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Everything posted by quinnsDAD

  1. see ya at Mooresville, glad to hear.
  2. how does Avon finish a head of Carroll in overall and behind in 3A?
  3. my oldest wrestled in this back in 01 maybe, when it was held at Bloomington North was awesome then and has only been growing stronger, Quinn wrestled at Bloomington South the first year then they had it at IU at the gym The Hoosiers wrestle at, that was cool. with Franklin taking over, should be able to take this to another level yet. good luck to all.
  4. with out a doubt. jchs you saw Avon last weekend, we are tough across the board because our schedule is relentless. we don't start til after Thanksgiving but once we get going it is non stop no breaks, Cathedral and Warren first weekend, Perry second weekend, wrestle you guys (HSE) Zionsville Brownsburg Plainfield in between,then go to MD for xmas. our county tournament has always got our kids looking at 2 sometimes 3 seeds because of so many losses and other schools kids have 0 or1 to 2 losses, it plays out in the end. I believe that is huge advantage come tournament time. Quinn has wrested 1
  5. thanks. I saw what you were talking about, look at all the weights on that they are the old ones.
  6. didn't see that. half our line up moved down, so safe bet he is at 52. looks pretty good there too.
  7. line up is set. Unless things change. ;D
  8. Don't think Meyers wrestled DLane, know he did not place.
  9. If they gave out OW it would have to have been Miranda 138 Avon. from pigtail to champ. beat Kitko Nob. Mak-Dawson Fishers and Dillon Eldred Westfield. great day for all the Orioles.
  10. Going to be a tough day,was hoping Preston stayed at 20 THIS week. It will be a good test for next month and luckily we don't go thru NC. As a team Avon does look to do well, got acouple in the pigtails that are going to have to pull thru. Miranda/ Kitko pigtail at 138 could be a great match. thanks to who ever put the brackets up.
  11. Fabio, I thought for sure you would have brackets up by now.
  12. Hoping Avon can challenge this year. Lower weights look loaded based on SSrankings for Mer. and NC, Avon AND Brownsburg have a few out of Eville. Seeding going on now. Jchs has Stansberry wrestled yet? Good Luck to all!!
  13. Harris Avon wins over Timberman NP 11-7 and Korfage StX 5-1 loss to Ward FC TF 18-2
  14. To all of our wonderful community Merry Christmas and good luck at all the wrestlers battling it out this weekend.
  15. Yorktown has a pretty good 132 as well. Think he is 2nd in semi state rankings.FW
  16. Scherrer Danville didn't wrestle at county, have not seen results for him in a awhile. he is a Senior and Harris is Junior at 132. also have Reese at both 26 and 32.
  17. Avon has been at MD for awhile now. NP and Belleville were new last year and toughened the brackets big time. Just hope it doesn't snow this year.
  18. Avon wins big with 10 in finals and 8 champs. Way to go boys!!
  19. Avon 33 Hamilton Southeastern 31
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