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Everything posted by quinnsDAD

  1. Hey now Quinn was a novice 65 Greco champ and a Hendricks county champ in 7 th grade, so there's some accolades for ya!! Thanks for thinking he's already in the finals, but I think as someone else has already stated there are some very good wrestlers at 138, 3 state ranked guys and 3/4 others who are or have been SS ranked and I know nothing about the Ky kids. It will be a great test for all involved. Best of luck to all.
  2. I had Clements @ 152 that a was wrong 170 that will be strong weight class how does Gomez get seed over Skaggs a returning state quilifer, is he a returning county champ?
  3. Miranda/Mills106 Weaver/Fox113 Hudkins?/Skaggs120 Molloy/ Gomez? 126. Lee/Lohman132 Harris/ Smith138 Fainter/Owens145 Damiler/ Miranda152Caudle/ Gay160Helm/Walton 170 Elmore/?182 McCormick/ Southwood 195Larson/?220 Biddle/ Hensen 285 Surprises: Clements@152 Kahl@170 Canto@138 Bigalow@126 Mulkey@120 Pedrosa@160. Heard Hudkins might be hurt and not sure where Gomez ends up. The head to head finals, and bonus points will decide this. Could be like 3 years ago when we cheered Brownsburgs Heavy on to win in the 3 rd place match that won county for us by a 1/2 point over Danville. Good luck to all!!
  4. AJBinder would be my guess on Fern Creeks 132 used to be at St.X.did he hang with Nick at all?
  5. Point taken no disrespect. What were your guys throwing out during face offs? T-shirts?
  6. From the eyes of a more than interested observer. Having been in the middle of this rivalry for the last decade, I am happy to see what is happening in Brownsburg, it will only make us (Avon) better. The bar is always being set higher, so you make adjustments and move on. Great dual last night, I. Know some of our folks thought it was over the top to an extent but that is exactly what you are going for, build it and they will come. People love a show and it was a good one other than the technical difficulties. Got to get some experience on the scoreboard guys. Our experience played on the exci
  7. Brandi Cash needs to be in charge of recruiting. Her Xmas duals teams would make a hell of a line up at any school.
  8. Miranda Avon won't be at 38, Harris Elmore Larson are all right. the rest still working it out.
  9. congrats always happy to see him on the mat when any of our kids are up.
  10. Huntertown? they have a great Subway!! ;D
  11. nice write-up on homepage, Y2 getting the word out.
  12. Haven't done Va. but it looks like it is Disney all star division only much bigger.
  13. So sorry to hear of Mike's passing, thoughts and prayers to his family. And a thank you to all he and the Dowden family have done for Indiana wrestling.
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