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  1. 125 Sea Bass 131 Serb 141 Lee 149 Jordan 157 Nolf 165 Iowa 174 Hall 184 Martin 197 Nickal HVY Stevenson Team Penn Michigan Ohio State Iowa
  2. He wrestled not to loose - should have stayed wit how he got dare .
  3. lets do dis thing - good luck Rats - da brinks is in da back !
  4. Brick looks awful good to me / to bad our hvy is hurt / 6 wood be nice
  5. Alive and well / got da brinks ready to roll - we will get our share I got da hole week to talk da smack
  6. Been on da down low. Dealing wit some family stuff. Da Rat is all fine and dandy. Well wraslin fans da rest of da state better tighten up dare jock straps because da rats will be rolling down 65 dis week. Ready to pillage all of da gold. Securing da brinks truck to bring back all of da bounty. Da 250 will be rollin down to nap town.
  7. Just remember pARRIS WAS A 3 sport athlete. Put him in a room to train with a world solver medalist- the sky is the limit. I surprised he is not on the gridiron- total stud athlete. Put it down top 3 dis year - maybe knowing off stevenson
  8. Kinda disappointed no Mendez - Peele / wanted to see how the youngen rolls with a grinder
  9. The rats would be " moma don't your babies grow up to be cowboys !"
  10. All I know ten years ago I would be freezing my babushka at da ole mill. Ain't missing it at all ! And Im sure I would be talking a little smack about da finest part of da state for wraslin.
  11. You got to move to da region and take a course in rat
  12. Well da ole rat finally broke down and subscribed to Flo wraslin. Can't believe it took so long to get it. Bein a efficando of the great sport of wraslin Im in heaven. Watched wraslin all weekend. Being retired I do have a little more time on my hand. Especially since its cold outside - I ani't laying on da ground doin a brake job or ball joints. Side work slowed down a little - just in time for wraslin. So when da misses is watching grays anatomy or da voice da rat is watching Flo. You young bucks can learn a thing or two.
  13. saw deem somewhere - can't seem find again/ little streck 2nd / dalapena 4th - frosh division / all I can remember
  14. Well wraslin fans first weekend in November means da worlds greatest sport is in da swing of things. Lots of quality wraslin happen dis weekend. Michigan State open happin - a number of fellow rats competing. Since da rat is no longer slaven for da man so I will be doin some traveling in da 250. Some of you fellow rats looking for a road trip hit me up. Might check out da scuffle or catch a penn st / Iowa dual. Also ecxcited about tings happening in b-town. Got a number of rats down there. And Ole Angel goin to straighten out da mess Goldie locks screwed up for 20 years. Gonna take some time but he is gonna keep dat talent at home. Bein a retired guy got some time on my hand. So any rats need a roof put on a brake job not many tings da rat can't handle. I do it for a fair price and won't cheat ya, Just keep da old lady away - they get infatuated wit da rats muscles. As far as da high school seen as usual we will lookin for allot of gold here. 5-6 aint a bad year for da region. So as usual you guys better sharpen your pencils cause your gonna need to by February. Fyi Da rate doesn't do any tutoring in English. Aint much help on term papers. But if you need a little help in wood, metal or electric shop I can help out. Da Rat
  15. Looks dare is a train headed from Portage / Da region to Bloomington. Angel knows where to find some tough nuts. Comes from da land of smoke stacks and iron.
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