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  1. but come on now.....the backflip was sooooo disrespectful.
  2. WE don't care about that. WE feel his actions are childish and he needs to be taught a lesson. *My last few posts are sarcastic representations of those that are trashing CR JR.
  3. Doesn't matter, WE think he must conform to what WE think is proper. No uppityness allowed.
  4. But he still doesn't celebrate the way WE think he should.
  5. I already did. You see a difference that Dingo does not.
  6. Your right, I don't know you. Just saying I don't think your comments paint you in a very good light.
  7. I think I know what difference you are referring to....even subconsciously.....and it reflects poorly on you.
  8. Zero tolerance for name calling
  9. bump to top....premature excitement lee with short carry for 4. 4-1 after 1. now 4-2 red with great 2nd period up 6-4 red rider Red with awesome ride in 3rd to win. It lived up to the hype
  10. bump to top 1-1. A stalling on torres illegal head scissors. hudkins breaks it open to win the title. very explosive
  11. bump to top hildebrandt with first td 2-0 another double 4-1, escape 4-2 hilde with escape 5-2 5-3 reitz 5-3 hilde i mean hilde with a state title for the kingsmen
  12. bump to top cummings with first TD coltion with late cradle for 3. up 5-0 escape cummings short carry cummings now up 8-0 Cradled again and pinned. cummings just dominant
  13. Place is as full as Ive ever seen it quick 2 td and cut 2-1 asa with short carry now 3-3 great action Asa wads him up in a lil ball and sticks the senior.......What a start!!!!!!
  14. Rypel is 5th ranked in the country and headed to IU Cameron Jones is the only one to challenge the Cathedral star Rypel looking for a 2nd title
  15. An all East Chicago final here. Mote caught fire this weekend beating Fuller of Jeffersonville, Goddard of Warren Central and Samuels of Larry North Hughes is 10th ranked in the country. Hughes is signed to wrestle at Michigan State
  16. Van Horn is 41-4 and a surprise finalist for many. Covaciu is undefeated and a returning champ. Covaciu is a Wisconsin Badger recruit. Covaciu has pinned his way into the finals
  17. Lawrence has a single loss to Joe Lee at team state. Lawrence was runner up to Jake Covaciu last year. Pruitt is a 3 time qualifier and first time placer.
  18. McIntosh has not lost since the holidays. Lee was runner up last year and winning before being stuck by Tommy Cash. McIntosh has defeated Cowan of Hamilton Heights, Eicher of Leo, and Vaughn of Franklin Central to get to the finals. Lee has beaten Roberson of Kokomo, Timerman of New Pal, and Brad Laughlin of Yorktown.
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