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  1. What defines a tournament, as far as IHSAA scheduling is concerned? Does it have to take place at only one location? Does it have to occur on one date (or consecutive days like Al Smith and some of the bigger tournaments)? If not, could a team tournament be structured as follows: Tuesday night: teams in each class meet at one of 16 regional locations. I counted 104 class A teams on the details page, so that would put 6-8 teams per site. These teams could be seeded with the top 2 advancing. Thursday night: the 32 teams that advanced meet at 4 sites, with 2 teams advancing. Again
  2. This is my public penance for questioning the all-knowing wisdom of Joe Caprino (AKA Y2). After publicly berating him in front of the AC coaches for providing extra motivation for Churubusco with his statement that no team would come within 20 points of Adams Central, the Jets won by 23, 46-23. JOE WAS RIGHT. i was wrong. Good enough, Joe? ;D
  3. Adams Central 49 South Putnam 24 195 Ben Pfister (AC) won by major decision over Rudy Harris (SP) 13-3 220 Jacob Williams (SP) pinned Isaiah Bollenbacher (AC) :30 285 Lane Hacker (SP) pinned Joe Fuelling (AC) 3:11 4 106 Eli Hill (AC) won by forfeit 113 Nick Harvey (SP) won by decision over Andy Oliver (AC) 9-7 120 Adams Cook (AC) pinned Jacob Lorimer (SP) :39 126 Cody Walburn (AC) won by forfeit 132 Hunter Bates (AC) won by forfeit 138 Derek Ellinger (AC) won by decision over Jacob Camacho (SP) 8-3 145 JT Frankline (SP) won by decision over Zac Yoder (AC) 5-3
  4. 106 Trevor Gray (BEL) pinned Eli Hill (AC) 1:53 113 Daniel Gunsett (BEL) pinned Jacob McAfee (AC) 1:02 120 Adam Cook (AC) pinned Danny Baker (BEL) 1:59 126 Cody Walburn (AC) pinned Diego Hutker (BEL) :40 132 Brock Braun (BEL) won by decision over Hunter Bates (AC) 3-1 138 Derek Ellinger (AC) won by decision over Willie Mahlan (BEL) 4-0 145 Zac Yoder (AC) won by OT decision over Jacob Bergman (BEL) 5-3 152 Luke Liter (AC) won by major decision over Trevor Love (BEL) 8-0 160 Kaine Luginbill (AC) pinned Brett Baker (BEL) 4:58 170 Logan Neher (BEL) won by tech fall over
  5. Adams Central 69 Maconaquah 12 138 Derek Ellinger (AC) pinned Wesley Wilson (MAC) 2:26 145 Zac Yoder (AC) won by decision over Grayson Accord (MAC) 10-3 152 Luke Liter (AC) pinned Jimmy Sunday (MAC) 2:14 160 Kaine Luginbill (AC) pinned Samuel Buol (MAC) 1:09 170 Taylor McKinley (MAC) pinned Chance Reynolds (MAC) 3:38 182 Alex Bollenbacher (AC) pinned Caleb Hunt (MAC) 3:27 195 Ben Pfister (AC) pinned Dylan Akshan (MAC) 1:59 220 Isiah Bollenbacher (AC) pinned Josh Shaffer (MAC) 2:48 285 Joe Fuelling (AC) pinned Isaac Herrel (MAC) 2:36 106 Eli Hill (AC) pinned
  6. Adams Central 62 Woodlan 9 182 Alex Bollenbacher won by forfeit 195 Ben Pfister (AC) won by decision over Brian Salmon (W) 4-2 220 Isaiah Bollenbacher (AC) pinned Jason Hoeppner (W) 3:29 285 Joe Fuelling (AC) pinned Garrett Van Brocklin (W) :25 106 Eli Hill (AC) pinned Eric Kurtz (W) 1:21 113 Andy Oliver (AC) won by decision over Nic Hoot (W) 7-0 120 Sam Snyder (W) pinned Adams Cook (AC) 1:02 126 Cody Walburn (AC) pinned Travis Normand (W) 2:52 132 Hunter Bates (AC) pinned Jay Knepp (W) 1:36 138 Derek Ellinger (AC) won by decision over Hayden Parisot (W) 9-2
  7. I believe one pool is Yorktown, Maconaquah, Prairie Heights, Culver Community, and Adams Central and The other pool is Elkhart Memorial, New Haven, Leo, FW Wayne, and Southern Wells. 138 has Chandler Carroll (#3) from Yorktown and Derek Ellinger (#13) from Adams Central. 182 could have Matt Hurford (#2) of Culver Community, Ben Pfixter (#6) of Adams Central, and Kain Jenkins (#14) from Elkhart Memorial. Those were the only two weights with more than one ranked wrestler that I saw. And I guess that assumes that everyone wil wrestled the weight they're ranked at.
  8. South Adams has one senior out for the season and another upper classman injured. They had freshman entered at 06, 45, 52, 60, and 70. They moved 26 through 38 up a class hoping to get better match-ups. Then, forfeited 52 and moved that frosh to 60 thinking it may be a better match-up. The second change probably had no effect. Don't know about the first. Would have depended on how Walburn vs Moser came out. If Walburn would have won it was a good move. If Moser would have won it wasn't.
  9. Adams Central 46 South Adams 23 113 Sawyer Miller (SA) pinned Elijah Hill (AC) 2:28 120 Matt Nussbaum (SA) won by major decision over Adam Cook (AC) 10-0 126 Cody Walburn (AC) won by forfeit 132 LJ Moser (SA) won by major decision over Josh Schwartz (AC) 10-0 138 Derek Ellinger (AC) won by major decision over Eric Pimentel (SA) 14-0 145 Zac Yoder (AC) won by decision over Boaz Marbach (SA) 4-1 152 Luke Liter (AC) won by forfeit 160 Kaine Luginbill (AC) pinned Gage Conner (SA) 1:59 170 Mason Call (AC) pinned Gabe Schwartz (SA) 1:25 182 Ben Pfister (AC) won by decisi
  10. Adams Central 84 Madison-Grant 0 285 JD Bahrkey (AC) won by forfeit 106 Tucker Miller (AC) won by forfeit 113 Andy Oliver (AC) won by forfeit 120 Adam Cook (AC) won by forfeit 126 Cody Walburn (AC) won by forfeit 132 Hunter Bates (AC) won by forfeit 138 Derek Ellinger (AC) pinned Zach Meisner (MG) 1:21 145 Zac Yoder (AC) pinned Timothy Kent (MG) 1:33 152 Luke Liter (AC) pinned Michael Ferguson (MG) :19 160 Kaine Luginbill (AC) won by forfeit 170 Mason Call (AC) won by forfeit 182 Alex Bollenbacher (AC) pinned Seth Nash (MG) :33 195 Ben Pfist
  11. Leo 34 Adams Central 32 195 Ben Pfister (AC) pinned Wally Grinegar (Leo) 1:48 6-0 220 Noah Wilson (Leo) pinned Isaiah Bollenbacher (AC) 2:20 6-6 285 Bryce Hager (Leo) won by decision over Joe Fuelling (AC) 5-2 6-9 106 Eddie Lorraine (Leo) pinned Tucker Miller (AC) 1:58 6-15 113 Andy Oliver (AC) won by decision over Blake Dager (Leo) 10-5 9-15 120 Ryan Fawcett (Leo) won by decision over Adam Cook (AC) 11-6 9-18 126 Cody Walburn (AC) won by tech fall over Mason Kern (Leo) 15-0 14-18 132 Isaac Eicher (Leo) pinned Josh Schwartz (AC) 3:35 14-24 138 Derek Ellinger (AC
  12. I disagree. Luke does a good job. He just doesn't have any help. ;D
  13. For Adams Central: Derek Ellinger will be at 138 instead of 132 and Ben Pfister is returning to 182 instead of 195.
  14. Paul, If I understood the situation above it isn't when your 126 pounder makes weight. The problem is if he is over weight. The original interpretation was that he could not wrestle 132 because that weight was closed by then. In effect he wouldn't able to wrestle that day. It sounds like the interpretation was changed so he would still qualify for 132. Phil
  15. Adams Central http://acwrestling.synthasite.com/Schedule.php
  16. If it becomes a problem will you see teams weighing in wrestlers early. For instance, if they start at 132 can they weigh in all of their 126 pounders with the 132's? 126 is still open and if they make it they'd be qualified, right? Or are you prohibited from moving down from the weight class you weighed in at, even if you qualify?
  17. South Adams had a reserve kid that wrestled 106 last year, Nussbaum, I think. He was better than most 106's, but couldn't break the line-up with Sawyer Miller there and LJ Moser at 113. If he makes 106 this year he'll be in the mix for top 8 and SA will have a powerful start to their matches,
  18. Teams were selected based on the performance of their non-seniors in last year's individual tournament. That doesn't account for freshmen who make an impact on the varsity, upperclassmen who decide not to wrestle, wrestlers who were ineligible for the tournament, etc. Early results may not be indicative of strength for those schools who go deep into the football tournament, either. I think the IHSWCA is recognizing that the team that was the best last February may not be the best when this December approaches and they want to avoid the top 2 team meeting in the early rounds.
  19. Sorry to hear that, coach. Hope we'll still see you at the super-dual. Good luck with your new endeavors.
  20. The gold background with blue text is much easier on the eyes than the blue background and yellow text. The yellow text made mt eyes water. One thing - When the High School Wrestling group opened to the unread posts I didn't see an obvious way to view all posts and not just the unread ones. I guess that clicking the group name in the path above might do it and that worked, but it would help to have a "View All Posts" link or button somewhere on the unread posts list.
  21. MattM may be right. I saw Derek Roe in the team picture, but he's not listed below. Nice to see Tyson Bercot giving it another shot.
  22. Those that can, do. That that can't, run tournaments. - To misquote an old adage. That's why you only see me working tournaments. That and I'm old, fat, and out-of-shape.
  23. Joe, The banner and navigation bar on the home page are centered, but the remaining two columns below the navigation are not. Could they be or are there columns there that are prohibiting it. It's not a big deal, but I use wide monitors at work and the screen looks off center. Phil
  24. The newspaper included a picture. Guess the web has different standards. If you want a copy I'll save ours. You gonna be at AC's duals on the 23rd? Or, where's the new job at? If its close to I69/Coldwater we can meet for lunch sometime. Either way, congrats on the new job. Hope you like it.
  25. Guess who got their name in the Sunday paper: http://www.journalgazette.net/article/20120610/BIZ03/306109964/1100/BIZ03 and it wasn't in the obituaries or Crime Stoppers like you might expect. Joe - Do they know how much time you work on the IndianaMat site during the week?
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