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Everything posted by quinnsDAD

  1. 106 Mills/Garcia V take your pick V should be as good as the last three (first one was kinda pukey)Denny/Overton 113 Weaver Mosconi Chatterton Anderson 120 Mulkey Fisher Weddle Tuggle 126 Hudkins Gomez Pritchett Bigelow 132 Molloy Conley Allen Lorimer 138 Lee Reese Williams Trietsch 145 Wilkerson Coyle King Cullen 152 Dunn Clark Dean Adkins 160 Van Horn Whitaker Mappes Stock 170 Walton Hayes Runyan Moore 182Damler Goforth Frank Montgomery 195 Lee McCormick Ballard Osho 220 Larson McCubbins Scroogs Heinrichs 285 York Henson Caudle Lewis Mooresville Sectional29 thru 5 Champs Avon Sectional 27 thru 9Champs BB Avon battle it out for team both getting 9 thru BB more champs should win.
  2. yes he meant total of three 4th place wrestlers not four ^^^^^^^
  3. Mills Garcia IV was match of day Mills getting reversal with seconds left. Weaver breezes, Mulkey wins but Weddle keeps it close Miranda DNW elbow injury from Team State Duals ends his season. Hudkins over Pritchett major. Molloy majors Conley, Lee quick pin. Cullen King in real barnburner {all the 145 finals matches go to OT} King gets a third champ for Danville. Clark beats BD's Duncan. Glover over Meyer, Walton with pin. Andrew Frank with the pin (my personal favorite sectional champ, love ya buddy)McCormick with a pin, Larson MD, Henson pins. Brownsburg dominated the championship round. Avon led til final round. Good Luck to all next week!!
  4. BB wins send 13 thru Avon sends all 14 takes 2nd
  5. jchas how are ya? and I agree if Lee wrestles all year total tossup, he hasn't, advantage Red
  6. Not one full weight class at Avon 10 schools 3 3a schools Avon BB only 2 with full rosters
  7. I'll stick to the finals 106:Garcia/Mills IV tossup 113:Weaver/Chatterton BB 120:Mulkey/Miranda tossup 126:Hudkins/Pritchett Hudkins BB/A for 3/4 could be key Avon has got to turn it up as a 6 seed to be there 132:Molloy/Conley/Allen match in quarters key in team race loser takes 3rd 138 Lee/Carrington Lee Avon again has to turn it up to place top 4 (8seed) 145:Cullen/King only weak spot for BB with Owen out still see them in top 4 152:Clark/Ingram A 160:Meyer/Glover A 170:Walton/Hubner BB 182:Damler/Frank BB 195 McCormick/Cruse Avon 4seed needs to meet or beat that seed 220 Larson/Cicciarelli A 285 Hensen/Peterson A kid from Greencastle with 30 wins is the 6seed could be big help to Avon with an upset to make finals. I'm baised on my picks but still see BB pulling this out I'll call a split on the tossups giving both 6 champs each 5 2nds I'll call 2 3rds and a 4th for BB and 3 4ths for Avon that's tight as you can get. Good Luck To All
  8. Avon and Brownsburg both possibly could.
  9. I think both gave up pokemon and have moved on to trading WWE cards with Nick Dubz
  10. No Owens or Schaffer? Both seniors hate to see that.
  11. 2 champion contenders at 106 in Mills and Garcia!!113 Weaver should be a quilifer at least.120 Mulkey Miranda both are capable of making the podium. 126 Hudkins wins it all, Pritchard BD has been a quilifer before.132 Molloy could win it all just not with Red or Lee in the bracket. Conley and Allen could make it.138 Brayton Lee wins it all.145 Owens could make some noise.152 Clark of Avon could surprise 170 Walton could be under the lights. 182 Damlier been there as a freshmen. 195 McCormick wrestling well Schaffer SPut could make a run 220 Larson will challenge for the top of the podium. 285 Hensen time to turn that corner. So I think there could possibly be 4 champs (2locks imo)and two others (three with Schaffer)that are top 4 if the draw falls their way.
  12. there you go the 8th team, but they are too much like the other Irish too much to gain as an independent.
  13. both of the Ferris brothers looked good, smaller one won over Clark of Avon at 152
  14. yes on Ferris and I don't know Kid FROM Noblesvilles name he never wrestled on our mat
  15. 195 at HCC BOTH BB and WF lost in semis wrestled for 3/4 BB win HSE win against BB dec N with fall over WF IN semis HSE wins Final
  16. think Zionsville was in final at 220 ZVille also missing Ellis120 and Williamson195.Ive heard talk of a super conference in the indy area of all the 6a schools but just talk. Guess better be happy with what we got are we end up in a conference with Tonte and Warren LOL and Coach P and Carmel too
  17. Champs Mills Weaver Mulkey Holmes Conley Lee Owen Ferris Meyer Walton Damlier Ferris Larson Hensen BBurg Team only 3 teams with champs BB A HSE. WF AND N Both with 2 in finals very young conference still like to see at least one school added to this conference not sure where it would come from.
  18. Jared's been tough for awhile now being at same weight with guys like Tommy ,Brandon, Joe and others make it easy to be overlooked. He won Freakshow in Vegas 2 years ago I believe, not the elite class but still, I think Tommy won the elite that year at the same weight. Sure I'll get corrected if I'm wrong. Good luck to Jared rest of year.
  19. the couple of times we went they had maybe 10 mats down and they were spread out with plenty of room in between one the best local tournments, that and THN used to get the fieldhouse at Rose Hulman just no seating there
  20. the upstairs isn't very big is it, but do think 12 mats would fit it has a full size indoor track doesn't it?
  21. you don't think you could get 12 mats down in Lambert I remember that place being huge Boiler Elite hosted tournament there maybe twice 7-8 yrs ago maybe longer
  22. whats the place at Purdue where the wrestling room is? lots of up stairs seating plenty of of room for 12 mats, restrooms food maybe not.
  23. no they took same beating at 52 that they probably expected at 26. gave them some different options but not the difference I think the big guys performance was the difference myself. McCormick has been a beast and Clark was on it and the guys who filled in at 95. been watching this transformation from the beginning hasn't happened overnite but has happened quicker than I thought it would but these kids and as importantly their parents bought in to the #paintrain and what hard work dedication can bring. it's a year around sport if you want to be on top those of us who have been around know. season doesn't stop in Feb. just changes venues. congrats again (first time I ever used a hashtag#)
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