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Everything posted by quinnsDAD

  1. Congrats to Coach Brewer and Coach (Luke)Luce and all the Avon wrestlers,First Place Gold Team 7th Place Black Team.
  2. thanksY2 Bedoy already up will be looking for Panko's
  3. Avon starts practice this week first meet 1/23 and I seacond that AJ
  4. looks like they now go south to the Southern Scuffle Greensboro,NC Big Ten Network to have coverage taped delayed Sun. the 3rd at 6pm of the midlands
  5. usually some of the fine MD folks will post results I am a Avon fan my boy only in middle school but know most of the kids on team from club over the years. not much love in the predictions for our boys up this way I know we have a few who can make some noise and Hasseman always has a couple of outstanding kids, good luck to all tommorrow.
  6. hope someone down south will help us northerners out tommorrow with updates TWmom your from Franklin aren't you?
  7. what are the dates and times for this? and who all is there?
  8. and good luck to all Indiana wrestlers in Michigan this weekend.
  9. Avon wins not sure on team scores didn't stick around 103 Aronld 112 Montgomery119 Molloy 125 Judy 130 Collicot135 Rassbach140 Hall 145Bealmear 152 Parrish 160 Kolb 171 Brandt 189 Hill 215 Pirtle 285 Gintor
  10. 103 Aronld 112, 119 both should be very good winner of Mocherman/Fitzgerald@12 and Malloy/Fuller winner@19 125 Judy130 Acosta 135 the Avon kid 140 Hall 145Bealmear 152 Parrish 160 Kolb 171 Brandt 189 Hill 215 Pirtle 285 Gintor look for Danville to have big team showing but not sure they can win it all
  11. 6or7 of our little guys going not sure about us.
  12. where can you find pre reg. wrestlers? did not see anything on BW web site
  13. set your program up so that when soccer baseball kick in (spring break usually is when you start losing lil kids) then you pick up your middle school ,hi school kids for freestyle. we start our youth in Nov. til folkstyle state we run 2 groups beginners and advanced then those who keep coming we merge for freestyle and add the older kids.
  14. Avon is bring 7 wrestlers SB 77,84,2@105,128, Cadets @98,130
  15. Avon plans on bringing some middle school and elem. kids.
  16. no excuses need to be made for Avon they were missing 4 starters and still almost pulled it off . 2 of the replacements won their matches but it will be a rebuilding type year for the black and gold. lots of inexperience can't see them winning conference.county could be hard to come by too indiv. wise Brandt, Hall, Rassbach should all have great seasons as well as Acosta and Pirtle. Snop 112 and 130.
  17. Yes congrats to all who wrestled and to Indiana's champs CJRed Patrick Schnell Isaiah Kemper Evansville Central with 2 champs and lots of kids there competing your boys looked good.
  18. thanks, that is what I needed
  19. quinnsDAD


    Where can I find results from last years winter nationals in Danville? Looked on track and the mat,googled it and even bigbash which had results from 04,05,06 but not last year. Looking for numbers in schoolboy division at 50 bucks dont want to go over for 1 or 2 matches.
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