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  1. Two new cadet coaches added, Devon Jackson :-\ (state qualifier at 112lbs) and Cody Harper :-* (stud 140 lber for Yorktown). This camp has the staff and campers with the potential to be the best in the 10 year history.
  2. With the addition of the new campers, we too have added to our camp staff. Andrew Hiestand > (6th in the state at 125lbs) and Brock Bevans :-* (tough 103 lber) have committed to the camp. The Prime Time Camp offers a 1:6 ratio (1 camp staff member to every 6 campers). This is a ratio offered by no other camp in the nation. It is this level of committment to offering a positive and productive camp experience that Prime Time prides itself on. Don't miss out on a great experience!
  3. This is a great tune up camp for Schoolboy Duals. Already some of the top kids on the team are signed up (Jake Sincovics, Chandler Carroll, Kenny Hughes, Evan Smiley, and Kyle Garringer). Is there a better way to get prepared then by working out with some of the best?
  4. Camp is set with outstanding clinicians , also the amazing cadet coaches that roll around with your kids daily (Steven Sandefer , Sammy Bennett :, Kyle Mosier ;D, Jordan Dulaney 8), Cody Fellers , and many others).
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