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  1. Monroe (AC) is the one stop light town in Adams County. Even Berne (South Adams) has 3 lights. Our stoplight is outside the town limits, so no one goes clear out there to watch traffic. We settle for buggies going through town.
  2. Saw the email sent to AC. Per Tony, the IHSAA is using TrackWrestling for weight management this year. Ohio and other states already do it. You still have to buy the stats program if you want to use it for that as well.
  3. It's been an emotional week for Woodlan coach Anthony Girod. He lost a good friend and assistant coach in an auto accident and this morning i saw that he is being deployed to the Middle East with the Air national Guard for at least six months. Keep safe, Coach. and thanks for your service.
  4. Tony - I heard this on the news this morning. Sorry for the loss to the program, you personally, and your wrestlers.
  5. I think 7 is a little too high since you're using this year's numbers to project next year's teams. A team with only 7 this year may be mostly underclassmen and have 9 or 10 or more the next year. I wouldn't set the limit lower than 5 since that gives them room to grow above the 7 limit.
  6. Hunter intends to continue his football career at Wabash, but is not planning on wrestling. His interview with WANE TV15 is at: http://wane.com/2016/02/03/adams-centrals-bates-bound-for-wabash/
  7. No, the draw can be different for each weight. There's only a limited number of combinations, though, so some weights will be the same.
  8. Jay County has 26 for 9 teams. 120 has the most at 4 and only 132 and 145 don't have any.
  9. AC Computer


  10. Adams Central has a unique situation this year that may have occurred at other schools. We have four different sets of brothers on the team, Hunter (152) and Parker (113/120) Bates, Nash (220) and Trey (126/132) Brunner, Anthony (120/126) and Logan (106) Mosser, and Dylan (285) and Chandler (195) Schumm . All have at least 10 varsity matches, but when Parker was inserted into the lineup it usually bumped Trey out. All eight brothers wrestled a varsity match together for the first time last Saturday vs. the Perry B team at the Warren Duals and they won 7 of the 8 matches. Their combined record
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