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Everything posted by quinnsDAD

  1. He is in there at 32, what weight can we expect mr Fleener at?
  2. He is listed as Colorado on track. Know he is always moving depending on season but Colorado was a new one.
  3. Is Mark Hall living at OTC in Colorado now? Or is that a different Mark Hall at 160?
  4. Well you would know before me cause I don't tweet. I'll have to ask if he ever wakes up.
  5. Avon kids: look for Helm and Elmore at 60 70 instead of 70 82 weigh about the same and neither cut last year. Etienne will be bigger not sure how much, Rassbach 113 should be right and Harris will be at 32.Also have a Hwt move in from BD no not Norman,but Guy Hensen should do well.
  6. Little Hughes should be in there probably 132
  7. Results on Aau site already congrats to Perry and Yorktown.
  8. Avon and Columbus East battle for 3/4 in their pool @8am tomorrow. guarantees both top 24 spots out of 45 teams in div1.
  9. Avon taking it on chin from Dakota team 1more today and Columbus East tomorrow. Noticed they have aligned with track for results but have no info posted results for yesterday are on Aau site that y2 gave link to.
  10. Looks like Avon finishes day 3-1 losing to Fleming Island Fl. Team that Yorktown trains with down there.
  11. Avon wrestles at 8,10,12,2 tomorrow gonna be a long first day. Good luck boys!
  12. 106 Chatterton 113 Rassbach 120Lohman 126 Harris 132 Ettine 138 Mirranda 145 Fainter 152 Meyer 160 Helm 170 Elmore 182 from Western cant remember his name 195Osho 220 Larson Hwt Hansen all Avon cept 182 took 3 extras Boodt Rasmussen Clark
  13. We are in div 1 he is at 126 for this, I couldn't get off work this year so I can't go it is a blast. All star div is real tough good luck to him. Thanks Matt
  14. I will post as I'm updated if I'm updated someone thinks we are calling to much just want to know if all my money is getting spent wisely
  15. Good to luck to all Indiana teams in Orlando. Especially Avon ;D ;D ;D ;D
  16. Only3 Harper is slipping!! LOL
  17. Go Pacers can't stand pro ball at all anymore but been following the Pacers since the red white and blue days.
  18. Micic,Lee both in finals, Tolley going for 3/4, Jolley-Little in 5/6 match. Nice job!!
  19. Thanks for the kind words for the Avon wrestling family. We are happy for the opportunity to host this event and hope to do so for a long time. I know it was discussed to move champ matches to small gym and use both mats, and put podium in the wrestling room. The issues on the delay early in the day Sat. I was told were computer related wasn't there til later, when I pulled in everyone was filling out after the fire alarm was pulled. So not much you do there, but I guess it also adds to the parenting issues. Sun. Went very smooth IMO we would have been out by 4:30 if not for the impromptu clin
  20. Good room tonight BBurg Danville Monrovia Center Grove Tri west all represented tonight.
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