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Everything posted by quinnsDAD

  1. Doesn't IHSAA have it on their site? Know I have watched it before.
  2. wrestlingmnd are you my wife LOL cause that sounds like my kids last two years to a tee.
  3. sinceAmerica is where the most money is (TV dollars)wouldn't they want to appease us not piss us off? and I thought the same thing about the pinacle of other sports the Olympics are the pinnacle of this sport and always have been.
  4. Would like to see some of the food trucks near by,some good eats and then you get right back in line.
  5. Real nice place but after hotel gas and dinner Fri. Nite all I could afford Sat. Was a brat and coke,now my kid spent 30-40 bucks on dipping dots and nacho's, they were good. I think going to a school might help the energy too,place a little too big for event. Come finals things got quiet. New 69 nice but still 3hour drive from Avon. If going to a school more central location should be looked at.
  6. That was right after the system went down for 20 min. Or so after the 106 matches.
  7. Tell Jack we said congrats, and having attended my first SS at Evansville yesterday that is an emotion packed day that can break even the biggest and baddest down. Congrats to all the State Quilifiers.
  8. 4-3 I will echo DLane here Hudkins is good. Had Danville been able to go the Al Smith folks would not be questioning how good he is. and DJ is very good as well nice match.
  9. going to change things on us during the busiest week of the year?!! ;D
  10. Coached both my boys in football baseball wrestling and being the parent only the last two years has been way harder than anytime when I was coaching. Sectonal last week was quite the challenge working time clock on one mat while he Wrestled on another. cant wait for tomorrow. good luck to all the wrestlers
  11. Was wondering if Matt would make his way into coaching. Nice to hear.,
  12. With all the open enrollment now how can they enforce anything along these lines?
  13. Both Molloy's won at Avon yesterday too.
  14. Avon always has out by 4:30 finals started 1;30
  15. 106 1) Hudkins Danville 2) McCarty ben Davis 3) chatterton Avon 4) cook green castle 113 1)Molloy Danville 2)Rassbach Avon 3)fox cascade 4)wynkoop bendavis 120 1) Etienne Avon 2)kleiber north Putnam 3) Owen south Putnam 4) smith Danville 126 1) Arnold brownsburg 2) Harris Avon 3) Roth Ben Davis 4) skinner Danville 132 1) moss bendavis 2) scherrer Danville 3) pingleton green castle 4) Svorinic Avon 138 1) batts cascade 2) shearin Danville 3) camacho south Putnam 4) cimmerman browns burg 145 1) Molloy Danville 2) l
  16. Time to take it to the next level!!!
  17. Rassbach did beat Gomez at beginning of year and Gomez beat Fox twice.
  18. Danville won county can't remember scores but at least 20 without Hudkins AVon didn't have Zorniger so that is awash still hope we preform better( Avon )make it close liKe last year. hUdkIns should take 106 no prob Fox moving up makes 13 even more interesting. should be afine day as usual be working the clocks all day. gO AVON
  19. Wow. Do you think the other sectional place at this weight at regionals?Hate to say but no.
  20. know Wilson madeSS last year at 106 he was at Tech last year not sure on freshmen year. first time I seen him wrestle was at Beech Grove folkstyle 2yrs ago against Ty Fleener on half mats thought both of them were going break their necks going out of bounds onto the gym floor. remember that TY&KY. agree this weight class will be great to watch Tommy AND Deondre will see each other on the way to the podium a couple times at least.
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