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    TripleB got a reaction from jsomerville in Old Capital Classic   
    How's Corydon at Connersville and hosting this?
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    TripleB got a reaction from ontherise219 in Connersville Brackets?   
    Boo Karl boo
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    TripleB reacted to grecoref in Foxcatcher-my take on it.   
    I saw the movie tonight and I will see it again. One thing to keep in mind when you read this is that I know Mark Schultz and knew Dave Schultz and John DuPont. I had been on the farm and in the mansion a couple of times. I'm not asking anyone to agree nor am I looking for a debate. It's just my take on it and maybe a little history.
    What it isn't...it isn't Rocky or Vision Quest or Rudy (he was offside by the way), or Remember the Titans. It's not a film that is going to draw a lot of people to wrestling. It's a dark drama BASED on a true story with complex characters and situations that ended in the murder of one of our greatest wrestlers and maybe wrestling's greatest ambassador.
    It's not 100% factual. One of the biggest liberties they took was having Mark and Dave living on the farm at the same time. They never did. Mark was there first and then left. Dave came later and stayed too long.
    They combined some time. It's hard to tell this story in 2 hours so they combined and skipped some years. For example in the movie it appears Dave was murdered shortly after the 1988 Olympics when in reality he was killed in 1996.
    What it is...
    Ruffalo as Dave Schultz, Steve Carell as John DuPont and Channing Tatum as Mark Schultz had their characters down pat.
    Ruffalo-the first time I saw him walk in this movie it almost made me cry. It WAS Dave's walk. If I would have seen it from behind I would have sworn it was Dave. He had his mannerisms down as well. The only thing he didn't capture was Dave's sense of humor. Dave could come up with a one liner out of the blue and make you laugh. More about Dave later.
    Carell-He portrayed DuPont as the creep he really was. when the Team Trials were held in Philadelphia he would invite the referees out to the farm. I would liken it to having an audience with the Pope except that would be an insult to every catholic on the planet.
    Tatum-He walked like Mark as well. I always thought Mark was a brooder and I think Tatum got that right.
    Real wrestlers-lots of real wrestling people including Reece and Jordin Humphrey. Their dad Jim Humphrey was the coach at Foxcatcher in the late 80's and our 88 Olympic coach. He left well before Dave's murder.
    The sets-very realistic. The scenes on the farm especially. What they used as the exterior shot of the mansion was not real. The internal rooms were like I remember them. One building they didn't show was the Carriage House. DuPont had a collection of antique carriages and wagons. He had one from Gone With The Wind, a Wells Fargo Stage Coach and Cinderella like carriage. The security system alone was like $50,000.
    The Farm itself had like 17 houses on it. You could hunt deer there and fish. There were fire hydrants. He really did have an army tank.
    There is a scene when Dave is in an office at the Farm where there are headshot pictures of wrestlers. I remember those being there and I think he had some of them in the mansion as well.
    The singlets, the warm ups, even the bags were just like the Foxcatcher equipment issue. I had a t-shirt at one time and polo shirt. I burned them both shortly after Dave was killed.
    A little about DuPont. I can't begin to describe what a creep he was. Each time I was around him I felt like I needed a shower. No one ever said no to John DuPont. On Black Monday he lost something like $13 million. The story in the movie about his mother paying a kid to be his friend is supposedly true. I had heard several times even before he shot Dave. DuPont did do some good with his money. USAW started the National Teams program which our top 3 guys in each weight get a stipend. There are a lot of stories about DuPont, but I have already wasted enough time on him.
    Mark Schultz was a 3 x NCAA Champion and also  a 3x World Champion (1-Olympic and 2 Worlds). He was a physical specimen. One of the most athletic things I ever saw him do was after a loss and off the mat. He lost to the Russian in the finals of the World Cup in Toledo Ohio, walked out the back door of the arena and threw his plaque about 30 or 40 yards right in the middle of the Maumee River. I told him about it a couple of years ago and he said he remembered that. He also told me that he very proudly does not have any 2nd place awards in his possession. He threw all of them away. A 2nd place Big 8 medal is somewhere on top of Gallagher-Iba Arena. Mark is an emotional complex individual. I hope he finds peace someday.
    Dave Schultz was one of my heroes even though we were born 4 months apart and I refereed some of his matches. He had a charisma about him that is difficult to describe. I NEVER heard anyone say they didn't like Dave. I saw him get standing ovations in other countries when he placed 2nd or 3rd. He learned to speak Russian on his own and he was more famous there than here. The Bulgarians, the Iranians, the Koreans...everyone loved him. I believe he was our best technician without (by far) being our best athlete.
    When our National Anthem is played at a wrestling event, I say a silent prayer and then I think of Dave Schultz....not once in a while, but every single time.
    The movie was tough to watch. Especially the end. I remember where I was and how I heard Dave was shot. I couldn't believe it then and I still can't. I believe Dave's murder held us back as a country. I think Dave would have been our national coach and we have flourished under him no matter what the rules.
    If you are a wrestler I encourage to google videos of Dave and Mark wrestling. they were a joy to watch.
    Tom Clark
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    TripleB got a reaction from rdrodd1 in The most underrated wrestler in the state?   
    I realized last week I goofed on Weaver. At the ss level it's my bad and it'll get fixed
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    TripleB reacted to Fabio Jr. in The most underrated wrestler in the state?   
    jk youre the best
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    TripleB got a reaction from PreparetoWin in Jeff Classic   
    Weigh ins were 7:30, we were there by 7:40. (Madison)
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    TripleB reacted to MattM in Welch Brothers Big10 Network Commercial   
    I maybe a little late on this one, but I just caught a Big10 Network commercial featuring Chad and Doug Welch of Purdue (via Castle). It was set around the idea of the twin rivalry. Nice to see them get a little face time for the Boilermakers Wrestling program.
    It's a Twin Thing

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    TripleB got a reaction from PreparetoWin in Evansville Semi State Rankings   
    I'm through 45 and, depending on Bears/Saints, done for today. I might get some work in tonight if game a blowout.
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    TripleB got a reaction from SouthernIndianaVoice in Evansville Semi State Rankings   
    Yes there will be this week definitely. 
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    TripleB reacted to J-Biceps in Best team ever?   
    I went and watched this dual, here's what I remember:
    MD only won 4 matches. Matt Coughlin won a decision, Craig Weinzapfel beat David Erwin, who was highly touted at the time, by decision, Sam Wildeman won a decision and their HWY Schwarz won by pin.
    Final score was something like 39-15.
    Macke lost to Dustin Schlatter by 5 or so. He kept trying to hit a jap throw and Dustin would just counter it and take the points.
    Dustin Nosko (who won state that year) was teched quickly by CP Schlatter. I'm thinking early in the 2nd period.
    Maurer lost to Joe Dennis, as mentioned earlier in the thread. This one was tied with about 6 seconds to go and Dennis fired off 3 rapid shots in a row and nailed the last one at the buzzer for the win. 
    Unfried, who placed at 215, was man-handled by Jason Marshall. This guy was a vicious brute. Pretty sure he injury defaulted Unfried and several other opponents that evening. Very aggressive and physical.
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    TripleB reacted to KarlHungus in Best team ever?   
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    TripleB got a reaction from ontherise219 in Evansville Semi State Rankings   
    I got lots of great emails and pms tonight. It'll help sort stuff out! Thanks all!
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    TripleB got a reaction from toddlockyear in Evansville Semi State Rankings   
    Pre-season rankings complete, I see the difference in weights between state rankings and SS rankings. I'll work on that next week. I'm working on getting clarifications on some things. 
    post here anything that jumps out, or you can always email me at dubentz@gmail.com
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    TripleB reacted to edb41 in Hospitality Room   
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    TripleB got a reaction from dawg18 in Evansville Semi State Rankings   
    Pre-season rankings complete, I see the difference in weights between state rankings and SS rankings. I'll work on that next week. I'm working on getting clarifications on some things. 
    post here anything that jumps out, or you can always email me at dubentz@gmail.com
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    TripleB reacted to hook and half in Conversation with 1954 State Champion, Vernon Rohr of Lafayette Jefferson   
    Ask any Indiana high school wrestlers from the 1950's what the greatest rivalry between two grapplers was and they will likely point you to the heavyweight match-ups between Vernon Rohr of Lafayette Jefferson and Bill Trainer of Evansville Mater Dei. The following contains excerpts from "We are MD...A History of Mater Dei Wrestling" and conversations I had with Vernon Rohr.

    Entering the 1953 State Championship, Mater Dei coach, Gus Peters, was concerned about the readiness of Bill Trainer. Trainer was undefeated entering the State Meet, and had only been pushed a couple of times. Consequently, Coach Gus Peters was concerned about Trainer’s mental and physical toughness. Trainer’s first round opponent was Tony Corrado of Howe Military Academy. Trainer won, 8-0. In the round of four, Trainer advanced to the final by virtue of a 6-0 win over Kokomo’s Blaine Merrell.

    Trainer’s title opponent, Vernon Rohr of Lafayette Jefferson, was also undefeated. The pair was amazingly similar in physique. Rohr tipped the scales at 192 pounds, only giving him a two-pound advantage over Trainer.

    “I wore 32-inch waist pants,” said Vernon Rohr. “I was all upper body and legs. We (Trainer and Rohr) were mirror images.”

    The two were the smallest heavyweights in the field. Rohr had redemption on his mind. In 1952, as a sophomore, Rohr contracted pneumonia. Rohr’s doctor advised against wrestling and gave him a shot of penicillin. His physical state diminished, Rohr entered the sectional and managed to advance to the final against Crawfordsville’s Keith Stephens, but lost by decision. Stephens proceeded to place third at the State Meet. Rohr had an uncle who resided in Bloomington and attended the sectional to scout his potential opponents.

    “He called me and said ‘This Trainer kid is really good,’” said Rohr. “I had never heard of Evansville Mater Dei. How good could they be?”

    Moments before the match, Trainer was extremely nervous.

    “I feel shaky and weak,” said Trainer to coach Gus Peters. “I’m not sure I can even wrestle.”

    The title match was the closest of Trainer’s State Series tournament. The first period did not yield a score.

    “Trainer was terrible on his feet,” said Rohr. “At that time, I was too. Trainer liked to tie up.”

    Rohr won the toss and got on the scoreboard first with a reversal and rode Trainer most of the period before Trainer scored an escape before the buzzer to make it 2-1. Trainer chose down in the third period and promptly reversed Rohr, followed by a quick escape by Rohr.

    With time winding down and the score knotted at 3-3, Lafayette Jeff’s coaches made a crucial error.

    “They yelled ‘You’ve got him on riding time,’” said Rohr. “I stayed away and thought I had the match.”

    The riding time was not counted, throwing the outcome to a referee’s decision. The head referee conferred with the two side judges. With tension mounting, the referee slowly walked back to the center of the mat, clasped each wrestler’s wrist and raised Trainer’s hand. A winner by referee’s decision, Bill Trainer became Mater Dei’s first State Champion.

    “It was also a great moment for dad,” said Donald Peters, Gus’ son. “He was very proud of Trainer.”

    It was a rough day for the Lafayette Jeff coaching staff.

    “It was really tough on my coaches,” said Rohr. “They took it very hard.”

    For Vernon Rohr, the loss triggered a 365-day march.

    “From that night (the evening of the loss) on, I wrestled Trainer every night (in my mind),” Rohr said. “It was a mountain to climb. I had lost one match in two years, and it was on a referee’s decision.”

    Rohr trained hard for the meeting.

    “I didn’t get much competition my senior year,” he said. “Purdue’s wrestling coach, Claude Reek, contacted me and asked if I wanted to train with them. I worked on a lot of wrestling from my feet. A Purdue guy I trained with was the Big Ten champ that year. Another guy was runner-up in the NCAAs. From then on, no one could compete with me from my feet. That was the push I needed.”

    Still stung over the crucial, 1953 coaching mistake, the Lafayette Jeff staff allowed no room for error.

    “The night before the tournament,” said Rohr. “My coach called my mom and said ‘I’d like to have Vern come and spend the night with me, I don’t want him going out with his girl tonight.’ It didn’t happen. Mom made sure that I stayed at home.”

    Lafayette Jefferson High School was packed for the State Championship on February 20. Bill Trainer opened his day with a 10-2 win over Smock of Broad Ripple. South Bend Central’s Ed Nailon fell to Trainer in the semifinal, 9-3.

    Trainer's win guaranteed a rematch with Rohr, the most-anticipated one of the tournament. The State Champ against the runner-up—the pair having only produced a single loss between them in two seasons.

    Rohr’s off-season work from his feet paid off, as he scored a quick, first period takedown and a third period reversal for a 4-1 win. It was Trainer’s first loss since his sophomore year.

    “Dad was bitter about Trainer’s loss,” said Donald Peters, Gus’ son. “Bill had a girlfriend that he spent a lot of time with. Dad did not approve. He thought that you needed to stay home, go to bed early and train hard; there would be time for a girlfriend when the season was over.”

    Author’s Notes: Calendar-wise, Bill Trainer’s winning streak is the second-longest in Mater Dei’s history. Had Trainer won the 1954 State Title, he would have equaled Matt Coughlin’s winning streak of two entire seasons. When Matt Coughlin’s hand was raised in 2005 at Indianapolis’ Conseco Field house, signifying his second consecutive State Championship, Trainer’s 51 year-old record was broken.


    Trainer was recruited by many colleges, including Indiana University, to play football and wrestle. He opted to join the Marine Corps.

    Having found only one person who attended the Trainer/Rohr match-ups, I felt compelled to learn a more complete accounting of one of Mater Dei’s greatest champions. As a result, Vernon Rohr was the only Mater Dei antagonist interviewed for this book. The effort to find and interview him was rewarded in spades. I called him, introduced myself and told him of my project. I asked him if he remembered a guy named Bill Trainer. The question was followed by a pregnant pause, then the reply: “You bet I do!” The 78-year-old Rohr lives with his wife in Greenwood, Indiana. I found him to be genial, gracious and an engaging storyteller.

    The similarities between Rohr and Trainer are startling. Both were undersized heavyweights with huge hands and tremendous physical strength. Both were outstanding tackles on their respective football teams. Rohr was recruited to wrestle and play football at Notre Dame, Michigan, Purdue and Iowa. Like Trainer, he opted out of college. Neither Rohr nor Trainer produced any sons; in this category, Rohr possesses a slight edge. Rohr sired four daughters while Trainer claimed three.

    Rohr eventually attended Purdue University and became a successful entrepreneur. In 2011, a granddaughter attending Lafayette Jeff High School called him.

    “Grandpa!” she said excitedly. “You’re in the Hall of Fame.”

    Unbeknownst to him, he had indeed been inducted into the Lafayette Jeff Athletic Hall of Fame. 60 years, or 22,000 days, have followed the Trainer/Rohr match-ups.

    Bill Trainer is still on Vernon Rohr’s mind.

    “A least once a week it happens,” said Rohr. “You know how when you go to bed and you are about half asleep? It comes to mind. When it happens, there is no getting back to sleep. I rehash it. It takes me about 30 minutes to wind down and go back to sleep.”

    Rohr recalled to me, in splendid detail, his 1953 loss to Trainer. However, the minutia of his 1954 State Championship win over Bill Trainer is not part of his conscience. He was not even sure of the final score of his greatest victory. So goes the life of a wrestler…

    Click here to view the article
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    TripleB got a reaction from Y2CJ41 in Coaches/Administrator Only Group   
    Dustin Bentz
    Madison Cons. High School
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    TripleB reacted to dadofa149#er in Lots of Indiana Wrestlers at the College Level this year.   
    At Manchester from southern Indiana
    Bedford             @ HWT                        Nick Joyner
    Jennings Co.     @141                           Claytin Capes
    Seymour           @149/157                     Matthew Ruddick
    Nice group from the Hoosier Hills Conference. 
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    TripleB got a reaction from KTodrank in Evansville Semi-State   
    Fat jokes aren't cool......sniff sniff....
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    TripleB got a reaction from rdrodd1 in Evansville Semi-State   
    Fat jokes aren't cool......sniff sniff....
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    TripleB reacted to rdrodd1 in Evansville Semi State Rankings   
    Looks like Mooresville Regional will be firing several shots over the bow at Evansville Semi this year.
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    TripleB got a reaction from Ds Dad in Evansville Semi-State   
    Fat jokes aren't cool......sniff sniff....
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    TripleB got a reaction from ontherise219 in Evansville Semi State Rankings   
    Pre-season rankings complete, I see the difference in weights between state rankings and SS rankings. I'll work on that next week. I'm working on getting clarifications on some things. 
    post here anything that jumps out, or you can always email me at dubentz@gmail.com
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    TripleB got a reaction from ontherise219 in P4P rankings this year   
    Man...other than being the obvious #1 P4P ranker in the state, I don't see how I got drug into this!!!
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    TripleB got a reaction from ontherise219 in Wrestling Time Machine   
    That's great...Cameron Stewart never stepped foot on a high school mat...decided Thuggin and Buggin was better.
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