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  1. Back in da day-not sure how many time used a greco move in self defense- launched a few - da average bar bully has no idea he gonna land on his noggin
  2. Veazy = Warrior /double all-American - wrestling is wrestling / why don't the other top kids wrestle greco - drives me me nuts /
  3. Rough day for the Hoosiers today
  4. Womens wraslin 10 years ago was like watching a middle school match. It is not that way now.
  5. Both Howe and Esscobedo are Region Rats. But the Rat has to call a spade a spade. What she has accomplished on the world level tops it all. Even if I could stuff the ballot box or pack the court I have to go with Hildi. ( not that it happens in Lake county) I am a huge fan of our Indiana girl erasers.
  6. Watching the WTT last night - my vote goes to Sara Hildabrant. She has here game together! Tough on her feet - might be the best in parre tere of both men and women! She mauled her way through! I say she wins worlds !!
  7. Can’t get stuck under someone- so easy to get head pinched when your extended on your knees. Duck under - slide by - you need a solid set up against on a double or single.
  8. trap arm on the takedown mean
  9. well I will ***potty mouth*** up - but he finds away toter of the takedown . I think should set out a year and concentrate on freestyle - think he can be special
  10. Wins his first 2 senior level matches - he sure knows how to transition of a takedown!
  11. Lee - true beast wins it all Red -Micic - plays it to close- conditioning - micic to small Davison -,has grown into the class -,has to stay away from bad shots or he would have beat wood paris - kerkfeet sure has his number -,just ragdollled him looked great against iowa
  12. Throw Andrew Howe in the mix - one loss to Reece Humphrey. If there was not someone named Jordan Burroughs we would be looking at Olympic medals.
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