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Everything posted by quinnsDAD

  1. Seeding meeting tonight maybe Fabio will enlighten us with the seeds before the evening is up.
  2. Weaver sneaks in there, he's worked hard for a long time, good luck Nick
  3. Your right oversite here. BB will definitely be in the mix this year, but with loss of Lafayette teams and some teams being down this is not the tournment it's been in past. Hopefully some other schools can be brought in and strengthen things up in all sports.
  4. will there only be 4 placers this year with only 7 teams, 132 will be fun 3 state ranked kids, Fast Marine is Stansberry still undefeated?
  5. Hook was the Smalling kid for Belleville 138 back in their line up? He didn't wrestle at classic.
  6. With out a doubt all you mentioned and any of the others who have worked at making this happen, thanks!! We here at Avon used our success in 2005 at team state to build our club into what it is today, and then when the boys we built around got to HS the format was taken away. This was our first year in new format and I got almost as much joy out our 5 th place finish as I did my sons qualifying for state last year. Hope this continues to grow and improve with age. Thanks again to all involved.
  7. For anybody thinking of coming to Avon, meet will be held at middle school south, the old high school on 36 enter rear of building.
  8. Thanks Ed that made me laugh and after the last couple days I needed that.
  9. Yes Helm was on it, congrats to him and Evan and Gunnar.
  10. Not bashing you Mike, some folks down south seem to of felt that way, but it's hard to put an incoming freshmen at the top of list before he's wrestled anyone, right. If Quinn hadn't missed acouple weeks to start year I'm sure the rankings would have had him more in line with where he should be. Joe Lee is everything I had heard he was, good luck to all these kids and hope to see them at SS.
  11. I was pissed at the lack of effort in the St x match should of won, Wargel match was tied 4-4 when Wargel won a scramble and stuck him. Your taking away from both of them to call them "Bad" losses, they did end up finishing 3/4 with Miles winning a wild one 12-9. Are we happy with that no got a month to get better and make another run to TheBank. Was Quinn over rated coming into this YES but rankings are just opinions, and everyone has one.
  12. Wargel wrestled well both days congrats to him should definitely move into SS rankings.
  13. So 38 just got tougher! Anybody know how they will seed this, got 2state Quilifiers In. not sure about Ky or IL got 4 returning placers from this tournament. And then you have at least 2 undefeated. Should be some good debating on this weight.
  14. Hope you all have a wonderful holiday with your loved ones.
  15. Hendricks County Marcus Miranda over Damiler, Walton over Helm, Gomez over Skaggs, Mason Miranda over Mills
  16. Nice job, Brownsburg you came ready to roll today. Congrats to all the indiv. Champs.
  17. That what I thought but he's in the rankings at 45, he will be in that mix for sure. Hadn't seen that in the state ranks, as always it will be two days of top notch wrestling.
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