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  1. On 1/6/2021 at 6:19 PM, AdamsCoBuschhh said:

    Looks good.


    I know Cook from AC hasn't wrestled much since he had an injury, I expect to see him contend at SS though.  Darkhorse for those who do brackets.


    Also, when the young Myers boy from Bellmont hits the lineup, I'm guessing he'll end up top 4 easy at 170 or 182.  They've been saying on the radio he'll be back in action soon.  Watch out for that kid.  

    Cook re-injured his arm at team state and may be done for the year. Not sure at this point.

  2. I've got lots of questions about wearing the uniforms for weigh-in. Do the weights of uniforms vary? i.e. Is a two piece uniform heavier than a singlet? Even .1 pound could make a difference to some guys who are borderline. We had a freshman miss weight last year because he didn't take off a pair of heavy socks before stepping on the scale. The rule doesn't say the wrestler has to wear the same uniform in the match that they wore for weigh-ins, so will we see a new line of "lightweight" singlets? Will wrestlers wear uniforms when they establish their prime weight for weight management purposes? It's just something everyone will have to adjust to. Tony always wants his wrestlers .2 under before they leave for a tournament since scales vary.

  3. 13 hours ago, jetwrestling said:

    Phil beat me by a few minutes here.


    Adams Central 

    106: Troe Roe (105) 1st 1985

            Troy Roe (105) 4th 1984

            Troy Roe (105) 5th 1986 


    113: Lynn Fiechter (112) 2nd 1980

           Tyson Bercot (112) 3rd 2005


    120: Ray Ashley (119) 2nd 1984

            Denny Schwartz (119) 4th 1992


    126: Mark Griffiths (125) 2nd 1990

            Mike Gremaux (126) 4th 1981


    132: Jim Marbach (130) 3rd 1988

            Leroy Striker (132) 4th 1981

            Matt Liter (130) 5th 1992


    138: Andy Bertsch (135) 2nd 1996

            Andy Bertsch (135) 3rd 1997

            Gregg Snyder (138) 4th 1986


    145: Tony Currie (145) 2nd 1994

           Jim Marbach (145) 3rd 1989

           Eric Hunter (145) 4th 1997

           Logan Macklin (145) 5th 2019

          Alex Currie (145) 7th 2020


    152: Tony Currie (151) 3rd 1995

            Vince McAfee (152) 5th 2006

            Hunter Bates (152) 8th 2016


    160: Jeff McCullough (155) 4th 1986


    170: Todd Yoder (171) 4th 1990

            Kaine Luginbill (170) 4th 2015

            Trey Schultz (170) 8th 2009


    182: Jack Bertsch (185) 4th 1977


    195: Dustin Mitchel (189) 4th 2004

            Ryan Wolfe (189) 5th 1994


    220: Ryan Wolfe (215) 5th 1995


    285: Brian Werst (275) Qualifier 1996

            Josh Stetler (275) Qualifier 2004

    Tony - I started to do something like you did, but got lazy.

  4. Couldn't let Prairie Heights be the only Class A posted. Here's out highest placer at each class:


    106        Troy Roe (105), Champion

    113        Lynn Fiechter (112) 2nd

    120        Ray Ashley, Quaifier, 2nd

    126        Mark Griffiths (125), 2nd

    132        Leroy Striker, 4th

    138        Andy Bertsch (135), 2nd

    145        Tony Currie, 2nd

    152        Tony Currie (151), 3rd

    160        Jeff McCullough (155), 4th

    170        Todd Yoder (171), 4th

    182        Jack Bertsch (185), 4th

    195        Ryan Wolfe/Dustin Mitchell (189), 4th

    220        Ryan Wolfe (215), 5th

    285        Brian Werst/Josh Stetler (275), Qualifier

  5. 31 minutes ago, Wrestling Scholar said:

    2. In a recovery or a injury timeout situation,  referees do not want to end the match,  and Im sure they gave the full extent of time allowed the full two minutes and probably a few extra seconds. And at the end of the two minutes, they would have asked the injured wrestler and coach if he can continue or not?  I guarantee  the refs did this and explained the situation that the SW wrestler would be disqualified.   Again, the refs cant make a subjective opinion if the wrestler is healthy to go or not.

    Unless things have changed in the past few years the wrestler or coaches can't choose to go on or not if a trainer is called onto the mat. It's the trainer's call. That caused a big problem a while back when a trainer didn't know they only had a limited time to make the decision and refused to let a wrestler continue. Also, didn't know saying they wouldn't release the wrestler caused a default situation.

  6. 13 hours ago, nkraus said:

    We do a MOW.  Most Outstanding.  It takes the guesswork out.  Who went the farthest.   Your MOW AND MVP(W) are definitely or can definitely be different.  

    AC is similar to Garrett. We don't give a MVW award, but give a BAGUBA of the year, since BAGUBA involves more than just winning. It typically goes to the wrestler who advances the farthest in the tournament, but this year Macklin and Mosser shared it. Macklin placed while Mosser was eliminated Friday night, but Mosser had a better regular season and embodied the personality of a BAGUBA.

  7. We had an unusual situation regarding alternates. Our 285 weighed in and made weight easily. After weigh-ins the officials removed him from participating because of a skin condition, even though he had a valid, signed slip. That is their prerogative. The fifth place was unavailable so a forfeit was entered in his place. The wrestler he was supposed to face was the eventual regional champion. So, now the forfeit is the alternate instead of someone who could actually participate if needed.

  8. Some wrestlers/coaches could be looking at possible match-ups farther down the road when the tournament series begins. If you seed a wrestler he is committed to that weight, but if you don't enter him at seeding he can be a replacement at his normal weight or one class higher, if that would give him a better chance to advance. The delay would let you review the other sectionals feeding your regional and semi-state to make your decision before Saturday. I don't like doing this because it could push a kid who would've finished second down to third and give him a harder match at regional.

  9. I agree that just substituting the bye for the dropped team in the schedule is the fairest, but I don't have a problem with the host team not having a bye. They have the most time and expense invested in the event and, in many cases, will have the most fans there since they don't have to travel. Their fans will be working tables and concessions, so I'd see not having a bye as a reward for the effort put into holding the event. If it is a last minute cancellation the host can't be held at fault for not filling it. Most schedules are full at this time of year.

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