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  1. not a bad flick - they should have given lewbo a bigger part -
  2. My goodness ole Mason Paris is da real deal. Mark my words he maybe going to Tokyo. Stevenson better work on his gas tank. South upside for Parris -. Then throw in Nick Lee - Indiana gonna be represented well at da trials.
  3. Purdy darn good day for wraslin - UWW. all day - and tonight Flo with burrows and zahid - using all my data sittin in a tree watching wraslin - no Bambi for da rat
  4. The fellow Rats will be a rotten for our fellow Rat
  5. looks to be a mighty fine wraslin tourney - was gettin Purdy boring with no wraslin - tank you y2
  6. If dis wasn't a election year it would not be on da headlines. Brutal for us retired guys on our 401k- hold tight it will come back. So bummed about da NCAA- was meeting up wit a bunch of buddies - looks like Flo wrestling parties
  7. This Corona virus has doing a number on our sport. Looks like the posse and I won't be heading to Minny for da big show. Believe me dat virus could not survive in our environment. Da old rat has had da corona virus a few times - self inflicted. Da facility is Purdy nice - little Tommy nocked a mall down for a hoop dome. Good luck , have fun , and enjoy our little slice of heaven.
  8. Nice Job Drew Hughes wit da fall !! Come on Indiana grapplers lets make some noise !
  9. 1) Walker coming back from last week - one tough nut 2) The dogs will be a force to be reckoned with for a while - what a coaching staff 3) Crider has to be the toughest basketball player on a wrestling mat 4) The 170 finals match 5) Two days and no shaved ice for da rat
  10. I see a few region boys in da finals in Illinois - I wonder how day would do at home. Also da guy dat beat Mendez got nocked out.
  11. Myself I would like David Maldonado / however if fast Eddie Pendowski never moved out of da region he would be a close second
  12. Da rat concurs I will go out on a limb - 0 Fort Wayne
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