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Everything posted by quinnsDAD

  1. Thanks to all who kept him in your thoughts and prayers this weekend, I know I have posted on other topics, but wanted to say again how much this meant to me and my family. A lot of our family were present Friday night and most had never seen Quinn wrestle let alone see how our community interacts. They were impressed. Thanks to Danville Brownsburg Tri-West wrestling for the flowers at Christi's services, also members of the Danville Plainfield Cascade Brownsburg wrestling families that came to pay their respects.
  2. Avon will be having one on Wed. starting Mar. 12 7:00-8:30pm
  3. I know quite a few and ran into a lot them this weekend, thanks to all of you for your thoughts and prayers.
  4. Bethel going to be able to go this weekend? He was not in good shape @the podium. Not sure what happened either, didn't see anything happen during his match with Quinn.
  5. Services for Christi are set for Sunday 2/23 @11am Conkle Funeral home here in Avon corner of 36 and 267 instead of flowers I am asking donations be made to Avon Wrestling Club PO Box 1067 Plainfield, In. 46168 thanks again to everyone.
  6. Thanks so much to everyone for your thoughts and prayers. It means so much to us, not only our own family here in Avon but the entire wrestling family here in Indiana. Good Luck Friday night to all the wrestlers.
  7. Prayers your from Avon. Sorry to hear Phil.
  8. Poe looked real good had not seen him before, good luck rest of the way.
  9. Avon with 8,.. 2 champs 6 runner -ups.
  10. Moving On:106 BB FR DC AV 113 FR AV BD GW 120DV FR BB CG 126DV MV FR AV 132AV FR BB MV 138FR CG AV BD 145CA IC FR GW 152 BB MV MA CA160 AV SP FR DV 170FR BD GC MA 182 FR AV BB SP 195 AV SP MO MV220FR AV BD MA285 BD AV FR PL
  11. Dillehay controlled, Harris seemed to struggle all day with knee. Henson with the late take down, low score but lots of action for big guys.
  12. try Castle directly thru Trackwrestling
  13. Avon only had 8 champs 10 in finals 2-3rds 2 4ths
  14. Looks like no one else wants to bite on this, so I will get myself in trouble again. Or maybe it because our sectional is weak this year, some good match ups don't get me wrong but no depth, 1 weight class with all 10 schools represented(170) only 3 schools with full lineups Avon Brownsburg Ben Davis, which is my pick in team race, Avon wins easy Brownsburg just deeper than BD. I think Avon has 10 finalist and all 14 go to regionals. Picks are for finals and 3/4 matches just who I think will be there. 106 BB/Av Grc/Ca 113Av/BD SP/TW 120Dan/BB Grc/Av 126 Av/Dan BB/SP 132Av/Dan BD/BB 138Av/BD BB
  15. Matty NO the only thing I miss about those days is being 10 years younger. and I'm just poking the bear, hope they all know that. WrestleMan same Miranda he got beat by Pierre and Castleberry 1st and 5th that weekend.
  16. BBB remember rankings are bull hockey!! Avon will be fine when it counts.
  17. seen that too DLane also Scherrrer for Danville not in either or McClendened (spl) @106 FOR BD. Loki 8-6 vs Eldred and inj dft vs Pruitt was ahead at time.
  18. Miranda is 21-7, Matt enjoy bragging about us now in a couple of years our Nazi coaches will be all over your a$$. LOL Look for all 14 to make it to Mooresville.
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