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    FlyNavy reacted to Y2CJ41 in Article: 2020 Super 32 Preview   
    The season is around the corner and this weekend will be the ultimate test for Indiana grapplers at the Super 32. There are 45 Indiana athletes registered for this year’s event in Myrtle Beach. Of interest will be a few wrestlers that will be new to Indiana wrestling this year that could make a big impact at Bankers Life in February.
    Belt Contenders
    Three state champions along with a sophomore with a load of national success highlight the Indiana wrestlers that will contend for a coveted Super 32 belt. Sergio Lemley is back in Indiana after winning an Illinois state title last year. He is nationally ranked and won IHPO in September. He will be in the mix at a deep 120lbs weight class.
    State champion Zeke Seltzer took an early loss last year and was unable to crack the top 8. This year he will take on a lot of top guys at 126lbs. His weight features the two top ranked guys in the nation, but Zeke has shown he belongs in this group.
    Chesterton’s Evan Bates won a state title at 220lbs but will be looking for a belt at 195lbs this weekend. He placed 5th here last year at 195lbs. His toughest foes include a couple top 5 wrestlers in Seth Shumate and Brandon Hoselton.
    Lastly, Christian Carroll is also in the mix at 195lbs. Everyone in Indiana has known for a while he is extremely talented. However, he did not get to show it off as an injury sidelined him last year. He won the Grappler Fall Classic at 215lbs a couple weeks ago knocking off a couple ranked wrestlers. He is one that many inside and outside of Indiana are watching this weekend.
    Podium Contenders
    Some wrestlers to watch that are contenders to reach the podium include state champion Alex Cottey, runner-up Cheaney Schoeff, third placer Hayden Watson, and three-time placer David Pierson. Cottey made a deep run last year and will return to 113lbs this year. He will be big at this weight and his extremely physical style will bode well for him. He has had some national success in the past at Fargo so he is no stranger to big event placements.
    Schoeff had a great run last year at the state finals. Look for him to make a deep run in Myrtle Beach at 120lbs. He gave Lemley a great match at IHPO. This could be his breakout national event.
    Watson and Pierson both had great IHPO tournaments. Watson lost a close match in the finals to a top 5 wrestler, while Pierson won a deep weight in…. David Pierson style. Watson is going to be trouble for everyone that he faces with a relentless in your face style. Pierson is a wildcard that can end a match at any time. He will need to string together multiple solid matches in a row to make the podium.
    Others to keep your eyes on
    A couple new faces to Indiana will be interesting to watch. Crown Point will have Javen Estrada in the lineup this year. He was a state qualifier in Illinois last year and had a really good IHPO event. South Carolina state champion Matteo Vargo will be new to Granger this year and is entered at 126lbs. Obviously South Carolina is not a power state so it will be interesting to see him in a field this deep.
    Brownsburg freshman Preston Haines will be another wrestler to watch. He placed 4th at IHPO and could be a contender for a state title this year. Evan Dickey will be back at 106lbs and keeps improving each year. He could be a sleeper at a weight loaded with younger athletes.
    State placers to watch include runner-ups Matthew Koontz and Jujuan Anderson. Third place finishers Logan Frazier, Kysen Montgomery, Jaden Reynolds, and Aiden Warren could be in the mix to make the podium. Reynolds won an IHPO title in September and has had a very good off-season. Montgomery and Frazier are both solid wrestlers that could put together a run of wins to put themselves in a good spot to place. Warren is taking a week off from the gridiron to hit the mats this week. Another wrestler to watch is Gavinn Alstott. He was 4th in 2019 at state, but had a death draw at semi-state this year. Lastly, the other state placers entered include Stephan Roberson Jr., Ian Heath, and Christian White.
    Super 32 History
    Indiana has had 45 placers at the Super 32. The first placer was Camden Eppert in 2008. There have been four champions from Indiana: Blake Rypel(2015), Chad Red(2014), Jarred Brooks(2011), and Ethan Raley(2010). There have been seven runner-ups in the event: Nick South(2018), Lucas Davison(2017), Neal Molloy(2012), Devon Jackson(2011), Jason Tsirtsis(2010), Brandon Wright(2009), and Jason Tsirtsis(2009). There have been six wrestlers place twice, they include Blake Rypel, Brayton Lee, Chad Red, Drew Hughes, Jason Tsirtsis, and Joe Lee.
    To see all the past placers, click here.
    Indiana Entries
    Weight Name School State Place 106 Evan Dickey Indianapolis Cathedral Qual 106 Preston Haines Brownsburg   113 Alexzander Cottey Perry Meridian 1st 113 Dylan Driver Westfield Qual 113 Keaton Morton Perry Meridian   120 Logan Frazier Crown Point 3rd 120 Brac Hooper Carmel Qual 120 Sergio Lemley Chesterton 1st 120 Cheaney Schoeff Avon 2nd 120 Tony Wood Jay County   126 Stephen Roberson Jr Crown Point 5th 126 Zeke Seltzer Indianapolis Cathedral 1st 126 Matteo Vargo Penn 1st 132 Gavinn Alstott Floyd Central 4th 132 Cameron Clark Jay County   132 Alecsander Freeman Mater Dei 6th 132 Kysen Montgomery Brownsburg 3rd 132 David Pierson Warren Central 4th 132 Christian White New Palestine 5th 138 Luke Goodwin Southport 7th 138 Ian Heath Leo 6th 138 Matthew Koontz Perry Meridian 2nd 138 Hayden Watson Center Grove 3rd 145 Javen Estrada Crown Point Qual 145 Cody Goodwin Crown Point   145 Brady Mckivitz Perry Meridian   145 Jaden Reynolds Avon 3rd 152 Jajuan Anderson Warren Central 2nd 152 J Conway Floyd Central 6th 152 Orlando Cruz Crown Point Qual 160 Trae Anderson Laporte   160 Brody Baumann Mater Dei Qual 160 Tyler Jones Warren Central 7th 160 Kade Law Columbus East Qual 160 Jakob Sheets Perry Meridian   170 Sam Morrill Columbus East 8th 182 Johnny Parker Cathedral Qual 182 Keon Sullivan Warren Central   195 Connor Barket West Lafayette Qual 195 Evan Bates Chesterton 1st 195 Christian Carroll Penn   195 Aiden Warren Perry Meridian 3rd 220 Joshua Howell Terre Haute South Vigo Qual 220 Conner Specht Jay County   285 Jacob Johnson Franklin Community Qual
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    FlyNavy reacted to Galagore in Practice protocals   
    We should probably just class the individual state tournament. That would probably take care of things. I kid...
    My major concern is Saturday meets...not so much in the safety, but in getting several schools together who may have varying degrees of safety measures. Hopefully our coaches and parents will react well if the host school has more stringent mask enforcement, etc. than their home school. Hosting a tournament is hard enough, let alone now, let alone if you are constantly having to ask people to follow basic safety guidelines.
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    FlyNavy reacted to Y2CJ41 in Practice protocals   
    One thing we are hoping to do is install 50+ hooks in the room so kids can hang their masks up and not just throw them on the ground between times of wearing them. Throwing them on the ground is not good when you can add any assortment of skin diseases to the mask along with your Covid! On top of that people need to wash their masks regularly, which I'm not sure everyone is doing.
    Now on the mask issue. Masks are NOT a cure all, no one has EVER claimed they are 100% effective. Too many people think that social distancing, masks, etc are 100% effective and when they are not they claim they are worthless. Just because it isn't 100% effective doesn't mean you shouldn't do it. No vaccine is 100% effective, but it's still a REALLY good idea to get them.
    The purpose of masks is to reduce the risk and more importantly to limit the amount of the virus that is expelled. If you have COVID or even the flu and the particles are filtered 80% through your mask the people than contract it through you will be affected way less due to it being a lower dosage of the virus. A simple test would be would you rather someone sneeze in your face with or without a mask on? 
    Lastly, if you look at schools and their COVID cases you see that they are very low. They have strict protocols and kids are wearing their masks PROPERLY, sanitizing, social distancing at a higher rate, etc. In the whole Carroll school district of about 6000+ students there have only been 20 confirmed cases between students and staff. In all honesty I'd feel much safer in a school than Wal-Mart or any other public place where people are casually adhering to the guidelines.
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    FlyNavy reacted to Y2CJ41 in Practice protocals   
    The main things we are focusing on is masks as much as possible such as during warm-ups, technique teaching, stretching, etc. The other is having groups of about 4 or 5 kids that can wrestle with each other. As well as the obvious things like hand sanitizer and more stringent cleaning.
    Meets will be interesting as we will need to space seating and possibly limit who travels based on what JV matches we would have. I think we may even need to have a "half time" for duals to clean the mats. For bigger events we may need to clean mats after each round so it would add another 15 minutes to each round.
    As we tell the kids, whether we like this stuff or not this is what we will NEED to do to have a full and complete season so just do it. No one wants to go to these measures so complaining isn't going to do any good.
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    FlyNavy reacted to CoachW33 in Practice protocals   
    Just looking to follow this up. I thought it was a valid concern and something we should all be considering as we gear up for our season. 
    What are you guys thinking about how you will run practices? We've discussed creating groups of four for practice and you can only work within that group. 
    The question was brought to me by my AD about using two mats for duals but only running one match at a time and once one match ends, cleaning the mat between matches. Seems like it would make the dual take twice as long but is it necessary? 
    Tournaments, do you have hospitality rooms? Do you have tournaments at all? Do we modify our schedule and compete in multiple duals a week? 
    What are your plans to prevent the spread? 
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    FlyNavy reacted to Y2CJ41 in Isiah Levitz of Prairie Heights commits to   
    Congratulations to Isiah Levitz from Prairie Heights for signing with Indiana. He is projected to wrestle 165.
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    FlyNavy reacted to Mattyb in Wrestling a Spring Sport   
    I think there will be a vaccine by then. I assume that others believe the same thing.
    Here is my educated guess on how things may go. I think that the IHSAA will in fact start the football season. As soon as a handful of players from a few teams test positive Covid (notice that I did not say contract), the football season will be ended or postponed. Football season goes through a November and we all know what also happens in November. We all see that Covid has been and will be further politicalized. If you don’t believe that... just watch Fox News (If you want the republican side) or CNN (if you want the democrat side) today. I tend to watch both, and have came to the conclusion that both sides have completely gone crazy!  I’m not here to say which side is right or wrong... I’m just stating the obvious. Politics will come into play. 
    Bottom line.. until we get a vaccine and the election is over.... I wouldn’t plan on having a season. Again, it’s just a very educated guess from watching our country fall apart everyday in the media. I hope that I’m wrong. 
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    FlyNavy reacted to Y2CJ41 in Jake Lone of Northwood commits to   
    Congratulations to Jake Lone from NorthWood for signing with Indianapolis. He is projected to wrestle 184.

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    FlyNavy reacted to Y2CJ41 in Folkstyle State hurt by Corona?   
    This isn't the flu, there is no vaccine for this virus. This is a new virus that spread to humans in December and has now spread across the world and has a very high mortality rate. When the people who study these things are saying to be careful you probably should listen.
    The worst thing that can happen is people not taking this seriously and millions get infected and overload our already busy hospitals. 
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    FlyNavy reacted to busstogate in Petty back and forth and during the season Champion   
    @TeamGarcia  https://t.co/bMWlcUeklt?amp=1

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    FlyNavy reacted to rdrodd1 in Petty back and forth and during the season Champion   
    Kind of makes you miss Caliboy
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    FlyNavy reacted to ontherise219 in Unpopular Opinon...Pairings Show   
    Thanks @UncleJimmy that would be awesome! Like I am sure y2 would tell you the Ihsaa would need a bigger time slot for all of the different directions the show would go and the half hour of fanboying I would be doing with coach Goebel.
    I love that the show uses the rankings as a base I think it would be really cool if they had the rank on the bracket so everyone can see where the ranked matches up are and i think it would help greg.
    Overall I love the show and think it is an amazing idea! I know some programs were doing watch shows for the release which is awesome too. 
    I’ll try to keep my Sunday after semi state open in case they call. 
    thanks guys I appreciate all of you! Also o believe we are doing half the bracket tonight on gorilla 🦍 radio 
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    FlyNavy reacted to UncleJimmy in Unpopular Opinon...Pairings Show   
    I know I'll get pelted with empties from any poster that starts with "SW" and I respect Mr. Goebel (sic) immensely, but maybe it's time to put a third guy on the show? And might I recommend @ontherise219 for that position? Now hear me out....
    How many times last night did he mention "I'm not familiar with that wrestler..." or "IndianaMat ranks him...". Well, the actual ranker does some media stuff for the actual sight that does the rankings oft quoted, and since he does the rankings pretty well it appears, he does seem to know a bit about most/all the wrestlers and not just the ones at the E'ville SS. Again, nothing personal, and as far as the actual call of the finals matches goes I think Mr. Goebel is great and knows his stuff and adds insight, but for a parings show I'd just like to hear a bit more insight/matchups etc and think OTR could provide that. Of course the hour and fifteen minute time frame might be tough but he wouldn't have @Y2CJ41 to throw him off topic. 
    Like I said, unpopular opinion.. but outside of the ESS dudes there just didn't seem to be much insight or info put out there except "that should be a good quarter bracket". 
    There...I said it.
    I'll delete my acct now.
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    FlyNavy reacted to regionrat1 in East Chicago Semi State   
    being retired I don't spend as much time on da pc. When I was gettin paid by mr mital to be a professional poster I could justify da time. I truly miss my buddies at ole #7
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    FlyNavy reacted to XCard in Dirty or Smart Coach?   
    Excuse me, but I think you mean the great State of Kansas for the Chiefs.
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    FlyNavy reacted to Jim calhoun in Special night at Plymouth honoring coach Bob Read   
    Hall of fame coach Bob Read was honored as he coached his final home dual after 40 plus years at Plymouth high school. It was a special night watching past wrestlers come from literally all over the country to honor him. Coach hates any attention on himself but this was well deserving. I’ve known this man over 40 years and I can honestly say I’ve never met a man with more class, ethics and integrity in my life. The video tribute showed countless former wrestlers share how they have become the husbands, fathers and men they are because of the time and care coach poured into their lives. He’s had numerous state qualifiers, placers and champions but the mentoring he has poured into people is what last. I’ve never met a man who hates to lose and loves to win more but it’s the lessons in life that leaves the greatest marks on his wrestlers. He is a man that is driven by his faith, his family and simply pouring into young men’s lives. I felt like I was peeling an onion all night! Thank you coach Read for all you’ve done in this great sport in Plymouth and in Indiana. Well deserved. 
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    FlyNavy reacted to Y2CJ41 in Article: This Week in Wrestling January 5th-11th   
    Dual Schedule
    Date/Time Event Jan 07 06:00 pm Homestead at Adams Central Jan 07 06:00 pm Anderson at Alexandria Jan 07 06:00 pm Crawford County at Mitchell Jan 07 06:00 pm Monroe Central at Southern Wells Jan 07 06:00 pm Purdue Polytechnic at Indianapolis Scecina Memorial Jan 07 06:00 pm Southmont at McCutcheon Jan 07 06:00 pm Jennings County at South Dearborn Jan 07 06:00 pm Mississinewa at Yorktown Jan 07 06:00 pm North Knox at Southridge Jan 07 06:00 pm Evansville Bosse at Evansville Reitz Jan 07 06:00 pm Knox at Pioneer Jan 07 06:00 pm Martinsville at Edgewood Jan 07 06:30 pm Fort Wayne Snider at Fort Wayne Bishop Dwenger Jan 07 06:30 pm Churubusco at Fairfield Jan 07 06:30 pm Benton Central at Lafayette Jefferson Jan 07 06:30 pm Northwestern at Rochester Jan 07 06:30 pm Lebanon at Clinton Central Jan 07 06:30 pm Fremont at Eastside Jan 07 06:30 pm Bellmont at Bluffton Jan 07 06:30 pm Columbia City at Whitko Jan 07 06:30 pm Fort Wayne Wayne at Muncie Central Jan 07 06:30 pm South Adams at Fort Wayne Concordia Jan 07 07:00 pm Seymour at Columbus North Jan 08 05:00 pm Illiana Christian at Boone Grove Jan 08 06:00 pm Lawrence North at North Central Jan 08 06:00 pm Plainfield at Monrovia Jan 08 06:00 pm Center Grove at Ben Davis Jan 08 06:00 pm Lawrence Central at Decatur Central Jan 08 06:00 pm Roncalli at Greenfield-Central Jan 08 06:00 pm Beech Grove at Indianapolis Lutheran Jan 08 06:00 pm Sullivan at Terre Haute South Jan 08 06:00 pm Indianapolis Cardinal Ritter at Brebeuf Jesuit Jan 08 06:00 pm Delphi at Carroll (Flora) Jan 08 06:00 pm Wheeler at River Forest Jan 08 06:00 pm Hanover Central at Hebron Jan 08 06:00 pm Mount Vernon (Posey) at North Posey Jan 08 06:00 pm Indianapolis Bishop Chatard at Greenwood Jan 08 06:00 pm Providence at Eastern (Pekin) Jan 08 06:00 pm Manchester at Eastern (Greentown) Jan 08 06:00 pm Hammond Clark at Whiting Jan 08 06:00 pm Switzerland County at New Albany Jan 08 06:00 pm South Bend Adams at South Bend Riley Jan 08 06:00 pm Richmond at Connersville Jan 08 06:30 pm Indianapolis Cathedral at Columbus East Jan 08 06:30 pm Bloomington South at Terre Haute North Jan 08 06:30 pm Carmel at Warren Central Jan 08 06:30 pm Valparaiso at Portage Jan 08 06:30 pm Andrean at Highland Jan 08 06:30 pm East Noble at Columbia City Jan 08 06:30 pm Lafayette Jefferson at Twin Lakes Jan 08 06:30 pm Pendleton Heights at Mount Vernon (Fortville) Jan 08 06:30 pm Fishers at Hamilton Southeastern Jan 08 06:30 pm Zionsville at Westfield Jan 08 06:30 pm LaPorte at Lake Central Jan 08 06:30 pm Chesterton at Michigan City Jan 08 06:30 pm Calumet at Munster Jan 08 06:30 pm Fort Wayne South Side at Fort Wayne North Side Jan 08 06:30 pm Warsaw at Tippecanoe Valley Jan 08 07:00 pm South Bend Clay at Mishawaka Jan 08 07:30 pm Crown Point at Merrillville Jan 09 05:00 pm South Bend St. Joseph at New Prairie Jan 09 05:30 pm Castle at Heritage Hills Jan 09 05:30 pm Huntington North at Bellmont Jan 09 05:30 pm Bedford North Lawrence at Mitchell Jan 09 06:00 pm Franklin County at Greensburg Jan 09 06:00 pm Tri at Knightstown Jan 09 06:00 pm Crawfordsville at Fountain Central Jan 09 06:00 pm North White at Frontier Jan 09 06:00 pm Evansville Mater Dei at Evansville Central Jan 09 06:00 pm McCutcheon at West Lafayette Jan 09 06:00 pm Evansville Memorial at Tecumseh Jan 09 06:00 pm Borden at New Washington Jan 09 06:00 pm Blackford at Mississinewa Jan 09 06:00 pm New Washington at Jennings County Jan 09 06:00 pm Jimtown at Jimtown Jan 09 06:00 pm Shelbyville at Triton Central Jan 09 06:30 pm Griffith at Hobart Jan 09 06:30 pm Fort Wayne Concordia at Fort Wayne Bishop Luers Jan 09 06:30 pm Lebanon at Zionsville Jan 09 06:30 pm Angola at Lakeland Jan 09 06:30 pm Edgewood at Greencastle Jan 09 06:30 pm Faith Christian at Seeger Jan 09 06:30 pm DeKalb at New Haven Jan 09 06:30 pm West Noble at Central Noble Jan 09 06:30 pm Fort Wayne Northrop at Fort Wayne Wayne Jan 09 06:30 pm New Palestine at Franklin Central Jan 09 06:30 pm Tri-West at Danville Jan 09 06:30 pm Homestead at Fort Wayne Snider Jan 09 06:30 pm NorthWood at Wawasee Jan 09 06:45 pm Goshen at Concord Jan 09 07:00 pm Elkhart Central at Penn Jan 09 07:00 pm Mishawaka Marian at South Bend Washington Jan 09 07:30 pm Northwestern at Oak Hill Jan 09 07:46 pm Benton Central at Rensselaer Central Jan 10 07:00 pm Southport at Beech Grove Jan 11 11:00 am Culver Academies at Warsaw Jan 11 05:00 pm Evansville Mater Dei at Perry Meridian  
    Multi-Dual Schedule
    Date/Time Event Teams Jan 07 06:00 pm Double Dual at Knightstown at Union City Teams: Centerville Knightstown Lapel Union City Jan 07 06:00 pm Double Dual at Taylor at Taylor Teams: Clinton Prairie Sheridan Taylor Jan 08 06:00 pm Double Dual at Garrett at Garrett Teams: Angola Garrett Prairie Heights Jan 08 06:30 pm Double Dual at Peru at Peru Teams: Northfield Peru Wabash Jan 08 06:30 pm Double Dual at Griffith at Griffith Teams: Griffith Hammond Bishop Noll Lake Station Edison Jan 09 06:00 pm Double Dual at Marion at Marion Teams: Eastbrook Madison-Grant Marion Jan 09 06:00 pm Double Dual at Taylor at Taylor Teams: Caston North Miami Taylor Jan 10 09:00 am Avon Invitational at Avon Teams: Avon Columbus North Eastern Hancock Perry Meridian Jan 10 06:00 pm Wayne County Wrestling Classic at Centerville Teams: Batesville Centerville Franklin County Hagerstown Jay County Monroe Central New Castle Northeastern Tri Union County Winchester Jan 11 08:00 am New Prairie Super Dual at New Prairie Teams: Boone Grove Goshen Knox New Prairie West Central Jan 11 08:30 am Tiger Duals at Evansville Memorial Teams: Castle Center Grove Evansville Memorial Tell City Vincennes Lincoln Jan 11 08:30 am North Central Invitational at North Central Teams: East Central Greenfield-Central Hamilton Southeastern Lawrence Central North Central Jan 11 09:00 am Franklin Super Six at Franklin Community Teams: Bloomington South Franklin Community Holt(MI) Lawrence North Martinsville Jan 11 09:00 am Guerin Catholic Invite at Guerin Catholic Teams: Guerin Catholic Indianapolis Scecina Memorial Lafayette Central Catholic Lawrenceburg Shelbyville Tippecanoe Valley Jan 11 09:00 am Paoli Invitational at Paoli Teams: Decatur Central Heritage Hills Mitchell North Harrison Paoli Providence Cristo Rey Terre Haute North West Washington Jan 11 09:00 am West Noble Super Dual at West Noble Teams: Bremen Fairfield Fort Wayne Bishop Luers Fort Wayne North Side Fremont Jimtown LaVille Northridge West Noble Whitko Jan 11 09:00 am Nick Shaddady Invitational at Madison Teams: Blue River Valley Madison Scottsburg Switzerland County Jan 11 09:00 am Forest Park Duals at Forest Park Teams: Evansville North Forest Park North Knox Pike Central South Spencer Jan 11 09:00 am Mountie Duals at Southmont Teams: Fountain Central Greencastle Harrison (WL) Indianapolis Lutheran Pioneer Southmont Speedway Warren Central Jan 11 09:00 am Brown County Invite at Brown County Teams: Brown County Jasper Jan 11 09:00 am Tecumseh Invite at Tecumseh Teams: Crawford County Evansville Bosse Louisville Trinity(KY) Southridge Tecumseh Washington Jan 11 09:00 am Washington County Duals at Eastern (Pekin) Teams: Eastern (Pekin) Salem West Washington Jan 11 09:00 am Mendon(MI) Super Dual at Mendon(MI) Teams: Elkhart Memorial Mendon(MI) Jan 11 09:30 am Monrovia Duals at Monrovia Teams: Indianapolis Cardinal Ritter Monrovia Owen Valley Tri-West Jan 11 10:00 am Peru Super 6 at Peru Teams: Angola Eastern (Greentown) Hamilton Heights Kokomo Oak Hill Peru Jan 11 10:00 am Nick Spitler Invite at North Newton Teams: Delphi Frontier Lafayette Central Catholic Logansport North Newton South Newton Tournament Schedule
    Date/Time Event Teams Jan 09 05:00 pm Delaware County at Wes-Del Teams: Cowan Daleville Delta Wapahani Wes-Del Yorktown Jan 11 08:30 am Old Capitol Classic at Corydon Central Teams: Bedford North Lawrence Brebeuf Jesuit Corydon Central Evansville Central Floyd Central Milan Southport Jan 11 08:30 am Tipton Invite at Tipton Teams: Alexandria Clinton Central Northwestern Sheridan Tipton Wes-Del West Lafayette Jan 11 09:00 am Maconaquah Invitational at Maconaquah Teams: Blackford Cass Chesterton Clinton Prairie Culver Community Indiana Deaf Maconaquah Randolph Southern Triton Central Jan 11 09:00 am Bill Kerbel Invitational at New Haven Teams: Bluffton Carroll(Fort Wayne) DeKalb Eastside Fort Wayne Bishop Dwenger Fort Wayne Wayne Homestead New Haven North Judson Northfield Penn Rochester South Adams Twin Lakes Van Wert(OH) Woodlan Jan 11 09:00 am South Vermillion Invitational at South Vermillion Teams: Cloverdale Covington North Vermillion Northview Parke Heritage South Vermillion Spring Lake(MI) Sullivan Terre Haute South Jan 11 09:00 am New Pal Invitational at New Palestine Teams: Danville Eastern Hancock Mount Vernon (Fortville) New Palestine Jan 11 09:00 am Fendley Hall of Fame at Zionsville Teams: Crawfordsville Elwood Frankfort Mount Vernon (Posey) Noblesville Rushville Zionsville Jan 11 09:00 am East Noble Invitational at East Noble Teams: East Noble Elkhart Central Fort Wayne Northrop Fort Wayne South Side Huntington North Manchester Westview Jan 11 09:00 am Providence Falls Cities Classic at Providence Teams: Bedford North Lawrence Borden Jennings County New Albany New Washington Providence Silver Creek Southwestern (Hanover) Jan 11 09:30 am Lake County Tournament at Hanover Central Teams: Andrean Calumet East Chicago Central Gary West Side Griffith Hammond Hammond Bishop Noll Hammond Clark Hammond Gavit Hanover Central Highland Hobart Lake Central Lake Station Edison Lowell Merrillville Munster Rensselaer Central River Forest Wheeler Whiting
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    FlyNavy reacted to FCFIGHTER170 in How about these stall happy region refs?   
    Anybody who don't think Henry Wilk is a top notch ref or bias is delusional.. he's by far 1 of the best refs I've ever seen and he's a no nonsense guy! Idk about all the others but I can guarantee there was no bias on his behalf! 
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    FlyNavy reacted to TeamInjuryTime07 in How about these stall happy region refs?   
    In your 11 years officiating did you ever hear a negative reaction from a crowd when you thought you made the right call??
    Im not trying to say that they made every call perfectly in the tournament. I get upset about calls from officials every weekend. I think in that group some are better than others but overall I didn’t think the officiating was as bad as you stated. My main point was most of those guys in that gym are getting up there in age and probably would love to be sitting in the stands watching great wrestling while some younger people join the officiating ranks, but for some reason people aren’t beating down the door to walk out there and officiate and get ridiculed on the internet for the calls they made. 
    Lastly if a kid is stalling it doesn’t matter  what the score is or how much time is on the clock. 1 minute into the match or 2 seconds left
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    FlyNavy reacted to Y2CJ41 in Article: This Week in Wrestling December 8th-14th   
    Dual Schedule
    Date/Time Event Dec 10 08:00 am Western Boone at Frankfort Dec 10 01:00 pm Purdue Polytechnic at Guerin Catholic Dec 10 01:00 pm Forest Park at Jasper Dec 10 01:00 pm Corydon Central at Mitchell Dec 10 05:30 pm Princeton at Gibson Southern Dec 10 05:30 pm South Newton at North Judson Dec 10 05:30 pm Indianapolis Crispus Attucks at Providence Cristo Rey Dec 10 06:00 pm Culver Community at Caston Dec 10 06:00 pm Daleville at Indianapolis Lutheran Dec 10 06:00 pm New Albany at Paoli Dec 10 06:00 pm Indian Creek at Brown County Dec 10 06:00 pm Frankton at Tipton Dec 10 06:00 pm Kokomo at Eastbrook Dec 10 06:00 pm Lafayette Central Catholic at Carroll (Flora) Dec 10 06:00 pm Southern Wells at Eastern (Greentown) Dec 10 06:00 pm West Central at North White Dec 10 06:00 pm Cass at Wabash Dec 10 06:00 pm Floyd Central at Salem Dec 10 06:00 pm Eastern Hancock at Triton Central Dec 10 06:00 pm Covington Catholic(KY) at Lawrenceburg Dec 10 06:00 pm West Lafayette at Twin Lakes Dec 10 06:00 pm Jimtown at NorthWood Dec 10 06:03 pm Tri-West at Cowan Dec 10 06:15 pm Carmi-White County(IL) at Tecumseh Dec 10 06:30 pm Franklin Community at Mooresville Dec 10 06:30 pm Culver Academies at New Prairie Dec 10 06:30 pm New Haven at Bellmont Dec 10 06:30 pm DeKalb at Fort Wayne Bishop Luers Dec 10 06:30 pm Bluffton at Southwood Dec 10 06:30 pm Northridge at Elkhart Central Dec 10 06:30 pm Knox at Caston Dec 10 06:30 pm Franklin Central at Columbus North Dec 10 06:30 pm Fort Wayne Wayne at Woodlan Dec 10 06:30 pm East Noble at Leo Dec 10 06:30 pm Parke Heritage at Westville(IL) Dec 10 06:30 pm South Adams at Parkway(OH) Dec 10 06:30 pm Southmont at North Putnam Dec 10 06:45 pm Elkhart Memorial at Goshen Dec 11 07:30 am Crown Point at Chesterton Dec 11 07:30 am Munster at Highland Dec 11 01:30 pm Lake Central at Valparaiso Dec 11 06:00 pm Garrett at Adams Central Dec 11 06:00 pm Southport at Perry Meridian Dec 11 06:00 pm Alexandria at Lapel Dec 11 06:00 pm Madison-Grant at Shenandoah Dec 11 06:00 pm Pike at Center Grove Dec 11 06:00 pm Westfield at Lebanon Dec 11 06:00 pm Charlestown at Southwestern (Hanover) Dec 11 06:00 pm East Chicago Central at Hammond Dec 11 06:00 pm Tri at Monroe Central Dec 11 06:00 pm Sullivan at North Knox Dec 11 06:00 pm Hebron at Wheeler Dec 11 06:00 pm Calumet at Hanover Central Dec 11 06:00 pm Owen Valley at Northview Dec 11 06:00 pm Terre Haute North at West Vigo Dec 11 06:00 pm Rushville at Richmond Dec 11 06:00 pm Hamilton Heights at Indianapolis Bishop Chatard Dec 11 06:00 pm McCutcheon at Harrison (WL) Dec 11 06:00 pm Bloomington South at Greenwood Dec 11 06:00 pm Western at Mississinewa Dec 11 06:00 pm North Posey at Princeton Dec 11 06:00 pm Evansville Memorial at Evansville Mater Dei Dec 11 06:00 pm Connersville at South Dearborn Dec 11 06:30 pm Carroll(Fort Wayne) at Fort Wayne Bishop Dwenger Dec 11 06:30 pm Prairie Heights at Homestead Dec 11 06:30 pm Warren Central at Greenfield-Central Dec 11 06:30 pm Norwell at Huntington North Dec 11 06:30 pm Lafayette Jefferson at Logansport Dec 11 06:30 pm Martinsville at Monrovia Dec 11 06:30 pm South Putnam at Danville Dec 11 06:30 pm Hamilton Southeastern at Zionsville Dec 11 06:30 pm Eastside at Fort Wayne North Side Dec 11 06:30 pm Michigan City at LaPorte Dec 11 06:30 pm Fort Wayne South Side at Fort Wayne Northrop Dec 11 06:30 pm Fishers at Carmel Dec 11 06:30 pm Elwood at Anderson Dec 11 06:30 pm Terre Haute South at Indian Creek Dec 11 06:30 pm New Palestine at Indianapolis Cathedral Dec 11 07:00 pm Mishawaka at Lakeshore(MI) Dec 11 07:00 pm Penn at South Bend Riley Dec 11 07:30 pm Merrillville at Portage Dec 11 08:00 pm Hammond Gavit at Fairhaven Dec 12 07:30 am Hobart at Lowell Dec 12 01:00 pm Mitchell at Eastern (Pekin) Dec 12 05:00 pm Cloverdale at Decatur Central Dec 12 05:00 pm New Prairie at South Bend Washington Dec 12 05:30 pm South Newton at Frontier Dec 12 05:30 pm Kankakee Valley at Benton Central Dec 12 06:00 pm Covington at Fountain Central Dec 12 06:00 pm Frankton at Noblesville Dec 12 06:00 pm Speedway at Brebeuf Jesuit Dec 12 06:00 pm Attica at North Newton Dec 12 06:00 pm Faith Christian at Lafayette Central Catholic Dec 12 06:00 pm Northfield at Maconaquah Dec 12 06:00 pm Ben Davis at North Central Dec 12 06:00 pm Bremen at Mishawaka Marian Dec 12 06:30 pm Columbus East at Franklin Community Dec 12 06:30 pm LaVille at Culver Community Dec 12 06:30 pm Fairfield at West Noble Dec 12 06:30 pm Bluffton at Daleville Dec 12 06:30 pm Westview at Triton Dec 12 06:30 pm Delphi at Frankfort Dec 12 06:30 pm Crawfordsville at Seeger Dec 12 06:30 pm Angola at Fremont Dec 12 06:30 pm East Central at Union County Dec 12 06:30 pm Northeastern at Cambridge City Lincoln Dec 12 06:30 pm Manchester at Tippecanoe Valley Dec 12 06:30 pm Brownsburg at Avon Dec 12 06:30 pm Fort Wayne Bishop Dwenger at Churubusco Dec 12 06:30 pm Goshen at Wawasee Dec 12 06:30 pm Blackford at Fort Wayne Wayne Dec 12 06:30 pm Warsaw at Plymouth Dec 12 06:45 pm Elkhart Memorial at NorthWood Dec 12 07:00 pm Evansville Harrison at Evansville Central Dec 12 07:00 pm Greensburg at Jennings County Dec 12 07:00 pm South Bend Clay at South Bend Adams Dec 12 07:00 pm Southport at Whiteland Dec 12 07:00 pm Bloomington North at Bedford North Lawrence  
    Multi-Dual Schedule
    Date/Time Event Teams Dec 10 06:00 pm Double Dual at Jay County at Jay County Teams: Delta Jay County Winchester Yorktown Dec 10 06:00 pm Double Dual at North Harrison at North Harrison Teams: Charlestown North Harrison West Washington Dec 11 01:00 pm Double Dual at New Castle Teams: Delta Mount Vernon (Fortville) New Castle Dec 11 05:00 pm Triple at Whiting at Whiting Teams: Boone Grove Hammond Bishop Noll Whiting Dec 11 06:30 pm Double Dual at North Miami at North Miami Teams: North Miami Peru Rochester Whitko Dec 13 06:00 pm PAC Duals at Tell City Teams: Forest Park Gibson Southern Heritage Hills North Posey Pike Central South Spencer Southridge Tecumseh Tell City Dec 13 06:00 pm ACAC Duals at Jay County Teams: Adams Central Bluffton Heritage Jay County South Adams Southern Wells Woodlan Dec 13 11:00 pm Downers Grove Invite at Downers Grove South(IL) Teams: Downers Grove South(IL) Lake Central Dec 14 03:30 am Pendleton Heights Super Six at Pendleton Heights Teams: Beech Grove East Central Elwood Muncie Central Pendleton Heights Winchester Dec 14 04:00 am Delta Duals at Delta Teams: Carroll(Fort Wayne) Decatur Central Delta Fort Wayne Concordia Fort Wayne North Side Greenwood Dec 14 04:00 am Rensselaer Super Duals at Rensselaer Central Teams: Culver Community Hanover Central Hebron Rensselaer Central South Bend Clay South Newton West Central West Lafayette Dec 14 08:00 am Roncalli Duals at Roncalli Teams: Indianapolis Scecina Memorial New Palestine Noblesville Roncalli Seymour Dec 14 08:00 am Princeton Big 8 5-Way at Princeton Teams: Boonville Jasper Mount Carmel(IL) Mount Vernon (Posey) Princeton Washington Dec 14 08:00 am Northview Invite at Northview Teams: Bedford North Lawrence Northview Paoli Terre Haute North Dec 14 08:00 am Harry Ganser Memorial Duals at John Glenn Teams: Bremen Fairfield John Glenn Lakeland North Judson Tippecanoe Valley Dec 14 08:00 am SB Washington Super Dual at South Bend Washington Teams: Hammond Gavit Michigan City Mishawaka Marian New Prairie South Bend Washington Winamac Dec 14 08:30 am New Castle Invite at New Castle Teams: Fishers Franklin County Lawrenceburg Monroe Central New Castle Richmond Southport Union County Dec 14 08:30 am Tri-West Invitational at Tri-West Teams: Indianapolis Cardinal Ritter Indianapolis Lutheran Speedway Tri-West Dec 14 09:00 am Traicoff Invitational at Calumet Teams: Calumet Culver Academies Floyd Central Franklin Community Guerin Catholic Indianapolis Cathedral Lawrence North Lowell Mishawaka Munster Portage South Bend Riley Southmont Valparaiso Westfield Dec 14 09:00 am Castle 5-Way at Castle Teams: Avon Bloomington South Castle Evansville Mater Dei Jeffersonville McCracken County(KY) Dec 14 09:00 am Falcon Duals at Perry Meridian Teams: Carmel Columbus East Greenfield-Central Perry Meridian Dec 14 09:00 am NE 8 Triple Dual at New Haven Teams: Columbia City Huntington North Leo New Haven Dec 14 09:00 am Columbus North Duals at Columbus North Teams: Bloomington North Brown County Columbus North New Albany Whiteland Dec 14 09:00 am Northridge Super Dual at Northridge Teams: Concord Fort Wayne Snider Homestead Northridge NorthWood South Bend Adams South Bend St. Joseph Warsaw West Noble Dec 14 09:00 am Kenny Kerns Invitational at North Putnam Teams: Alexandria Blue River Valley Covington Crawfordsville Indianapolis Bishop Chatard Lafayette Central Catholic North Putnam North Vermillion Parke Heritage South Vermillion Dec 14 09:00 am Panther Invitational at Knightstown Teams: Blue River Valley Indiana Deaf Knightstown Milan Shenandoah Sheridan Tri Dec 14 09:00 am Union City Super Six at Union City Teams: Anderson Frankton Northeastern Randolph Southern Union City Wapahani Dec 14 09:00 am Caston Super 6 at Caston Teams: Caston LaVille Manchester North Miami North White Tri County Dec 14 09:00 am Kennerk Invitational at Fort Wayne Bishop Luers Teams: Blackford Fort Wayne Bishop Luers Fort Wayne South Side Providence Cristo Rey Dec 14 09:00 am Plainfield Invitational at Plainfield Teams: Brebeuf Jesuit Danville Hamilton Southeastern Martinsville Plainfield Terre Haute South Triton Central Dec 14 09:00 am Frankfort Invitational at Frankfort Teams: Cascade Frankfort Greencastle Kokomo Lebanon Shelbyville Dec 14 09:00 am MSC Duals at Charlestown Teams: Charlestown Corydon Central Eastern (Pekin) North Harrison Salem Scottsburg Silver Creek Dec 14 09:00 am Logansport Invitational at Logansport Teams: Benton Central Brownsburg Cass Delphi Logansport Pike Dec 14 09:00 am Rushville Duals at Rushville Teams: Batesville Centerville Connersville Greensburg Rushville Dec 14 09:00 am Clinton Central Invite at Clinton Central Teams: Clinton Central Taylor Dec 14 09:30 am Tom Cameron Invite at Merrillville Teams: Hammond Morton Harrison (WL) Highland Hobart Kankakee Valley Merrillville Penn Plymouth Dec 14 09:30 am NE8 Triple Dual at Bellmont Teams: Bellmont DeKalb East Noble Norwell Tournament Schedule
    Date/Time Event Teams Dec 14 04:00 am Charger Invitational at Elkhart Memorial Teams: Central Noble Elkhart Central Elkhart Memorial Jimtown Maconaquah Mississinewa Penn Wheeler Dec 14 09:00 am Clinton Prairie Invitational at Clinton Prairie Teams: Carroll (Flora) Clinton Prairie Cowan Faith Christian Fountain Central Frontier Hamilton Heights Lafayette Jefferson Northwestern Pioneer Rossville Seeger Tri-Central Western Boone Dec 14 09:00 am Eagle Invitational at Zionsville Teams: Center Grove Chesterton Edgewood Evansville Reitz Franklin Central Mooresville Zionsville Dec 14 09:00 am Grappler Gold Invite at Brighton(MI) Teams: Brighton(MI) Brownsburg Dec 14 10:00 am Western Invite at Western Teams: Eastbrook Eastern (Greentown) Marion Oak Hill Tipton Western Dec 14 10:00 am Oak Park RF Invite at Oak Park River Forest(IL) Teams: Crown Point Dec 14 10:00 am Memorial Invitational at Evansville Memorial Teams: Crawford County Evansville Bosse Evansville Harrison Evansville Memorial Evansville North North Knox Providence Southwestern (Hanover) Sullivan Wood Memorial
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    FlyNavy reacted to Y2CJ41 in CP on its way.   
    More than Penn
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    FlyNavy reacted to davecloud in Thanks, Coach Peck   
    Apologies if I have missed a post on this already on the board. 
    As you already know, Coach Rex Peckinpaugh has announced his retirement as head coach of the New Castle Trojans. I will not attempt to summarize his statement since it, like everything Rex does, was so well done. Check it out on Facebook.  Rex thought long and hard about his decision and I am confident he has done the best thing, like always. Reading the posts from past Trojan wrestlers and friends of the program was like taking a walk back through time. Seeing the names with the posts sparked a lot of fond memories (except for when we wrestled them). Rex has been a leader and influential voice in Indiana high school wrestling so long that it is difficult to remember when he wasn't a force or to envision a future without him in that role. The good news is that Rex has no intention of disappearing. I'm sure we will see him at events and continue to enjoy his company.
    Thanks, Rex for all you have done to raise the profile of the sport in Indiana. The stats are truly amazing: Over 1000 dual meet wins, a win streak of over 100, dozens and dozens of state finalists, team runners-up in some epic matches and helping to host an awesome Semi-State, freestyle tournaments and Middle School State.
    But more than that, thanks for being such a great friend, rival and role model for how to treat athletes. There simply are no better people in the sport than the New Castle Wrestling Family. 
    Dave Cloud
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    FlyNavy reacted to nkraus in Brennen Cernus Transfer   
    Just the part where he said the program didn’t have direction, unorganized, undisciplined, and had a severe lack in technical coaching ability.  I thought that could’ve been left out.  
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    FlyNavy reacted to nkraus in Brennen Cernus Transfer   
    Well...I don’t know the stories, but I do know the school was called CMA for the longest time, which stands for Culver Military Academy.  I’ve only got a quarter of a brain...sorry...and you just bashed (PUBLICLY) on a head coach and a program.  Not cool.  Do that in a garage somewhere with your  buddies...not publicly.  
    I am sorry that I’ve edited this post multiple times, but I want to to be classy.  I hope your son does extremely well and wins some huge titles, but I just don’t think public bashing is appropriate towards a coach, or his program.  Best of luck in the future endeavors!
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    FlyNavy reacted to nkraus in Clayton Fielden of Garrett commits to:   
    WEST POINT.  We are proud of you #SETL
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