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  1. 13 hours ago, nkraus said:

    We do a MOW.  Most Outstanding.  It takes the guesswork out.  Who went the farthest.   Your MOW AND MVP(W) are definitely or can definitely be different.  

    AC is similar to Garrett. We don't give a MVW award, but give a BAGUBA of the year, since BAGUBA involves more than just winning. It typically goes to the wrestler who advances the farthest in the tournament, but this year Macklin and Mosser shared it. Macklin placed while Mosser was eliminated Friday night, but Mosser had a better regular season and embodied the personality of a BAGUBA.

  2. We had an unusual situation regarding alternates. Our 285 weighed in and made weight easily. After weigh-ins the officials removed him from participating because of a skin condition, even though he had a valid, signed slip. That is their prerogative. The fifth place was unavailable so a forfeit was entered in his place. The wrestler he was supposed to face was the eventual regional champion. So, now the forfeit is the alternate instead of someone who could actually participate if needed.

  3. Some wrestlers/coaches could be looking at possible match-ups farther down the road when the tournament series begins. If you seed a wrestler he is committed to that weight, but if you don't enter him at seeding he can be a replacement at his normal weight or one class higher, if that would give him a better chance to advance. The delay would let you review the other sectionals feeding your regional and semi-state to make your decision before Saturday. I don't like doing this because it could push a kid who would've finished second down to third and give him a harder match at regional.

  4. I agree that just substituting the bye for the dropped team in the schedule is the fairest, but I don't have a problem with the host team not having a bye. They have the most time and expense invested in the event and, in many cases, will have the most fans there since they don't have to travel. Their fans will be working tables and concessions, so I'd see not having a bye as a reward for the effort put into holding the event. If it is a last minute cancellation the host can't be held at fault for not filling it. Most schedules are full at this time of year.

  5. For those not in the know. A crazy night is getting lawn chairs and staring at the only traffic light in town.

    Monroe (AC) is the one stop light town in Adams County. Even Berne (South Adams) has 3 lights. Our stoplight is outside the town limits, so no one goes clear out there to watch traffic. We settle for buggies going through town.

  6. It's been an emotional week for Woodlan coach Anthony Girod. He lost a good friend and assistant coach in an auto accident and this morning i saw that he is being deployed to the Middle East with the Air national Guard for at least six months. Keep safe, Coach. and thanks for your service.

  7. Adams Central has a unique situation this year that may have occurred at other schools. We have four different sets of brothers on the team, Hunter (152) and Parker (113/120) Bates, Nash (220) and Trey (126/132) Brunner, Anthony (120/126) and Logan (106) Mosser, and Dylan (285) and Chandler (195) Schumm . All have at least 10 varsity matches, but when Parker was inserted into the lineup it usually bumped Trey out. All eight brothers wrestled a varsity match together for the first time last Saturday vs. the Perry B team at the Warren Duals and they won 7 of the 8 matches. Their combined record for the season is 165-52. Anyone else have that many different sets wrestle at the same time?

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