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  1. Highland Middle School in Anderson didn't have any girls on the roster this season but welcomes them as a rule.
  2. Heckuva match, next weekend oughta be great
  3. Not understanding how the 2 lb allowance and additional allowances for missing practices due to school closures affect minimum weights is misunderstood by many coaches and refs, even though there is a very concise example in the rule book. Don't feel alone
  4. It was a good time and great idea for fundraiser, gotta find a me a Stall Camp T.
  5. Since in theory you could have the top 5 guys in a weight class @ the same sectional, why not have everyone in the state wrestle each other to find the best. Year round wrestling :
  6. Has anyone heard who the head coach @ Alexandria will be, I hear Grimaldi (sorry if misspelled) won't be back this season.
  7. 106 Allen FR ;Guevara EL; Davenport OH; Ryan AL; 113 Bratcher EB; Peavler AL; Carpenter FR; Horsley OH 120 Cole EL; Dulworth AL; Smith MI; Swartz BL 126 Hawes EL; Simon FR; Semon AL; Joseph EB 132 Kyle AL; Crouch FR; Curtis OH; Barkdoll BL 138 Blanton AL; Mullinix OH; Leveque FR; Brown EB 145 Elliot EB; Fix FR; Ryan AL; Cunningham OH 152 Johnson OH; Mireles EL; Hovermale EB; Ricker FR 160 Hiles OH; Bryant EL; Shaffer MI; Webb MG 170 Mireles EL; Elliot EB; Carter AL; Nash MG 182 Maluvac EL; Mullinix OH; Green BL; Welsh AL 195 Smelser MI; Boyer EL; Little EB;Ray FR 220 Pi
  8. Anyone hear who is taking over at Lapel?
  9. There are 22 ranked wrestlers in this regional, how many @ Perry?
  10. Frankton advanced 6 1 1st, 3 2nds, 1 3rd, 1 4th
  11. This year you can see both @ New Castle in a couple of weeks.
  12. Don't be a hater, that 29-1 will be 33-1 when he wins sectional and he would have qualified for semistate last year had it not been for Willis that I'm pretty sure didn't have 8 to 10 losses.
  13. Fix is wrestling and is still undefeated this season, McKeon came back in the middle of the season and gave Shipp from Madison Grant 1 of his 2 @ the Frankton Invite then later in the day had his shoulder dislocated, which brought an end to Tyler's season
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