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Everything posted by KarlHungus

  1. Bam will be in good hands at Ellsworth. Coach Spree is top notch.
  2. If your top game needs a tune up.....Get to Carroll.
  3. Can I put together a Middle school team for this event?
  4. The host site usually puts them on sale a month or so out. The IU web site will have a link to purchase. There will be plenty available.
  5. From Ofer to the most prestigious post season event in the country....pretty impressive.
  6. March 19th, 9:45 pm. Beginning of the 3rd period of IMar vs. Nolf.
  7. I heard there were some bangers from the great white north there. Get on board or get run over!!!
  8. Caitlyn can be in the same room when I take a dump, I don't care! Let freedom ring!! And when this happens, and when we allow freedom's ring, when we let it ring from Muncie and Madison, from Princeton to Peru, we will be able to speed up that day when all of God's wrestlers, big ones and small, Goers and stallers, Pluggers and Pinners, will be able to join hands and sing in the words of the old Negro spiritual: Class at last! Class at last! Thank God Almighty, we have class at last! fuddy - duddy
  9. Nearly all your posts on class wrestling are filled with logical falicies....you shouldn't need any help. Facts are facts. All aboard!!! Don't be one of those Jonny Come Lately's. Say no to Cruz, Rubio and Hillary. Say Yes to Bernie or Donald!!! Be bold, innovative, fresh.
  10. Rome wasn't built in a day. The tide is turning. Gay marriage. Legal pot. Class wrestling. Hop on the train or get run over baby!!
  11. A strawman argument that is easily countered. I have read articles that have said the state is much deeper in talent and produces more D1 talent since class basketball has started. That would be a strong argument that kids have gotten better. Attendance was going down prior to classing so the people caring less argument holds no water. Basketball is a VERY big deal at schools like Westview, Triton, Oregon Davis and Argos because of class basketball. I would argue that our state finals would be even better and more special because there would be more fans, from more schools. A parade of champions in front of 14,000 would be much better than 8 thousand.
  12. You are not following the argument if this is what you think is being said.
  13. You must not have read y2's outstanding and quite cogent reason why kids are not wrestling.
  14. I don't know what that means. On the contrary, these numbers are highly encouraging. I LOVE it. The antiquated, stale, fuddy-duddy crowd that want to hang on to classless model is fading every year. I am thrilled that there seems to be a growing number of open minded, progressive, data analyzing fans out there. It bodes well for the future of the sport.
  15. It was a landslide 10 years ago. 41% of Americans think dinosaurs and humans coexisted. Logic wasn't made for everyone, it seems.
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