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  1. Oddsmaker

    New Team Scoring is a joke

    In theory it worked out this year, PM won both. I'm a Caveman, and we finished 3rd?? I love my team, but are we the third best?? We weren't even the best team in our conference, or the best team in our City. But with the new scoring, we are the third best in the State? Wake up IHSAA.
  2. Oddsmaker

    M-ville semi-state

    Always representing from the N and NW!!!! Everybody thought we were down, negative ghost rider!!!!!!
  3. Oddsmaker

    Perry has 8 place in the top 7

    Perry 2012 may be one of the best ever! Would like to see vs. MHS 2010, but Perry is stacked for the next few years!
  4. Oddsmaker

    M-ville semi-state

    Nice # since everybody thought we were down!
  5. Oddsmaker

    Al Smith/State Comparison

    Actually a down year for the Al Smith Trny vs. State Finals. Most years there are kids that do better at State than they did at the Classic. But here are the stats: Al Smith State Qualifiers: 48. Al Smith State place winners: 24. Medal winning wrestlers that participated in the Al Smith: 3 State Champs, 2 Runners-up, four 3rds, three 4ths, five 5ths, three 6ths, three 7ths, one 8th.
  6. Oddsmaker

    Nationally Ranked Wrestlers

    Nobody will be ranked where they should be if coaches/fans do not correspond with those who do the rankings. Trust me, the magazines/websites that do the rankings do not research every state and every team. They only look to the traditional powerhouse states and teams. They need to be made aware of Individuals and Teams that are worthy of national ranking. I contacted Bob Preusse at Amatuer Wrestling News a couple years ago about some Indiana teams and individuals that deserved National recognition. Since then I get an e-mail at least once a week from the guy looking for updates.
  7. Oddsmaker

    Great Job Rankings Guy

    I didn't go through the Top 8 medal winners, but it looks like the Rankings Guy did a great job this year. #1 ranked kids that won a Championship 9/14. State Champs ranked in the top 3 12/14, top 4 13/14. The only wild card was 285, Harvey at #7, but 285 is notorious for having a kid come out of nowhere to take home the title. He had the Champ and Runner-Up ranked in the Top 4 in 9/14 weight classes.
  8. Oddsmaker

    team score?

    Great evidence of why we need to keep Team State. Indian Creek (great wrestlers and great weekend), is in 2nd place, could theoretically win under the old format. But does anybody really think Indian Creek could beat Crown Point/Yorktown/Perry Meridian/etc in a dual?
  9. Oddsmaker

    Cody Phillips

    From the North, so pretty much neutral either way. But aside from all of the old cliche's, I would bet good money on the 2 timer after having received a wake up call. The kid has to be fired up now to avenge, and going undefeated for two years, those sparks don't come along at all. Then again, he could also have met his nemesis? That is why we all love high school wrestling!
  10. Oddsmaker

    Completely ridiculous: Brad Harper

    XCard is correct, and really, this is not a big deal. Unfortunately for Brad and the Penn wrestlers they will miss out. But it has happened before, and I'm sure will happen again. This is NOT any form of cheating or shady tactics. It basically is ONE piece of paper. We don't know who is even responsible, but it is a piece of paper that is the reason for this. Human error, it happens. I'm pretty sure the last thing a Head Coach of a Top 10 Team is worried about is a piece of paper, he is concentrating on his team. The AD should be more involved with the IHSAA paperwork. I think the IHSAA discipline is a little harsh, but those are the rules. Let's not assume or elaborate anymore on the issue. (I'm a Mishawaka guy by the way.)
  11. 23 straight for me also, with the programs to prove it! Just seeing the Finals Intros under the lights for the first time as an 8th grader and I was hooked. Being able to witness 4 of the 7 Four Time Champs was pretty cool.
  12. Oddsmaker

    State Runner Up Disqualified

    Go back and read the first post on the topic, they weren't making any accusation, it was in the form of a question. They were wondering why the IHSAA has your match as a DQ. Which I've been trying to tell people is a mistake. Nobody was making accusations, it was a question that originated the post.
  13. Oddsmaker

    State Runner Up Disqualified

    Confirmed with Devon. Never happened, my bringing it up to him was the FIRST time he had ever heard such a thing. Sorry TAE, but the IHSAA is wrong on this one. I advised Devon to have the MHS Athletic Department contact the IHSAA to correct this, and he will be doing so.
  14. Oddsmaker

    Rochester Regional Predictions.....

    www.broadcastsport.net has brackets.

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