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  1. In no certain order as it would be matter of opinion: Yorktown Derek Bevans SQ, 5th, 6th, 3rd, All-Time Winningest Wrestler 180 wins Kyle Mosier SQ, 4th, 4th, 3rd All-Time pin leader (41 in one season) Ross Janney State Champion 59-0 Dennis Lewis 2 X State Champion Ron Baker State Champion Mumby Award winner Rick Glaub State Champion Jordan Dulaney second on all time wins 174, most pins, and All-Time points leader
  2. Looks like the camp is shaping up to be another great one! I see some big names in their to name a few: Chandler Carroll Triple Crown winner Alexandria Samuel Fair Triple Crown winner Indianapolis Cael McCormick Double State Champ Yorktown Brad Laughlin State Champ Sheridan Cody Klettheimer State Champ Frankton Jordan Slivka State Champ Chesterfield Zach Todd State Placer Frankton Griffin Schermer State Placer Bloomington Jake Tucker Lowell Kenny Hughes State Champion Lowell Drew Hughes Lowell Cory Shie National Champion Ohio I am sure there are more. Please list any others that are state placer and above.
  3. Thanks so much Y2. Great matches!
  4. Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers that follow thier children every weekend to matches, drive them every week night for training, and make special dinners whenever needed. You are the backbone of our sport, thanks for all you do! Have a great day!
  5. I am sure I missed some as there was wrestling all over the place, but noticable to me, was Perry Meridian, Jeffersonville, Mishawaka, and Yorktown that had several kids representing their schools. I know the Contender team was heavy also, just not sure what school or schools, those kids are from. I would say the future will continue to look bright for these programs. Nice job for putting the work in!
  6. What do we think about the "No shows" on the podiums this weekend? I know at N 75 where a wrestler won his first state title and the Runner-up was a "No show"! that has to be disappointing when your taking pictures for memories. Am I off base here, or should we as parents demand more of our kids?
  7. The number of State Titles Chandler Carroll (Yorktown) has won in his career! What a nice wrestler and family in addition. Good luck as you make the tough transition in to your high school career. Chandler also plays football, makes straight "A's", and won a state speech contest.
  8. You have to admit, those are some studs you listed? Thanks for all the work! See you at state.
  9. All of these examples are in the Junior division. In addition, not quite fair as you did not list the state champ above and below. Nor would it be fair to assume they would win that match anyway. You did bring up some great names, and I think we are back to square one, they changed the procedure and that's how it will go. I look forward to us being top 8 in the nation on both dual teams as a result. Again, good luck to all this weekend.
  10. Please review my above unedited comments! I never said triple crown winner loses 2 out of 3. I said is unable to make the camp and challenge tournament. But was able to make the three state tournaments, thus proving he is the best or at least, most consistent at that weight. Just a point to be made. Also, please see where I made the recommendation for a board to select the team. As far as camp being mandatory, I know, in certain situations, we have allowed kids to go on the trip that had already committed during a date or dates of the camp. Now let me get the Andrew Howe, Cooper Samuels, Kyle Ulrey scenario right.........when they show up for camp, you will instruct Kyle to cut to 152 and Cooper to go 171 during the challenge tourney? So in essence, you have already picked who you think is the best team and will coach accordingly? How will the 152lb state champ and 171lb state champ be with this? Anyway, you're Howe, Samuels, and Ulrey and Wright, Tsirtsis scenarios are really not as often as were implying here. It goes back to the fact that I too, want to see Indiana do better at National Duals. I like the idea of win state and you're in, turn the spot down and the committee reserves the right to fill the spot. I will support any decisions made. I'm certain some of these issues were brought up in the discussion. I just wanted to hear the responses to them. Good luck to all.
  11. I guess where I stand, I'm againt this new process. 1. It seems like we already take so much time of the kids up, now were asking for more. 2. A kid that wins the triple crown at his weight, but isn't able to make the camp and challenge tournament, doesn't represent Indiana? He makes three other tourneys lets say, but can't make this one and he's out? 3. The camp for Cadets runs right up to their duals. What if the winner gets a minor or major injury? A nagging knee and now he doesn't fair as well at the duals that he spends so much money on. 4. A wrestler doesn't make the team and he is out the $200? Sounds like were trying to develop a fundraiser for the ISWA? 5. If you want more latitude in selecting the team, couldn't we just say win it and you are on the team. If the champ doesn't decide to go a select board will review all applicants and determine the most qualified wrestler? I'm sorry, best 2 wrestlers in the state and the runner-up still doesn't deserve to go over another weight class champion. 6. I'm fully aware this is how we select our Olympic and World Teams. It just seems that you have taken a flawed system and replaced it with a flawed system. As always, I wish all our Indiana kids well. Once again, it just appears to me that we are bringing politics, additional money, and more wear and tear on the kids. Good luck!
  12. beachbum21, You obviously never talked to anyone there Saturday at the meet? Scott Neff of Yorktown looked outstanding. He pinned a highly ranked Bultemeir of Bellmont and then beat a great Seth Biberstine of Southern Wells in the finals. I feel he deserved his title. Winchester kids getting the opportunity was suppose to be the focus. Good luck to all the Randolph County kids that now can consider themselves semi-state qualifiers.
  13. littlevito, My initial understanding is there will be 14 pigtail matches. I am figuring all the #4 finishers will wrestle a Monroe Central, Union City, Winchester kid to get to the round of 16. AJ, nice comments from you. As far as "fair", I think we have lost sight of the true definition. How about we just settle for reasonable.
  14. Y2, will you be adjusting your brackets to show these 14 pigtail matches? Thanks again for all you do for our sport.
  15. Well, just got the news that Bobby Cox like Coach McCormick's idea to insert pigtail matches with the kids from Winchester against the #4 from the same Jay County Regional prior to the first round matches. This match will determine who gets actually in to the round of 16. Thanks Trent, obvioulsy people don't always see what is really going on. I would say this is a first for Winchester, 9 semi-state qualifiers. I guess coach will be posting anytime to thank you!
  16. base, Example: If Team Warrior is beating Team Cowboy and they are up by 13 points with 215 and Hwt still to come, they can't forfeit both weights. Otherwise, they would have to continue to forfeit 215 and Hwt the rest of the way through the tourney. I believe, this is designed to give the fans their 14 matches worth of money. As far as Peru, they brought to Team Semi-state a team, that lets just say wasn't their names of the kids wrestling in the individual tourney (JV) against the Mighty Braves of Bellmont a few years back. One can imagine, Coach Hobbs was being smart and seeing no possible way to win, wanted to ensure his kids in individual tourney were healthy and ready for the individual srmi-state.
  17. 103 Farrell is tough, top 8, Bevans deserving of State qualifier 112 Todd win in O.T, either he or Gonzales could have won, both close at state placers 5-8 119 open weight, but Anderson of Yorktown wrestled good and won 125 Bevans Yorktown dominated a very good Eshelman 13-0, I believe Eshelman only had 2 loses prior 130 JACKSON Yorktown the monster fall over McCarthy state ranked 135 Hiestand Yorktown tech fall a strong Hunter of Rushville 140 Corman of New Pal with a 1-0 dec over Rench of Yorktown, could have went either way 145 Harper of Yorktown controlled Riedling New Pal 8-2 before a DQ by official with :21 left, maybe cussing 152 weak weight, Smith of Yorktown 160 Jennings of New Pal is tough, maybe 6-8 at state 171 Castner of Yorktown very surprisingly put it on Phelps of New Pal 8-1, both could be state qualifiers 189 Brown of Yorktown handles Early of GC, Early won Connersville so nice win for Brown who was a #4 seed, also beat Poynter 11-3 215 Balbach MtV nice win over Neff of Yorktown, Neff had a great O.T. win over Smitherman in semi's Hwt JANNEY dominated a very good looking Gray from Rushville whom only had 1 loss Yorktown won team title by 90 points and looked like a team ranked #5 in the state. I believe all 14 weights placed top 3. Their 112lber is tough but behind Gonzales and Todd. Pendleton Heights as always ran a great tourney with good announcing.
  18. NavyGonzo, Sounds like you are upset with Yorktown and just want to see them charged varsity points? Fine, then it would only go towards the individuals that wrestled. I would say that had the points to spare of the coaches wouldn't have wrestled them. Let's say your brother is hurt and doesn't wrestle in a tourney, but the rest of the team does. Should your brother be charged the points? That is actually using the same rationale. I also don't feel it was a bout better competition, just mat time in general. I think there was suppose to be 70 mtches and in fact there were 45. Most kids there got 1 match. Heck, your brother only got one and was charged the 2 points. I would love to see your brother get a full schedule of matches and see what he could really do? I would say State Champion would be a possibility. Congrats to Yorktown, I don't think a single kid from Yorktown was seeded and they had 6 champs and 8 in the finals.
  19. Galagore, Ok, I will offer a response...... putting in "TIME", is different for each individual and different according to weight class. I think a kid that has wrestled since 7 years old, maybe "TIME" doesn't have to be spent on the mat at all in the spring, summer, and fall. Maybe he just hits the weights hard and stays flexible. Then theres the kid that has not spent that much time on the mat, maybe started 7-8th grade. I think some quality time in the summer will make him more familiar with more areas of wrestling and allow him to be better in more positions. Have you ever noticed how an Alex Tsirtsis can score from a ton of positions? This is from spending "TIME" on that mat and putting "TIME" in each of these positions. You could also spend "TIME" watching videos of technique or videos of yourself in the offseason. I think all of this would no doubt improve your wrestling. Be careful counting "TIME" by just being in a fall or spring sport. The majority of the time you are working so hard in those practices that you don't get the proper rest cycle to allow yourself to truly benefit from the lifting or what not. Best of luck, just opinions! duck_and_run, Again, just an opinion, one I don't share, but can agree with. That is, some top notch programs really don't have a elementary program. That is the high school coach does not want to put a ton of time in a 6-7 year old and then have him not even wrestle when he reaches high school. Lets agree on this, wrestling is an extremely hard sport. One that, at times, shows very little pay off. We as coaches and parents can see the lifeskills that a child aquires through this sport so we want them to do it. But for the kid, it is just down right nasty at times. So in these programs it is left up to the motivated parent to search out training and competition. I think having a feeder program at elementary increases your state qualifiers, but only because you have more numbers. Best of luck to all!
  20. Top 4 at each weight would be great? Thank you so much, looks like some great matches.
  21. SnatchSingle, Aren't you a Winchester veteran or at least a faithful? If so, I believe they wrestle Yorktown Tuesday night January 5th at Yorktown at 6:30. I would say this is the "Battle for East Central Indiana Supremacy", wouldn't you say? Coach Mock and Jones are doing great things in Falcon country and of course the Tigers are looking to have a great year. Could be a great way to see for yourself. decbell1, great job, I like how you are looking at things new each week. Kind of a what have you done for me lately mentality. Teams that are getting a high ranking, but not wrestling stiff competition to keep it or continue to prove theirselves. I also agree Bellmont and Yorktown are much different line-ups then in early December.
  22. As always, thanks for what you do to promote our great sport. As was said earlier, thanks to all the others: Rankings Coordinator, Karl Hungus, decbel, ontherise219, Thornton, Bluebolt, AJ, and anyone else I missed. Really enjoy the articles you have added in.
  23. Thank you so much! Whatever system you used, it was consistent, thus showed on an average who was the best. I really enjoyed this list and would say it wasn't too far off from what I would have guessed. Congratulations to all of these great teams.
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