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Everything posted by regionrat1

  1. looks to be a mighty fine wraslin tourney - was gettin Purdy boring with no wraslin - tank you y2
  2. If dis wasn't a election year it would not be on da headlines. Brutal for us retired guys on our 401k- hold tight it will come back. So bummed about da NCAA- was meeting up wit a bunch of buddies - looks like Flo wrestling parties
  3. This Corona virus has doing a number on our sport. Looks like the posse and I won't be heading to Minny for da big show. Believe me dat virus could not survive in our environment. Da old rat has had da corona virus a few times - self inflicted. Da facility is Purdy nice - little Tommy nocked a mall down for a hoop dome. Good luck , have fun , and enjoy our little slice of heaven.
  4. Nice Job Drew Hughes wit da fall !! Come on Indiana grapplers lets make some noise !
  5. 1) Walker coming back from last week - one tough nut 2) The dogs will be a force to be reckoned with for a while - what a coaching staff 3) Crider has to be the toughest basketball player on a wrestling mat 4) The 170 finals match 5) Two days and no shaved ice for da rat
  6. I see a few region boys in da finals in Illinois - I wonder how day would do at home. Also da guy dat beat Mendez got nocked out.
  7. Myself I would like David Maldonado / however if fast Eddie Pendowski never moved out of da region he would be a close second
  8. Da rat concurs I will go out on a limb - 0 Fort Wayne
  9. being retired I don't spend as much time on da pc. When I was gettin paid by mr mital to be a professional poster I could justify da time. I truly miss my buddies at ole #7
  10. guys head to el taco real at lunch time. Ask for Raymondo Garcia tell him the RR sent you. Now if you want to get a reel touch of da region head down Indy blvd to 119th. you get da fine aroma of da region ( my grand pappy said it smelled like money ) there are a number fine establishments to soothe pallet. Now Hogleg if you want to give da boys from rentzle tukey a education. Because im sure you guys will be on da fast track at noon - stop at deja vue at cline and a borman. Dare day can witness allot of fine body art work - some of da girls might have more rolls dan
  11. im heparin you can make wagers at da horseshoe - wait a minute it might be in da harbor - talk to da Maldonado boys im sure day can hook ya up
  12. In college i would make 134 lbs for 1 second / now im a 86 kilo class / like i tell da misses its all muscles
  13. Did you forget the cedar turkey mauler - Andrew Howe - One loss in high school to a pretty decent wrestler Reece Humpry
  14. Davison from Chesterton had a purdy good few days / Nocked off Brunner from Purdue. Then he beats Rasheed from Penn st. A couple of nice wins. Good to see a Rat on a roll !! IU lookin purdy misrable. - they won one match in the last 2 duals. There are 3 rats in da line-up - need turn it up a notch boys
  15. Good luck all da region wraslers ! Tell Manadfer he is doin a nice job whit da caveman. Might even take da 250 for a little ride and check deem dogs out Saturday.
  16. Merry Christmas to ll da fans of da worlds greatest sport. Can't believe this weather 60 degrees in da region. Maybe Al Gore is right about da global warming.
  17. I'm lookin Purdy good on this one - s.lee looked real good too. n.lee is a stud . two region boys got rag dolled.
  18. heading to midway to Texas to watch some wraslin . us open hanging with some of my graplin buddies. Ayersman who you got at 57kg / da rat got Nato
  19. Not sure where Crown Point gets its drinkin water. But man deem dogs are Purdy impressive. With all deem youngins dare gonna be Purdy tuff for a while. Nice too see them seeking out good compitions. da rat thought dare better days were behind them. The coaching staff is top notch - like da macho man says " da cream of da crop"
  20. B. Lee gets er done on to the finals. He gots Sammy Sosa from Ohio State. ( pee in da bottle Sammy) Going to be a battle. Don't know about Red. It looks to me he has the weigh in blues. You want to catch him in the first round. my guessing he is pulling some lbs at the end. Looked very flat - Pletcher took it to him. Off to da Harvest did afternoon to see some fine region wraslin.
  21. da dogs got lots of frosh in da line up. Lookin Purdy promising for years to come.
  22. another rat doing well / covicue from iu or ben Harvey / rats are rollin
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