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  1. Chuck and Sam Bennet from Highland (Anderson) can't remember the year though.
  2. Highland Middle School in Anderson didn't have any girls on the roster this season but welcomes them as a rule.
  3. Heckuva match, next weekend oughta be great
  4. Not understanding how the 2 lb allowance and additional allowances for missing practices due to school closures affect minimum weights is misunderstood by many coaches and refs, even though there is a very concise example in the rule book. Don't feel alone
  5. It was a good time and great idea for fundraiser, gotta find a me a Stall Camp T.
  6. Since in theory you could have the top 5 guys in a weight class @ the same sectional, why not have everyone in the state wrestle each other to find the best. Year round wrestling :
  7. Has anyone heard who the head coach @ Alexandria will be, I hear Grimaldi (sorry if misspelled) won't be back this season.
  8. 106 Allen FR ;Guevara EL; Davenport OH; Ryan AL; 113 Bratcher EB; Peavler AL; Carpenter FR; Horsley OH 120 Cole EL; Dulworth AL; Smith MI; Swartz BL 126 Hawes EL; Simon FR; Semon AL; Joseph EB 132 Kyle AL; Crouch FR; Curtis OH; Barkdoll BL 138 Blanton AL; Mullinix OH; Leveque FR; Brown EB 145 Elliot EB; Fix FR; Ryan AL; Cunningham OH 152 Johnson OH; Mireles EL; Hovermale EB; Ricker FR 160 Hiles OH; Bryant EL; Shaffer MI; Webb MG 170 Mireles EL; Elliot EB; Carter AL; Nash MG 182 Maluvac EL; Mullinix OH; Green BL; Welsh AL 195 Smelser MI; Boyer EL; Little EB;Ray FR 220 Pierce FR; Scott OH; Love BL; Herrera MI 285 Bowland OH; Neil AL; Rose FR; Ferguson EL
  9. Anyone hear who is taking over at Lapel?
  10. There are 22 ranked wrestlers in this regional, how many @ Perry?
  11. Frankton advanced 6 1 1st, 3 2nds, 1 3rd, 1 4th
  12. This year you can see both @ New Castle in a couple of weeks.
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