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Posts posted by KarlHungus

  1. 7 minutes ago, Coach Brown said:

    I am assuming that everyone is talking about Frankie, I am sure of one thing he is an Irish Alum and as far as having a bias towards Cathedral I will beg to differ. I know that ALL my encounters against Cathedral and Frankie went in the school I was coaching at favor for the most part.; some of my kids were out wrestled, early in my coaching career at Howe.  Not to mention my athletes' were trained to "break the Cathedral mode" and wrestling a high paced style and keep them off the edge of the mat. This was before the new rules with scoring out of bounds. I can say that I have known Frankie my entire wrestling career as a wrestler and a coach and he is one of the BEST officials around.   

    Not in that match...

  2. I guess it's too much to ask for the representatives at this clandestine meeting to email the coaches in their regional and explain to them the suggestions, and rationale, they presented to the IHSAA. Some of the changes sound like they are well thought out and necessary while others need some explaining. Then again, maybe there wasn't a representative from every regional in attendance. We don't know anything for sure since it's all top secret. 


    You have been told what you need to know.


    The information is too sensitive to release to coaches.  Ask anymore and your ISP provider might be getting a call to see what YOU have been up to.

  3. Still baffles my mind that HSE and Fishers are 5-10 minutes from Pendleton Heights but they are sent all the way over to our regional (North Montgomery). I guess you can throw Westfield and Carmel in there as well. They are both about 30 minutes away from Pendleton but drive probably over an hour to get to North Montgomery.

    They all love the trip to God's Country!

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