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Everything posted by quinnsDAD

  1. go to brackets at top of page has direct link
  2. Knew it was big win for Andrew, didn't know Orth was ranked. Andrew Frank Avon dec Seth Orth EMD 4-2 sv 182@ EMD Holiday Classic
  3. in a dual maybe haven't seen Carmel this year.
  4. I'd call it Warren Penn Portage BB EMD Perry Avon Carroll JC Cathedral LN HSE. just my 2 cents how are y2
  5. Nice job Avon, didn't miss the drive or the bleacher seats, but watching on Track not the same. How ya doing Coach Lynch
  6. Gibson southern just get added this year?
  7. I might take Clark over Owen at52 and I'd say fall byBB AT 195
  8. takes somebody from Florida to answer see what happens when your kid graduates, forgotten!!! LOL
  9. lost to ohio, beat texas finish 5th in pool putting them in in red/blue pool. left thinking done for day only to be called back for one more round beating Michigan should have 3 more tomorrow. this state has become a follkstyle only state, kids and coaches are only looking at state champs and getting a kid to college which is as far as most will go. with Disney and all the other tournments over the summer there is no need for the kids at the bigger schools to wrestle ISWA stuff at all, they can stay busy all summer with there team, and Greco is non existent, Quinn committed at 145 only last we
  10. Just seen he was struck in a hit and run last night, didn't catch it all, prayers go out to him and his family.
  11. Another angle is where will your boy be comfortable if he doesn't like where he's at or the people he's around.
  12. be careful with the bird eating reference!! and Garcia North and South finished 1-2 at county conference and BD tournament all when this years seniors were 8th graders North winning all of em.
  13. Avon looking good this weekend, 3 Champs (2from same family,nice job Angel and Pat) 4 seconds, a third a fourth, 3 eights. Think I got em all. DLane did I miss any Contenders from Avon?
  14. This senior class were not even kindergartners when ARon Bright and Sam Ruff started club in 2000. I met Kevin Helm in the wrestling room that next year, Quinn and Brenden already knew each other from preschool. From there with Kevin doing the coaching and me taking on the parents, we took over the smallest kids in the club and made a concentrated effort to get every kid in their grade that we could to come out for wrestling. With in 5 years we had almost 150 kids signed up Coach Williams had taken over HS program at that point and Kevin joined HS staff as well as coaching little guys. We real
  15. Go to the news link, the original post on the criteria for award is there from that it would be cash for domination and off season he went all over in spring and summer. He got my vote
  16. Congrats to Brad and the Penn Kingsmen. Having the opportunity to get know Brad a little the last few years it's easy to see why the success is coming in waves. He is always working to keep his program moving forward, the amount of kids on top of the quality is amazing, he had 5 teams at Disney a few years ago!! Any coach that has taken one team knows what a feat that was. Always looking to help wrestlers not just Penn's kids. Congrats again well deserved.
  17. Contenders Hudkins champ Mills runner up Red Cobra Red champ. Humphrey Cash. Forte was a CIA die hard driving down from Mishawaka to train with Ed.
  18. Really loud at BD Avon dual, and yes think he almost got kicked out at Mooresville, him myself and Scheafer's (SPut)sister all competed for loudest that day.
  19. My heart dropped as I read this don't know you guys at all but thoughts and prayers go out to you and yours. Your faith, family and friends will be your rocks.
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