSWCA for bringing in a head coach from a U.S. Service Academy.

    Coach McCormick

  6. Army West Point wrestling has made some adjustments to their coaching staff headed into the 2017-18 season.  The Black Knights were also recognized by all 3 major recruiting media outlets as having a top 25 recruiting class for 2017-18 (first time ever).

    *  Braden Atwood (4X NCAA Qual. for Purdue) was brought on board the coaching staff as a volunteer assistant.  He is already at West Point and doing a great job with the program.

    *  Joe DeAngelo was recently hired as an assistant coach (2X NCAA qualifier for NC State)

    *  Cam Simaz has been hired as the West Point WC head coach and will coach in various capacities in the Black Knight program (NCAA champion from Cornell Univ.)

  7. Ben Harvey has been a mainstay in the Army West Point varsity line-up all season.  Last weekend, Cael McCormick was called up to the big leagues for Army's two duals against Lehigh and Bucknell at 165.


    Both Harvey and McCormick fell short against a very tough Lehigh squad on Friday.  They both bounced back strong on Sunday against Bucknell where they both picked up bonus points for the Black Knights.  It was neat to see two IN boys -- back to back-- in the Army WP varsity line-up.



    HOW IT HAPPENED (Lehigh Dual) 
    125: #7 Darian Cruz tech. fall over Trey Chalifoux, 22-7 (Lehigh leads, 5-0)
    133: #9 Scott Parker tech. fall over Austin Harry, 21-6 (Lehigh leads, 10-0)
    141: #14 Randy Cruz dec. over #16 Logan Everett, 3-1 (Lehigh leads, 13-0)
    149: #12 Laike Gardner tech. fall over Nick Noel, 19-1 (Lehigh leads, 18-0)
    157: #16 Russ Parsons maj. dec. over Cortlandt Schuyler, 15-2 (Lehigh leads, 18-4)
    165: #14 Mitch Minotti maj. dec. over Cael McCormick, 12-3 (Lehigh leads, 22-4)
    174: #4 Ryan Preisch dec. over Ben Harvey, 3-1 (Lehigh leads, 25-4)
    184: Jack Wedholm dec. over Andrew Price, 7-4 (Lehigh leads, 25-7)
    197: Rocco Caywood dec. over Thomas Murray, 4-2 (Lehigh leads, 25-10)
    285: #16 Doug Vollaro dec. over Trevor Smith, 8-3 (Lehigh leads, 28-10)


    HOW IT HAPPENED (Bucknell Dual) (Army had 6 freshmen in the line-up)

    125: Trey Chalifoux dec. over Jordan Gessner, 9-3 (Army leads, 3-0)
    133: Austin Harry dec. over Joey Gould, 10-5 (Army leads, 6-0)
    141: #19 Tyler Smith dec. over #16 Logan Everett, SV-1, 14-10 (Army leads, 6-3)
    149: Seth Hogue dec. over Nick Noel, 15-11 (Tied, 6-6)
    157: #14 Victor Lopez pins Lucas Weiland at 4:52 (Bucknell leads, 12-6)
    165: Cael McCormick pins Logan Kerin at 6:38 (Tied, 12-12)
    174: Ben Harvey maj. dec. over D.J. Hollingshead, 9-0 (Army leads, 16-12)
    184: Garrett Hoffman dec. over Jack Wedholm, 5-4 (Army leads, 16-15)
    197: #15 Tom Sleigh maj. dec. over C.J. Morgan, 14-4 (Bucknell leads, 19-16)
    285: Tyler Greene dec. over Trevor Smith, 5-2 (Bucknell leads, 22-16)




  8. Back to just hard work. No Fun Allowed! Hate him or love him the perfect example is Coach Snyder. Remind me how good Brownsburgs program was before he got there. Or Portage before Vega. Or Penn before Harper. Etc. There are examples out there. It has more to do with coaching and adjusting to the times than trying to recreate an old vision!


    Coach McCormick, class wrestling? Really? I thought we were kindred spirits!


    Here is my experiment.  Let's try this.  In the same spirit that we treat the "team aspect" of wrestling in IN, let's take IHSAA football back to single class.  Yes, that means small and mid-size public schools across the state will have to go through Carmel, Center Grove, Warren Central, (fill in the rest of the big schools here) to win a state football title.  Heck, those smaller schools won't even win sectionals or regionals anymore if this is implemented!  So how long do you think it would take for reality to set in for these small to mid-size football teams/schools?  When the realistic hope of ever getting to shine in the limelight gets squelched, participation will dwindle.


    Here's something else I will remind you of (that has certainly been shared before).


    Ohio Wrestling (Classed) --  they have pretty darn good wrestling and participation there

    Illinois Wrestling (Classed) -- they have pretty darn good wrestling and participation there

    Pennsylvania Wrestling (Classed) -- they have pretty darn good wrestling and participation there

    Iowa Wrestling (Classed) -- they have pretty darn good wrestling and participation there

    Keep filling in the list from here.

  9. Winter Youth Camp - 2017.doc

    With many schools in Indiana out of school until Jan. 4 or 5 on winter break, we will be hosting an overnight (1 night) youth camp at Yorktown on Jan. 2-3.


    Please find the camp flyer below with all of the camp details.

    If you would like flyers mailed to you, please email Coach McCormick (email below) your mailing address.

    I would be happy to email a flyer to anyone as well.



    Thank you,

    Coach McCormick


  10. Ben Harvey (Army R-Freshman) has claimed the varsity slot at 174 in the Black Knight's starting line up thus far this season.  Ben has been battling hard and placed 3rd at this past weekend's Roadrunner Open in California -  hosted by CSU-Bakersfield.  Ben went 4-1 and had a very strong performance.



  11. Jennifer and I appreciate the support and well-wishes that people have offered with regard to Cael's freshman season/year at Army.  In his first three collegiate events, he has placed 6th (Virginia Tech -Southeast Open- Roanoke, VA), 4th (Binghamton Open- Vestal, NY), and 1st (New York State Intercollegiate Championships hosted at Cornell).  

    More importantly, his academics seem to be squared away thus far.  It is certainly a little different not having him around home, but we are proud of his efforts in New York.  We are definitely looking forward to having him home this week for Thanksgiving!  This will be the first time he has been able to come home since we dropped him off at West Point on June 27 for basic training and school.


    Best Wishes,

    Coach McCormick



    New York State Intercollegiate Championships (hosted by Cornell University)

              - This event included roughly 30 college and university teams that were all from the state of New York.

               - Results and bracket below for the A157 # weight class


    Round 1 - McCormick (Army) over Max Elling (Columbia)  6-2

    Round 2 - McCormick (Army) over Raymond Jazikoff (NYU) 5-3

    Round 3 - McCormick (Army) over Mark Marchetti (Army) TB-2, 4-3

    Round 4 - McCormick (Army) over Taylor Simaz (Cornell) fall 2:05


    A - 157
    1st Place - Cael McCormick of Army
    2nd Place - Taylor Simaz of Cornell
    3rd Place - Mark Marchetti of Army
    4th Place - Raymond Jazikoff of New York University
    5th Place - Kobe Garrehy of Buffalo
    6th Place - Jake Kaminsky of Hofstra
    7th Place - Max Elling of Columbia
    8th Place - Jake Einbinder of Binghamton University





  12. Army West Point fared very well this past weekend at the Southeast Open in Roanoke, VA (hosted by Virginia Tech).


    Event recap from Army West Point website:   




    From an Indiana perspective...


    Ben Harvey captured the 174 lb title in the frosh/soph division.


    174 lbs.
    Ben Harvey: (1st) 5-0, Major Decision
    Round of 32: W, 12-2 Major Decision vs. Emilio Fowler (Notre Dame College)
    Round of 16: W, 1-0 vs. Joe Salvi (American)
    Quarterfinals: W, 10-5 vs. Brooks Wilding (#6 Virginia Tech)
    Semifinals: W, 12-10 vs. Kade Kitchens (Shorter)
    Finals: W, 10-6 vs. Cody Hughes (#6 Virginia Tech)



    Cael McCormick went 5-2 at 157 lbs and placed 6th in his first NCAA event


    157 lbs.
    Cael McCormick: (6th) 5-2, Fall, 2 Tech. Falls
    Round of 32: W, 17-1 Tech. Fall vs. Nick Wrobel (Notre Dame College)
    Round of 16: L, Fall at 2:42 vs. Hayden Hidlay (#17 N.C. State)
    Cons. Round of 8 #1: W, Fall at 1:23 vs. Marquez Horton (Brewton-Parker)
    Cons. Round of 8 #2: W, 21-6 Tech. Fall vs. Alex Rinehart (VMI)
    Cons. Round of 4: W, 12-6 vs. Jack Conway (#23 Pennsylvania)
    Cons. Semifinals: W, 3-2 vs. Gavin Londoff (Appalachian State)
    Fifth-Place: L, 7-3 vs. Danny Boychuck (Maryland)



    Brian Harvey (WP volunteer assistant) also coached many of the Black Knights this past weekend.

    Go Army!

  13. For several years, we have hosted a 4-way JV event on a Monday night at Yorktown HS.  We would like to add 1 or 2 teams to the mix, so we have a good variety of wrestlers at each weight class.


    Teams:  Yorktown, Lawrence North, and Westfield.


    This year's event will be on Monday, Dec. 5.


    If interested, contact Trent McCormick at tmccormick@yorktown.k12.in.us


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