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  1. I will be bringing you the results on Mats 3 and 4
  2. Jimtown's Gimson bros. - They took that step from very good to great between their freshman and sophomore seasons. LaVille's Alex Cartwright - JV as a freshman to being one questionable call away from being a state finalist as a sophomore. Wawasee's Program - Program has done a 180. Kids wrestle with passion. Coaches doing a great job. Rennsy Central's Eli Hickman - Freshman semi state champ. No one outside of Jasper Co. would have predicted it. Chesterton's Lucas Davison - Ticket rounder last year. State title contender this year.
  3. That's the point of a convoy. They can't stop us all.
  4. I suppose in the same way the judicial system is involved trying to keep you from breaking the speed limit. Unless law enforcement contests that you were breaking the speed limit, you can break the law as often and as severely as you want. Yet I can get ticketed and fined for the exact same violation. I guess I would not blame the judicial system for my ticket. Can the system be gamed? sure. But the IHSAA can't investigate each and every one of the thousands of transfers that occur each year.
  5. That is the system.
  6. If both schools sign off, the IHSAA does not get involved. If they are not involved then they are not being irregular nor hypocritical.
  7. I thought the IHSAA did review the Moran case on its own merits in the appeal process? Twice. The IHSAA is a governing body run by the schools. If two member schools sign off, the IHSAA will not get involved, if one does not sign off, then they become involved. Trying to compare the Moran's case to other transfer situations puts you on a slippery slope because we laymen and laywomen are not privy to all the details. On the surface, I agree it looks unfair for some kids to be able to wrestle and other not. But I honestly don't think the IHSAA is sticking to some kids on purpose and giving others a free pass.
  8. I would guess that Northwood signed off on the transfer.
  9. Just trying to get my karma back for underestimating the lil bombers last week
  10. Saw Steve helping the Hobart boys with some scouting reports on Saturday. Always admired the guy
  11. Being under the radar is not the worst position to be in.
  12. Refs going soft in the region? Say it aint so.
  13. I saw your guys at Rochester and they have improved greatly. That's a testament to good coaching and great kids.
  14. Ive become much bigger fans of Austin Bethel and Isiah McWilliams after reading the articles this week. Love the profiles that Steve Krah and Jeremy Hines produce.
  15. Culver Community
  16. I find it hard to believe that "Region Royalty" considers Wheeler and North Newton as Region.
  17. Let me get this straight: The ISWA is not granting waivers this year because they listened to those that "dump" on the ISWA. That dog won't hunt.
  18. I know that Nick had to insert that gif for you.
  19. Is that what Michigan, Pennsylvania, Iowa, etc are saying? Then the answer is to only allow 2 schools per state and magically all the states will come. Problem solved. Kick the boogie man out. Nor be in high school, it appears Ohio had some 8th graders
  20. Good point with the chamber of commerce but they need to get better teams first.
  21. This event has devolved to become a decent regional dual. Absolutely not a big time, big deal event. I think some folks believe it is still a big event but it clearly isn't. Joe posted that only 6 states are represented. That much alone should tell you what you need to know.
  22. With only six states represented, the focus should be on improving the event instead of worrying about who is on what team.
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