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Everything posted by quinnsDAD

  1. It has been fun for us it's over. good luck to both Tony and Jack this weekend
  2. Was wondering the same. Shame to see a kid like Jake go down like that. Good luck to Him in all he does.
  3. 6Stansberry 5Todrank both only losses to top 3 guys
  4. Great job Triple! The BD kid. At 32is Jaylon Roth not another Lee.
  5. Wouldn't pick against Nick but don't be shocked when it's closer than you think. Won't have some kid who was lucky to make it out of his 1/4 bracket this year. Helm has a tall order with Lockyear in ticket round. Evansville as good as it gets this year IMO.
  6. BLee is for real!! Glad he and NLee are on opposite sides.
  7. Had 4 opportunities for it at mooresville only one to pull it off Ty Mills at 106.Weaver,Harris,Elmore can't get it done.
  8. Nick Weddle Ben Davis. Had 3 losses in last two weeks of season, has come back in tournment to win both sectional and regional. If he gets by first round match with Dixon of Reitz should punch his ticket.
  9. 106 Miranda looks to be top dog with Mosconi/Mills winner hoping they have enough energy left to battle in final, CG 113 Skaggs/ Blevins someone goes home early, weaver Poe Fox Fisher all tough 120 Gomez will take second but I don't think he'll be close to Brock, Pritchett Mulkey126 Another dominant Danville performance Molloy Boles Lohman Reese132 Brayton is for real for anyone not paying attention Mitch will be in final, can Rowan-Gast break the curse of Avon wrestlers who have knocked him out at regionals Roth138 Weddle dominant in final leaving Harris and Wilkerson on same side any of the
  10. Way to go Avon! Great finish for the seniors.
  11. Here's hoping we (Avon) can stay healthy this week!! My finals:106 Miranda/ Mills 113Weaver/ Skaggs semi with Fox could go either way. 120 Hudkins/Mulkey another semi that could go either way with BD. 126 Molloy/ Lohman (I know homer pick) 132Lee/ Roth 138 Harris/ Weddle 145Fainter/Owen 152Miranda/Gay 160 Helm/Caudle ( upset) 170 Lydy/ Walton 182 Scheffer/Elmore 195 McCormick/ Osho 220 Larson/Wilder 285 Oglesby/Hensen I hate to jinks us but Avon wins if seeds pull thru and a couple others sneak up a spot or two.
  12. Thanks Nick, and everyone else. Was gonna wait til after season to post when I put out my tear jerking thank you post to all who have ever had a hand in the project: Quinn Harris!! Like Barq in another thread said now I get learn a whole new set of rules, and just when I thought I had mastered what ever ones we work under now!! Now let's get the real season under way, good luck to all!!
  13. Thoughts and prayers your way, from the Harris's and the rest of the Avon wrestling family.
  14. What will we do with ourselves ? Good luck to all the seniors as they embark on this final month of the season.
  15. Congrats Brownsburg, earlier post I made the comment the conf. Was down which as a whole might be true but the conf. Tournment today was full of great matches. Think 6 of the 7 schools had champs. Congrats to all!!
  16. Harris over Kern 8-2 Stansberry over Harris 10-9 Helm over Damiler not sure of score.
  17. If Avon lives up to their seeding they should take this, it will be the 3/4 matches that play a big roll in deciding team champion. Semi finals will be as good or better than some finals. Good luck to all!!
  18. It's just that us Avon folks can't stand the thought of being behind Brownsburg in anything!! You do a hell of a job, for what Joe's paying ya I'm surprised it's this good!!
  19. BD/ Avon match last night: Larson decWilder, Norman dec Hensen,Harris dec Weddle
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