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Everything posted by throwforfive

  1. Tony will be huge at this weight. Regardless of rankings, I would say he is right in the running with being the favorite at this weight. Good luck!
  2. The John Smith! Sons Jarrod and Josh from Yorktown. Coach Smith coached Muncie South through the great years of 1975-1990 or so. He was a 2 X State Champ from Franklin Central, then went on to coach State Champs David Palmer, Tony Abbott, and Marc Foreman while at Muncie South. Along with many other state placers and qualifiers. Then he coached the 1990 Muncie South team to a state championship. He is an official now and very respected. In addition to this he was an All-American at Ball State while in college. He was an asst on the 1975 Championship team and head coach in 1985 when they were runner-up. Back in the 80's Muncie South and Delta were #1 and #2 in the state. They were great matches at every weight.
  3. throwforfive


    103 Fiechter SW over Phenis RS 112 Gonzales De over Armantrout MS (until Armantrout beats him, I can't pick against Gonzales, sleeper Blanton Al) 119 Bradley MS over Striker SA 125 Perry Bl over Blanton Al (only because Armantrout is on the same side with Perry) 130 Meska JC over Walker Al (he is tough and Meska better not underestimate or stay on bottom, legs are coming) 135 Fiechter SW over Blanton Al (I'm sorry, weak weight) 140 Martin RS over Burnfield SA 145 Ehr SA over King Bl 152 Smith No over Edwards Al (sorry, another WEAK weight) 160 Becker NE over Fuller Blk 171 Taylor Al over Unsicker He (just went with the seeds, don't know any of these guys) 189 Scott He over Carpenter Blk (watchout for Crabtree with the upset on a headlock) 215 Biberstine SW over James JC Hwt West Sa over Justice Blk (pretty good heavies here) Judging by this, maybe Alex wins it on a balanced team. I don't think they are battle tested though, so we will see. 112, by far the best weight as there will be battles here. Maybe Martin RS best wrestler here?
  4. Charger 1 Regional Qualifier Cool Points: -12 [wahoo] [boo] Posts: 55 Re: Elkhart Memorial still sick? ? Reply #2 on: Yesterday at 07:54:43 PM ? Quote -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- yorktown is the real deal.. unfortunately we didn't get to wrestle the same team that clay saw.. very impressive.. Top 3 team in the state.. no doubt.. very well coached, great shape.. beat the tar out of us..We are about 90% goin in and left at about 75%.. It was nice to watch some good ole in your face wrestling.. too bad our kids didn't return it.. it was a great lesson learned.. Goshen is Jan 20..
  5. Gallegos215, I think what decbell is implying, is that in the match between Clay vs Yorktown, the score was 39-31. You can see on the results that they (Yorktown) wrestled an Ervin at Hwt and he was pinned. Not the #2 ranked Hwt in the state that is 24-0 with 24 falls. So, I think that makes him wonder that if the #2 ranked Hwt was in, maybe things would have been different. That change alone would make it 33-37 in favor of Yorktown. I don't think anyone is saying Clay isn't for real. He did rank you guys top 20. I also seen a score with Yorktown and LaPorte was 58-12. What was the score with Clay and LaPorte? Good luck on a great season with continued success.
  6. throwforfive


    UCWYATT, Not sure what you will end up seeded. There is a criteria set in place that establishes seeds. Gonzales being returning champ should guarantee him the #1 spot as that is first criteria. Then you throw in there that Armantrout is probably undefeated, 2 X State Qualifier, and coming off of a Oustanding Wrestler Award down in Jeffersonville and he probably gets the #2 seed. Then you consider Shaw of Wes Del may be undefeated also. I would say #3 or #4 not knowing other kids to consider. Either way, you should hope to get a shot to wrestle Gonzales or Armantrout and see where you are at. They are both in the top level of that weight class for the state. Good luck!
  7. 1. Not real sure? seem to have a few back ups at each weight. Did not forfeit any weight classes. 2. Don't know? 3. Not sure if any key starters were out, I would say when talking to Coach Seltzer, he would give credit to Yorktown. Elkhart Memorial seem to have their way with a pretty good New haven team. Then Yorktown stepped in and seem to take it to another level. Again, I would say Coach would make no excuses and just give credit to how hard Yorktown wrestled.
  8. Y2, Matches of interest that I noticed at New Haven: Bevans Y 103 dec Hamm PH Jackson Y tf Fiechter SW 17-0 Bevans Y md Barroquillo PH 10-2 Hiestand Y dec Beck Leo 5-1 Castner Y dec Counterman PH 5-1 Lots of good wrestling on the day.
  9. If you are meaning the Holiday Classic, it is December 29th and 30th
  10. Derek Bevans #3 125lbs major decision Travis Barroquillo Prairie Heights 10-2 Andrew Hiestand #4 135lbs decision Justin Beck Leo #2 140lbs
  11. I think there are several good points made here. However, wrestling is changing everyday. It is not an easy sport to stay in. Especially, if your just doing practices and not getting to wrestle much. Most teams now day barely field a varsity, let alone a junior varsity. So coaches may use kids in the varsity line up to ensure they are getting enough matches to keep them out. Secondly, we have a philosophy that we will use whomever we want in the duals. We let challenge matches decide who wrestles in the individual bracketed tourneys. WE decide who wrestles in the duals. Third, consider this, you have a wrestle off November 14th and kid "B" loses. He gets upset and quits. Is kid "A" truly as good at the end of the year as he could have been with kid "B" in the room pushing him and working out with him? Therefore, consider pushing wrestlebacks back some to get kids invested. I'm sure this isn't needed at the schools with 60+ kids. But what about the programs with 20- kids? They have to get creative. I really like oldwrestler215's reply. You may not know what is going on in the room. Say your wrestler is a 145lber fighting for that spot in the coaches eye. Yet his partner is always the 119lb jv kid? Where as the other 145lber is grabbing varsity guys at 140 and 152 constantly. This leaves a bad taste in a coaches mouth as they hope to see kid challenging themselves daily. Hope all this just makes you slow down and see things from another angle. Best of luck to your wrestler and I'm sure when your challenge comes and you win it, you will be in the bracketed tourney.
  12. Wow! Loved it. Very interesting. Thank you for your time.
  13. Very exciting to see a Middle School Team State. I would say this is long past due. You know Yorktown will run a class tournament rivaled by few. They hosted the Schoolboy Duals for several years and developed it in to what is now the best tournamnet in the nation for that age group. It will be exciting to see how this takes off. I am curious what teams are planning to attend? I know this is a first come first serve tournament as space is some what of a concern. I too, think it will be neat to see what teams are successful at the middle school and high school. I think here will be a true test of who is building a program from the bottom up. Good luck to all! Well, let's hear who's going?
  14. Very exciting to see a Middle School Team State. I would say this is long past due. You know Yorktown will run a class tournament rivaled by few. They hosted the Schoolboy Duals for several years and developed it in to what is now the best tournamnet in the nation for that age group. It will be exciting to see how this takes off. I am curious what teams are planning to attend? I know this is a first come first serve tournament as space is some what of a concern. I too, think it will be neat to see what teams are successful at the middle school and high school. I think here will be a true test of who is building a program from the bottom up. Good luck to all! Well, let's hear who's going?
  15. Joe, I know you have a list of committments to college by last years seniors. It seemed like an extensive list and I am happy for Indiana wrestling. However, you know how things come up, I wonder how many of those committments actually happened or fell through? Good luck to all Indiana wrestlers at the next level and good luck to this years crop!
  16. Just noticed that nobody mentioned Isaiah Bradley. Muncie South freshman probably planning on 103lbs but maybe 112lbs. He will definitely be a threat from his area and beyond. I know he went 6-1 in the schoolboy duals. He is a fighter and competes. Good luck!
  17. Trying to get back on topic somewhat, Stahl is attending Mishawaka. His family sold their house in Elkhart and purchased homes in Mishawaka. I am happy for him and his family. He is a great kid! I don't feel any of us know the details behind the move so I will not speculate. I do want to comment on moves to get scholarships and what not. It is far easier to get money for academics. We shouldn't be leading these kids to think a better performance at state will get them athletic scholarships. It is really not that easy. If you want to get money, go earn it at Fargo as Indiana is not recognized as one of the states with a reputation for our state champs doing it at the next level. Or just plain old hard work in the classroom. I really don't feel 2 X State Champ Camden Eppert got much athletic money at Purdue. Instead, I think he "got paid" for his academics. Coaches should continue to push this approach with the kids. In reference to loyalty, well, again I will not speculate. I do know that I seen Brian Seltzer with Stahl alot. Seltzer is a great coach whom doesn't get noticed alot but is year in and year out with studs down at state placing. A final observation, Corpe is a stud and could via for a state title. But, there is no comparing Corpe to the partners Stahl will have at Mishawaka. There are plenty and it will be great for him. Good luck to Ryan Stahl and all the wrestlers in the upcoming season.
  18. I think some of the powerhouse continue to work hard and make it to Team State. However, there is a chance for some new faces to emerge. Mishawaka (strong returning team and Stahl only makes you better) Perry Meridian (Tonte, continues to work hard and stay on top) Indianapolis Cathedral (balance will be the key here) Evansville Mater Dei (older team steps up and claims their spot) Merriville (Maldanado doesn't have to get through so many C.P. seniors) Delphi (sorry, but a very weak Team Semi-state and they are the best of that group) New Castle (I felt better than Roncalli last year, but healthy Campbell makes the difference, their tough) Yorktown (maybe the year for the USA Kids Man of the Year and the Asst Coach of the year to get past tradition)
  19. Thanks for taking the time to crunch the numbers. I definitely feel Pennslyvania is ahead of the rest on having the best wrestlers and the most depth at weights. I do feel Indiana is in the top 10. Not sure what it would take for us to move up, but we are making small strides.
  20. Here is a link to the article in the Muncie Star: http://www.thestarpress.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=2009907020308 It is always nice to get a little recognition for our sport.
  21. Congratulations to the Yorktown Tigers on a 42-24 win. Once again, they really stepped it up. Brock Bevans started them off with a 1-0 dec. Jake Anderson followed with a dominant performance and recorded the fall. Jake finished 9-0. Devon Jackson stepped up next and beat Harrison a State Champ 9-3. Devon really brought it all tourney and turned a lot of heads. Andrew Hiestand fell short in the 125 lb match 7-2. He still had a great tourney and finished 8-1. Next up was Cody Fellers taking on 4 X State Champ Milks, Fellers wrestled an outstanding match but was unable to get off bottom and dropped a 1-0 decision. Caleb Smith got the Tigers fired up next with a headlock for the fall. Josh Rench stepped on the mat for the Tigers at 140 and fought hard but gave up a 8-1 dec. Jordan Dulney stepped up BIG for the Tigers and scored a quick single right in to a vicious cross face cradle for the fall. Jordan finished 9-0 and was voted on by the coaches and referees as the Technical Superiority Award going to the best technician in the tourney. Congratulations Jordan! Cody Harper took the mat against undefeated and State Champ Lizer. Cody fought hard but gave up a 3-1 decision trying to score a takedown at the buzzer. Kyle Mosier was respected and given a forfeit, he finished 8-1, with 8 falls. Trent Castner continued his winning ways with a spiral for a fall. Castner finished first team All-American 9-0. Grant Brown was caught and pinned at 189, he finished 4-5. Jimmie King showed he was a force to be dealt with. He recorded a third period fall. He too, finished 9-0. Ross Janney stepped out on the mat at Hwt versus a 2 X State Champ. Ross was pinned in the first but finished 8-1. The Tigers finished 9-0 and repeated as Disney Duals National Champs. Thanks to all the coaches and parents that make this all possible. This is a very expensive trip and a huge summer committment by the team. We are so proud of you!
  22. Yorktown comes away with a 50-13 win over Clay Florida. The Tigers got started off HOT once again with a great win 3-0 by a much undersized Brock Bevans. Jake Anderson then pulled off the HUGE upset by pinning small school State Champ Bobby Waites. Devon Jackson continued his winning ways and remained undefeated. Andrew the "Terror" Hiestand pinned a very good state placer Wojack. Cody Fellers followed up with a 13-1 rout of State Champ Soileau. Caleb Smith wrestled tough and fell 5-1. Austin Dent grinded out a 5-3 win followed up by a fall in the first period by Jordan Dulaney over state placer and older brother Soileau. Harper lost to a very good 152 lber and Mosier fell 6-5 to a Stud State Champ. Trent Castner remained undefeated at 171. Grant Brown battled and came up short 11-2. Jimmie King won by fall and Ross Janney won against Florida Hwt State Champ Grimmett in sudden victory overtime by getting the escape. The Tigers are up again at 2:oo versus Dakota wrestling. Dakota upset the Illinois Fuzzy Bees (last years runner-ups) 26-22 coming down to the final Hwt match. It will be a very tough dual for the Tigers as they look to repeat as the Disney Duals Champions.
  23. Yorktown started out beating a team from Montana, then North Carolina, then Indiana (Hamilton Heights), then Pennslyvania, then Ohio, then Indiana (Westfield), and then Georgia. Next up is Clay Florida. Our team we trained with in Florida (Springstead) says Clay has a State Champ at 112 vs Jake Anderson, State Qualifier at 119 vs Devon Jackson, State Champ at 130 vs Cody Fellers, multiple state placer at 145 vs Jordan Dulaney, State Champ at 152 vs Cody Harper, state qualifier at 160 vs Kyle Mosier, state qualifier at 189 v Grant Brown, and State Champ at Hwt vs Ross Janney. So this looks to be a stiff match for the Tigers. On a side note, Andrew Hiestand is in the middle of an outstanding tourney at 125lbs. He has defeated state placer from Montana, State Champ from North Carolina, Michael Lovittt from Indiana, state placer from Pennslyvania, and a state placer from Georgia. He is currently 7-0 and Yorktown will no doubt need him to go 9-0 if they hope to win the tourney. The team will get up at 6:30 am and leave at 7:00 am to ready theirselves for the Clay dual.
  24. Just wanted to congratulate all the Schoolboy team and coaches. But a special note to Chandler Carroll, congratulations and were so proud of you. Chandler accumulated a 29-1 career record in greco and freestyle at the schoolboy duals over the past two years. Chandler you represented yourself, your club, the ISWA, and the state of Indiana very well. You could be a poster boy for what is right in Indiana wrestling. Chandler was in an extremely tough weight class with lots of studs and came away undefeated in freestyle and first team All-American. This is a kid that still plays football, wrestles, runs track, subs in on baseball teams, and recently won a state wide speech contest. Keep doing what your doing and they will soon start to call Chase, Chandlers older brother, instead of you are Chase's younger brother. We wait to marvel at your next accomplishments. What a great kid! 8)
  25. Yorktown is wrestling extremely well and won their pool, finishing undefeated. They took the top four teams from four pools and seeded them 1 vs a 4 and 2 vs a 3 and so on. Yorktowns first round match in the tourney was none other than Westfield from Indiana. Westfield finished nearly in a 3 way tie in their pool. However, they ended up 4th seed by criteria. Yorktown wrestled them at 10:00 am and Yorktown got off to a blazing start with a huge win by Brock Bevans against a tough Inman. Then followed up with a pin over Bankurt by Devon Jackson. The team continued to roll all the way through including a nice 7-0 decision of the older Bankurt by Trent Castner. Ross Janney polished off the Shamrocks with a pin over Melbey. The Tigers ended up with a 71-0 blanking of Terry O'Neals tough Westfield team. The Tigers were back in action at 2:00 pm against Loganville, Ga. The much undersized Bevans was manhandled for a fall by a tough 103 lber from Loganville. Then the Tiger train took off again winning by fall at 112, 119, an 125. They fell at 140 lbs in O.T. and Loganville would not see a win after that. Dulaney, Mosier, and Janney continued their winning ways by pinning everyone. Nice wins at 189 and 215 included. The Tigers finished the dual with a 64-9 victory. They will be back in action Thursday morning at 8:00 am against a extremely tough Clay, Fla team. Clay has three state champions, three state placers, and four state qualifiers, so the Tigers are expecting to be met in the mornng by the toughest competition yet. This is the semi-finals of the 16 team tournament. On the other side of the bracket is a tough Dakota team and the Illinios Fuzzy Bees, the team the Tigers beat in the finals last year by 4 points.
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