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    Indysportsfan got a reaction from Sig40 in Jesse Mendez Wrestling at Flo’s Who’s #1 event.   
    I don’t have an issue with it. Granted in this scenario it doesn’t help Mr. Mendez but it will provide him an additional opportunity to showcase his skills vs a quality opponent. Having 4 also eliminates the “what if’s” for wrestlers who had a “legit resume” to be there as well.
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    Indysportsfan got a reaction from dantev in Top 3 Kids at Each Weight   
    Just in case you would like to see all the entries at the Super 32 Challenge.
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    Indysportsfan got a reaction from Y2CJ41 in Evansville Waaaaaayyy to Early P4P   
    I know Franklin and Roncalli will be attending according to the TEAM SCHEDULES tab on the website.

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    Indysportsfan got a reaction from Mattyb in Jesse Mendez Wrestling at Flo’s Who’s #1 event.   
    I don’t have an issue with it. Granted in this scenario it doesn’t help Mr. Mendez but it will provide him an additional opportunity to showcase his skills vs a quality opponent. Having 4 also eliminates the “what if’s” for wrestlers who had a “legit resume” to be there as well.
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    Indysportsfan got a reaction from Juggernaut in NC Semi - State P4P   
    I like the names above, and I would also have the following in the conversation:
    Suhas Chundi, Carson Eldred, Chris Wilkerson, Bryer Hall, Andrew Irick
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    Indysportsfan reacted to mline in Ancilla College   
    Ancilla College is still looking to fill a couple of weights at 197 and 285. If you are undecided we would love to see what we can do for you. All weights are always open, but those are the two we most need. Those interested can contact Coach Line at 219-712-1861 or email at mark.line@ancilla.edu.
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    Indysportsfan got a reaction from backtothemat in Brock Hudkins   
    I was under the impression Elijah Oliver qualified for the NCAA tournament all 4 years....is that not consistency?
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    Indysportsfan got a reaction from MrsTeamGarcia in Brock Hudkins   
    I was under the impression Elijah Oliver qualified for the NCAA tournament all 4 years....is that not consistency?
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    Indysportsfan reacted to Brian Burelison in Head Coach Needed   
    Eminence Community Schools (1a school located in Morgan County) is beginning a brand new wrestling program for the first time in school history. The AD is a former wrestling coach and the new coach will have full athletic support. We are looking for someone interested in building a brand new program. A mat has already been purchased and a wrestling room is being renovated. Students have been on a new strength and conditioning regiment this school year, a new weight room/wrestling/cardio room is being renovated, schedule is currently being built, tons of athlete interest from students and the community, the school is joining an athletic conference next year, and AD is currently having open practices in future preparation.
    Please contact and send resumes to bburelison@eminence.k12.in.us if intereted.  
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    Indysportsfan reacted to Wade McClurg in Academic All State Stats by Semi State   
    Roncalli had 9 total wrestlers named academic all state.   5 of those wrestlers were semi state qualifiers too.  
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    Indysportsfan reacted to Y2CJ41 in Congratulations forum for making it through the season withoug a major class post on class wrestling   
    Eric Guerrero doesn't care about state accolades, he looks at national accolades when recruiting. 
    Carson Brewer is a perfect example, how did he get a D1 scholarship before he ever placed at the Indiana state finals. He had a hefty amount of national success.
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    Indysportsfan got a reaction from mockdad79 in Hoosier boys Super 32   
    Looking at the Super 32 results again, probably a good indicator who may be under the lights tomorrow.
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    Indysportsfan got a reaction from backtothemat in Hoosier boys Super 32   
    Looking at the Super 32 results again, probably a good indicator who may be under the lights tomorrow.
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    Indysportsfan got a reaction from QuinnHarris in Which school will Shine under the lights with the most wrestlers in the finals   
    Rioux, Garcia and Brewer would be my guess
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    Indysportsfan got a reaction from 1prouddad in I-69 Potholes   
    Do you own a restaurant and/or gas station on that route and this is a nifty marketing plan?
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    Indysportsfan got a reaction from base in I-69 Potholes   
    Do you own a restaurant and/or gas station on that route and this is a nifty marketing plan?
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    Indysportsfan got a reaction from MackG in I-69 Potholes   
    Do you own a restaurant and/or gas station on that route and this is a nifty marketing plan?
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    Indysportsfan got a reaction from IMrule in I-69 Potholes   
    Do you own a restaurant and/or gas station on that route and this is a nifty marketing plan?
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    Indysportsfan got a reaction from backtothemat in I-69 Potholes   
    Do you own a restaurant and/or gas station on that route and this is a nifty marketing plan?
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    Indysportsfan got a reaction from NewBread in Moran vs. Seltzer   
    You need to bet $185 to make $100 with Moran.  A $100 bet pays you $175 with Seltzer.
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    Indysportsfan got a reaction from piscis1956 in Moran vs. Seltzer   
    You need to bet $185 to make $100 with Moran.  A $100 bet pays you $175 with Seltzer.
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    Indysportsfan got a reaction from Dwilly in Moran vs. Seltzer   
    You need to bet $185 to make $100 with Moran.  A $100 bet pays you $175 with Seltzer.
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    Indysportsfan got a reaction from AJ in Moran vs. Seltzer   
    You need to bet $185 to make $100 with Moran.  A $100 bet pays you $175 with Seltzer.
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    Indysportsfan got a reaction from FCFIGHTER170 in Moran vs. Seltzer   
    You need to bet $185 to make $100 with Moran.  A $100 bet pays you $175 with Seltzer.
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    Indysportsfan reacted to Y2CJ41 in Article: State Finals #WAYL2   
    We have 13 wrestlers that enter Friday without a loss on their record. However, the other 209 wrestlers have a combined 1030 losses between them. Most of the losses are to state level competitors. Here is a listing of all the losses for each wrestler at state this weekend.
    Note: If you know any of the missing or incorrect results please notify me.
    Random Stats
    Most losses to state qualifiers
    Tyler Conley- 11
    Terrell Leavel- 10
    Blaze Garcia, Chris Stewart- 9
    Peyton asburg, aundre Beatty- 8
    Most wins over state qualifiers
    Asa Garcia- 14
    alex Mosconi- 13
    Alexzander Cottey- 11
    Jordan Slivka- 10
    Ethan Hicks, Brayden Lowery- 9
    Non-State Qualifiers with the most wins over state qualifiers
    Brice Coleman- 6
    Phoenix Rodgers- 5
    Jevian Ross, Bryer Hall, Tyler Turley, Jayden Williams- 4
    Undefeated Wrestlers
    106 Alexzander Cottey
    120 Brayden Lowery, Brayden Littell
    126 Jesse Mendez
    132 Matt Gimson
    145 Matt Lee, Jorden Douglass
    170 Nick South
    182 Carson Brewer
    195 Will Nunn, Silas Allred
    285 Jamichael Watts, Alex Cartwright
    Who are your losses to?
    *- State Qualifier
    (Losses/ State Qualifier Losses/ State Qualifier Wins)
    106: Aidan Sprague(9/7/0):Alex Ocampo(4)*, Brady Lewis,Isaac Ruble(2)*, Jared Brooks*, Kody Glithero
    106: Alec Freeman(2/1/7):Alexzander Cottey*, Cade Swiderski(Mi)
    106: Alex Ocampo(1/1/4):Isaac Ruble*
    106: Blaze Garcia(15/9/1):Alec Freeman*, Ashton Hayhurst, Cameron Allen, Cole Ross*, David Pierson*, Jacob Decatur(Oh), Jacob Simone*, Jayden Frazier(Ky), Kamariyon Nelson*, Logan Miller(3)*, Michael Petrella(Oh), Nicolas Castelluccio, Zeke Seltzer*
    106: Brennen Cernus(2/0/4):Casey Swiderski(Mi), Matt Ellis(Oh)
    106: Carlton Perry(6/6/4):Alec Freeman*,Alexzander Cottey(2)*, Brennen Cernus*, Jacob Simone*, Suhas Chundi*
    106: Chris Newman(6/4/0):Alec Freeman(2)*, Blaze Garcia*, Brooks Mcafee(Ky), Logan Miller*, Trayce Eckman(Ky)
    106: Dominic Skees(5/2/0):Dillon Barry, Gage Gerald, Malik Hall*, Spencer Gordon, Stephen Roberson*
    106: Elijah Anthony(4/4/0):Alexzander Cottey*, Carlton Perry*,Suhas Chundi(2)*
    106: Isaac Ruble(6/5/3):Alexzander Cottey*, Brennen Cernus*, Carlton Perry*, Hudson Harreld, Jared Brooks*, Stephen Roberson*
    106: Jared Brooks(1/0/2):Blake Kinney
    106: Logan Miller(9/5/4):Alec Freeman(2)*,Alexzander Cottey(2)*, Cael Saxton(Oh), Carlton Perry*, Cj Bell(Oh), Jacob Brya(Mi), Kyle Rowan(Oh)
    106: Malik Hall(7/6/1):Alexzander Cottey*, Brennen Cernus*, Chris Merrill, Giovanni Diaz*, Jacob Moran*,Stephen Roberson(2)*
    106: Stephen Roberson(3/3/4):Alexzander Cottey*, Brennen Cernus*, Suhas Chundi*
    106: Suhas Chundi(13/4/4):Alec Freeman*,Alexzander Cottey(2)*, Ben Dalton*
    113: Ben Dalton(2/1/3):Hayden Watson, Kamariyon Nelson*
    113: Christian White(5/4/1):???,David Pierson(2)*,Zeke Seltzer(2)*
    113: Cole Ross(2/2/1):Gavinn Alstott*, Kamariyon Nelson*
    113: David Pierson(3/3/4):Logan Galbraith*,Zeke Seltzer(2)*
    113: Gavinn Alstott(2/1/1):Ben Dalton*, Josh Koderhandt(Il)
    113: Giovanni Diaz(2/2/2):Martin Cruz*, Riley Bettich*
    113: Harper Dedman(5/2/1):David Schulte, Drayk Kallenberger(Oh), Jett Boots*, Justin Brantley, Preston Teusch*
    113: Jacob Moran(1/0/6):Jacob Decatur(Oh)
    113: Jacob Simone(6/4/3):???, Anthony Hughes, Carlton Perry*, Christian White*, David Pierson*, Kamariyon Nelson*
    113: Jake Armstrong(5/2/0):Colin Reagan(2), Giovanni Diaz*, Jacob Moran*, Justin Brantley
    113: Jett Boots(7/1/1):Anrico Cunningham(Oh), Harper Dedman*, Isaac Weimer(3), Justin Puckett, Landon Bertsch
    113: Kamariyon Nelson(9/1/4):Ben Dalton*, Brody Baumann, Dominic Ditullio(Mi), Hayden Watson, Jack Stanley(Oh),Jacob Moon(Oh)(2), Luke Acuna(Oh), Noah Lippeatt(Oh)
    113: Landon Bertch(2/1/0):Drayk Kallenberger(Oh), Preston Teusch*
    113: Martin Cruz(4/4/2): Jacob Moran(3)*, Zeke Seltzer*
    113: Preston Teusch(1/1/2):Jacob Simone*
    113: Zeke Seltzer(1/1/6):Jacob Moran*
    120: Beau Humphrey(2/2/1):Brayden Lowery*, Kade Zadylak*
    120: Blake Boarman(1/1/3):Brayden Littell*
    120: Carson Eldred(4/4/2):Brayden Lowery*, Kysen Montgomery*, Riley Bettich*, Ty Haskins*
    120: Chris Stewart(9/9/3):Blake Boarman*, Brayden Littell*,Brayden Lowery(4)*, Ian Heath*, Kysen Montgomery*, Trey Finnearty*
    120: Evan Beasley(2/2/3):Brayden Littell*, Kysen Montgomery*
    120: Jace Alexander(10/4/1): Evan Beasley*, Danny Tolin,Noah Gardner(2), Rasheek Bonds, Riley Bettich*,Trey Finnearty(2)*,Vince Sparrow(2)
    120: John Robinson(5/3/0):Beau Humphrey*,Camden Spears(2), Evan Beasley*, Kade Zadylak*
    120: Kade Zadylak(2/1/2):Carter Thomas, Evan Beasley*
    120: Kysen Montgomery(7/4/8): Brayden Littell(3)*, Carson Eldred*, Gavin Ritter(Oh), Jake Canitano(Oh), Moustapha Bal(Oh)
    120: Logan Galbraith(5/4/1):Brayden Lowery*, Carson Eldred*,Chris Stewart(2)*, Traye Owens
    120: Riley Bettich(1/1/5):Brayden Littell*
    120: Trey Finnearty(2/1/5):Logan Agin(Oh), Riley Bettich*
    120: Ty Haskins(7/4/1):Danny Tolin, Enzo Silva(Il), Jace Alexander*, Joey Cape(Il), Martin Cruz*, Riley Bettich*, Trey Finnearty*
    120: Tyler Conley(14/11/0):Blake Boarman(2)*, Brayden Littell*, Brayden Lowery*, Chris Stewart*, Devon Casebolt, Garrett Lautzenheiser(Oh), Kysen Montgomery(5)*, Nate Burnett(Oh), Trey Finnearty*
    126: Brayden Curtis(1/1/3):Hunter Watts*
    126: Brendon Mark(6/4/1):Brock Peele*, Hunter Watts*, Jeremy Clark, Jesse Mendez*, Lukasz Walendzak*, Trevor Penrod
    126: Brock Peele(4/3/5):Brady Norman,Jesse Mendez(2)*, Matthew Williams(Oh), Raymond Rioux*
    126: Cade Meier(10/7/0):Dylan Phelps(Mi), Hunter Watts*, Jeremy Clark, Jj Conway*,Kane Egli(2)*, Lukasz Walendzak*,Raymond Rioux(2)*, Seth Rohrbach
    126: Chase Wilkerson(4/2/5):Brayden Curtis*, Gavin Rose, Jevian Ross, Logan Wagner*
    126: Evan Burge(5/4/2):Brendon Mark*,Brock Peele(2)*, Ian Heath*, Jevian Ross
    126: Hayden Shepherd(8/5/0):???(2), Brayden Curtis*, Chase Wilkerson*, Ian Heath(3)*, Skyler Blackwell
    126: Hunter Watts(1/1/4):Jesse Mendez*
    126: Ian Heath(2/2/5):Evan Burge*, Hunter Watts*
    126: Jared Brown(8/6/1): Brayden Curtis*,Chase Wilkerson(e)*, Dalton Huffman, Evan Burge*, Jevian Ross, Lukasz Walendzak*
    126: JJ Conway(3/2/1):Jesse Mendez*, Matt Koontz, Raymond Rioux*
    126: Kane Egli(9/3/2):Andrew Chambal(Mi), Brock Peele*, Cole Wiegers(Mi), J Conway, Jevian Ross, Lukasz Walendzak*, Raymond Rioux*, Reese Darrow(Mi), Sam Bacon(Ky)
    126: Logan Wagner(5/5/2):Asa Garcia*, Jesse Mendez*,Lukasz Walendzak(2)*, Raymond Rioux*
    126: Lukasz Walendzak(7/6/7):Brayden Lowery*, Brock Peele*, Chase Wilkerson*, Jared Brown*, Jeremy Clark, Logan Wagner*, Raymond Rioux*
    126: Raymond Rioux(3/1/7):Davin Rhoads(Oh), Jimmy Carmany(Oh), Lukasz Walendzak*
    132: Alec Viduya(1/1/7):Asa Garcia*
    132: Asa Garcia(1/0/14):Mick Burnet(Oh)
    132: Aundre Beatty(9/8/1):Alec Viduya(4)*,Asa Garcia(2)*, Clay Egli*, Drake Campbell*, Logan Bailey
    132: Clay Egli(8/4/1):Asa Garcia(2)*, Chase Mayer(Mi), Eddie Homrock(Mi), Logan Bailey, Logan Boe*, Ricky Hegedus*, Tyler Swiderski(Mi
    132: Drake Campbell(9/5/3): Asa Garcia(5)*, Joey Gordon, Kaleob Hitford(Mi, Mick Burnett(Oh), Sam Glassco(Mi)
    132: Eli Hickman(4/4/0):Hunter Cottingham(2)*, Reese Rodriguez*, Ricky Hegedus*
    132: Geremia Brooks(1/1/4):Matt Gimson*
    132: Hunter Brown(5/2/0):???(2), Aundre Beatty*, Seth Johnson*, Tyler Vredeveld
    132: Hunter Cottingham(3/3/4):Geremia Brooks*,Matt Gimson(2)*
    132: Logan Boe(5/5/1): Asa Garcia(3)*, Drake Campbell*, Kyle Holman*
    132: Logan Mosser(2/2/1):Matt Gimson*, William Fiechter*
    132: Owen Krider(2/2/0):Hunter Cottingham*, Logan Mosser*
    132: Reese Rodriguez(3/3/1):Geremia Brooks*,Ricky Hegedus(2)*
    132: Ricky Hegedus(5/2/4):Drake Campbell*, Geremia Brooks*, James Bronstrup(Oh), Logan Bailey, Vincent Zerban(Il)
    132: Seth Johnson(3/3/1):Alec Viduya*, Geremia Brooks*, Hunter Cottingham*
    138: AJ Poindexter(7/3/2): Droshawn Lewis, Alex Epstein(Oh), Anthony Rivera, Braxton Alexander*, Cameron Worley*, Dylan Goudy*, Joey Orlando(Oh)
    138: Braxton Alexander(1/1/4):Conner Gimson*
    138: Cameron Worley(6/3/1):???(2), Aj Poindexter*, Braxton Alexander*, Brayden Wright, Gabe Weeks*
    138: Cayden Rooks(1/1/4):Aiden Warren*
    138: Chris Wilkerson(6/4/1):Alec Viduya*,Dylan Goudy(2)*, Jarred Rowlett, Jordan Vinson, Tyce Freije*
    138: Conner Gimson(1/1/6):Cayden Rooks*
    138: Drew Kreitzer(6/3/3):Blake Saito(Oh), Christian Killion(Mi),Jaden Reynolds(2)*, Joshua Edmond(Mi), Treyton Mucker*
    138: Dylan Goudy(1/1/6):Conner Gimson*
    138: Gabe Phillips(2/2/0):Chris Wilkerson*, Kyle Holman*
    138: Gabe Weeks(11/5/1):Aj Poindexter*, Andrew Wilson,Braxton Alexander(2)*,Conner Gimson(2)*, Deacon Pettiford, Gabriel Smith, Mason Kleinberg(Oh), Shane Williams(Mi), Tyler Fuqua
    138: Jaden Reynolds(10/7/2): Alex Mosconi(3)*, Alex Slates, Cadet Blust(Oh), Cayden Rooks*, Drew Kreitzer(3)*, Gabriel Smith
    138: Kyle Holman(10/2/2):Alec Viduya*, Blaine Mayer, Tyce Freije*
    138: Macaiah White(8/5/1):???(2), Conner Gimson*, Dylan Goudy(3)*, Luke Goodwin, William Fiechter*
    138: Treyton Mucker(6/2/0): Carlos Santos, Carson Deckard(Ky), Cayden Rooks(2)*, Isaac York, Ty Lehman(Ky)
    138: Tyce Freije(2/1/3):Cayden Rooks*, Jeff Dunasky
    138: William Fiechter(7/3/2):Ac Eberle, Conner Gimson*, Macaiah White*, Nick Buchanan,Tanner Schoeff(2), Tyce Freije*
    145: Aiden Warren(6/6/6): Alex Mosconi(3)*, Antwaun Graves*, Matt Lee*, Terrell Leavell*
    145: Alex Mosconi(3/2/13):Antwaun Graves*, Derek Gilcher(Mi), Matt Lee*
    145: Antwaun Graves(5/4/4):Aiden Warren*, Alex Mosconi*, Bryer Hall, Cooper Noehre*, Matt Lee*
    145: Jacob Burford(3/3/7):Alex Mosconi*, Jacob Maldonado*, Jonathan Kervin*
    145: Jacob Maldonado(4/4/1):Jacob Burford(2)*, Jorden Douglass*, Terrell Leavell*
    145: Jake Jenkins(5/3/6):Bryer Hall, Ethan Hicks*, Isaiah Bretz(Oh), Jacob Burford*, Logan Macklin*
    145: Jeffrey Harper(7/6/2):Aiden Warren*, Alex Mosconi*,Jacob Burford(2)*, Jorden Douglass*, Ryan Rasler*, Trae Reynolds
    145: Jonathan Kervin(2/1/4):Matt Lee*, Matthew Lee
    145: Kade Law(12/7/0):Aiden Warren*, Alex Mosconi*, Brice Coleman, Jajuan Anderson, Jake Jenkins*, Jonathan Kervin(3)*, Kenneth Thompson, L.J. Burdon, Terrell Leavell*, Trent Brown
    145: LJ Burdon(5/1/0):???, Aiden Warren*, Camden Chatterton, Jeff Dunasky, Trae Reynolds
    145: Logan Macklin(3/3/2):Jake Jenkins*,Ryan Rasler(2)*
    145: Ryan Rasler(4/3/4):Daniel Park, Jacob Burford*,Jake Jenkins(2)*
    145: Scottie Saylor(12/6/0):Aaron Mckinley, Bryer Hall, Hayden Homoky, Isaiah Bretz(Oh), Jake Jenkins*, Jeffrey Harper*, Joe Parrish*, Logan Macklin*, Michael Garrett, Noah Hollendonner*, Ryan Rasler*, Trent Smith
    145: Terrell Leavell(11/10/3):Aiden Warren*, Alex Mosconi(3)*,Antwaun Graves(2)*, Cooper Noehre*, Daniel Park, Jacob Burford*, Jake Jenkins*, Jeffrey Harper*
    152: Brock Ellis(2/2/7):Elliott Rodgers*, Ethan Hicks*
    152: Cody McCune(8/6/0):Bradley Harrington, Brice Coleman, Eric Hiestand*,Ethan Hicks(2)*, Isiah Levitz*, Jake Lowe*, Jon Ruble*
    152: Cole Cervantes(3/2/3):Brock Ellis(2)*, Tyler Turley
    152: Cooper Noehre(3/1/8):Brice Coleman, Bryer Hall, Elliott Rodgers*
    152: Eli Dickens(2/0/6):Caleb Fish(Mi), James Whitaker(Mi)
    152: Elliott Rodgers(4/2/8):Austin Boone(Mi), Cooper Noehre*, Eli Dickens*, Kevon Davenport(Mi)
    152: Ellisston Ross(7/6/1):Austin Heckman,Eli Dickens(2)*, Elliott Rodgers*, Ethan Hicks*, Nathan Conley*, Robert Deters*
    152: Eric Hiestand(3/3/2):Cooper Noehre*, Ethan Hicks*, Isiah Levitz*
    152: Ethan Hicks(1/1/9):Jake Schoenegge*
    152: Isaiah Mohmed(8/4/2):Aiden Sarver,Brock Ellis(2)*,Cole Cervantes(2)*, Kamden Goering, Ryan Breedlove, Tyler Turley
    152: Isiah Levitz(4/4/3):Brock Ellis*, Coleman Beeks, Ellisston Ross*,Ethan Hicks(2)*
    152: Jake Schoenegge(5/5/2):Cooper Noehre*, Eli Dickens*,Elliott Rodgers(2)*, Sam Fair*
    152: Mathew Mangus(11/2/0):Austin Heckman, Austin Mcclure, Camden Chatterton, Cooper Noehre*, Devin Scott, Easton Williamson, Gabe Davin, Kamden Goering, Noah Baker, Robert Buckland(Mi), Sam Fair*
    152: Nathan Conley(6/3/6):Brice Coleman, Enrique Munguia(Oh), Jake Schoenegge*,Jordan Slivka(2)*, Tristan Ruhlman, Victor Volnovich(Oh)
    152: Noah Hollendonner(12/6/1):Brock Ellis(2)*, Cole Cervantes*, Elisha Wright,Isaiah Mohmed(2)*, Jacob Beehn, James Smith, Joe Parrish*, Skyler Querry,Tyler Turley(2)
    152: Sam Fair(6/5/3):Brice Coleman,Cooper Noehre(2)*, Eli Dickens*,Elliott Rodgers(2)*
    160: Abel Verbeek(5/2/2):???, Donnell Washington*, Gavin Layman, Jon Ruble*, Matt Neff
    160: Braden Welch(8/2/2):Aaron Taylor, Austin Boone(Mi), Cameron Amine(Mi, Donnell Washington*, Emmett Cain(Oh), Jordan Slivka*, Salvatore Perrine(Oh), Stoney Buell(Mi)
    160: Brooks Davis(6/5/3):Elijah Mahan*,Jordan Slivka(2)*, Kamal Adewumi(Oh), Kyle Saez*, Macartney Parkinson*
    160: Donnell Washington(1/1/8):Nick South*
    160: Drew Sailors(2/2/1):Braden Welch*, Jon Ruble*
    160: Gabe Sollars(12/7/0):Clay Singleton, Devin Trevino(Mi), Donnell Washington*, Jordan Slivka*, Nathan Conley*, Oman Embree(Mi), Peyton Asbury*, Peyton Pruett*,Robert Deters(2)*, Stephen Little(Ky), Tristan Ruhlman
    160: Hayden Lohrey(2/1/1):Jed Perry, Jordan Slivka*
    160: Jackson Pettigrew(3/3/2):Drew Sailors*, Isiah Levitz*, Jon Ruble*
    160: Jake Lowe(4/3/1):Aaron Taylor, Brooks Davis*, Hayden Lohrey*, Jon Ruble*
    160: Jaymiere Johnson(7/4/0):???(2),Abel Verbeek(2)*, Braden Welch*, Donnell Washington*, Ryan Breedlove
    160: Joe Parrish(5/4/2):Eric Hiestand*,Jackson Pettigrew(2)*, Jon Ruble*, Parker Bates
    160: Jon Ruble(6/4/6):Brice Coleman, Brooks Davis*, Elliott Rodgers*, Ethan Hicks*, Peyton Pruett*, Trae Reynolds
    160: Jordan Slivka(3/2/10):Cameron Amine(Mi), Donnell Washington*, Nathan Conley*
    160: Peyton Asbury(13/8/2):Brooks Davis*, Christopher Donathan(Oh),Dane Donabedian(Mi)(2), Jackson Weissinger(Oh), Jacob Lee(Mi), Jordan Slivka*,Nathan Conley(2)*, Peyton Pruett(3)*, Sam Fair*, Sam Morrill, Will Mcghee(Oh)
    160: Peyton Pruett(1/1/6):Jordan Slivka*
    160: Robert Deters(5/4/3):???, Eli Dickens*, Nathan Conley*, Peyton Asbury*, Peyton Pruett*
    170: Bryce Buckley(8/3/0):Damon Mcclain,Delton Moore(2)*, Luke Lechner(3), Mikey Smith, Zane Gilbreath*
    170: Clayton Fielden(3/2/3):Derek Blubaugh*, Nick South*, Parker Bates
    170: Colin Kwiatkowski(8/1/2):Aidan Sneed(2), Colton Massey, Dalton Sizemore, Harold Jones, Joseph Walker*, Kevin Hooley, Tucker Coffman
    170: Delton Moore(6/5/2):Clayton Fielden*, James Snyder,Zane Gilbreath(4)*
    170: Derek Blubaugh(4/4/3):Joseph Walker*, Macartney Parkinson*,Nick South(2)*
    170: Elijah Mahan(1/2/4):Jordan Slivka*, Logan Hart*
    170: Graham Calhoun(1/1/7):Joseph Walker*
    170: Jason Streck(10/6/0):Colin Kwiatkowski(2)*, David Sheley, Derek Blubaugh*, Donnell Washington*,Graham Calhoun(2)*,Josh Warmick(2), Kevin Hooley
    170: Joseph Walker(3/3/3):Graham Calhoun(2)*, Nick South*
    170: Josh Lowe(3/3/2):Kyle Saez(2)*, Logan Hart*
    170: Kyle Saez(4/3/7):Brendan Mcpike, Donnell Washington*, Elijah Mahan*, Logan Hart*
    170: Logan Hart(12/6/3):Donnell Washington*,Elijah Mahan(2)*,Kyle Saez(2)*, Macartney Parkinson*
    170: Macartney Parkinson(3/1/4):Micah Ervin(Ky), Nick South*, River Shettler(Mi)
    170: Thierry Jean-Baptiste(11/4/0):Beau Smith(Mi), Cole Foor(Oh), Derek Blubaugh*, Drew Wiechers(Oh), Jay Nivison(Mi), Kamal Adewumi(Oh),Kyle Saez(2)*, Macartney Parkinson*, River Shettler(Mi), Simon Shirley(Oh)
    170: Zane Gilbreath(6/5/5):Clayton Fielden*, Eli Pack,Graham Calhoun(2)*,Josh Lowe(2)*
    182: Andrew Donahue(2/1/1):Alex Castro, Evan Bates*
    182: Austin Leech(7/3/0):Bradley Rosman*,Brandon Bergman(2), Jacob Huffman, Jake Lone*, Luke Davis, 
    182: Bradley Rosman(2/2/2):Mason Winner(3)*
    182: Devontay Moore(12/3/0):Cameron Bacon, Clayton Todd,Jalen Morgan(2)*, Jd Farrell*, Phoenix Rodgers(3),Pj Sterrett(2), Ryan Mahoney, Zach Knoll
    182: Evan Bates(2/1/6):Alex Cramer(Il), Jacob Laplace*
    182: Jacob Combs(5/2/1): Hayden Filipovich, Excell Brooks, Jalen Morgan*, Pj Sterrett, Trizton Carson*
    182: Jake Lone(4/4/5):Clayton Fielden*, Evan Bates*, Graham Calhoun*, Mason Winner*
    182: Jalen Morgan(3/1/5):???, Bradley Rosman*, Phoenix Rodgers
    182: JD Farrell(4/2/1):Cameron Bacon(2), Carson Brewer*, Jacob Combs*
    182: Levon Bellemy(1/1/2):Carson Brewer*
    182: Mason Winner(2/1/4):Jake Lone*, Trey Sizemore(Oh)
    182: Noah Perez(7/7/1):Andrew Donahue*, Evan Bates(3)*, Jake Lone(3)*, Khris Walton
    182: Trizton Carson(4/4/1):Carson Brewer(2)*, Levon Bellemy*, Zachary Flynn*
    182: Zachary Flynn(6/2/1):Carson Brewer*, Ethan Tomerlin(Ky), Hunter Kunz, Levon Bellemy*, Phoenix Rodgers, Will Nix
    182: Jacob LaPlace(2/2/1): Andrew Donahue*, Evan Bates*
    195: Austin Lane(5/3/3):Deshawn Young, Jack Heldt, Lawson Aiken*, Nick Willham*, Silas Allred*
    195: Cale Gray(5/5/2):Chandler Chapman(2)*,Charlie Agnew(2)*, Stewart Mossholder*
    195: Chandler Chapman(2/2/2):Cale Gray*, Charlie Agnew*
    195: Charlie Agnew(1/0/4):Jacob Kowalski(Oh)
    195: Dakari Kenny(4/2/2):Deon Pettiford, Jack Heldt, Nick Willham*, Will Nunn*
    195: Ethan Potosky(4/2/2):Damien Rodriguez, Ewan Donovan*, Nolan Wampler, Rockne Hurley*
    195: Ewan Donovan(2/2/3):Ethan Potosky*, Rockne Hurley*
    195: Grant Johnson(5/3/0):???, Ethan Potosky*, Ewan Donovan*, Jacob Trefarn, Rockne Hurley*
    195: Griffin Stine(8/6/0):Austin Lane*,Dakari Kenny(2)*, Jack Heldt,Nick Willham(2)*, Sam Medlin, Will Nunn*
    195: KJ Roudebush(3/2/1):Austin Lane*, Stewart Mossholder*, Tremor Bynum
    195: Kyle Krummen(10/3/0):Andrew Abbott, Blaine Pierce, Braden Mulcahy(Oh), Dylan Thompson,Evan Shafer(2), Jalen Morgan*, Kj Roudebush*, Noah Rowlett, Silas Allred*
    195: Nick Willham(2/2/4):Will Nunn(2)*
    195: Rockne Hurley(2/1/3):Austin Lane*, James Snyder
    195: Stewart Mossholder(3/3/2):Cale Gray*, Charlie Agnew*, Jalen Morgan*
    220: AJ Fowler(2/2/4):Drew Bailey*, Jacob Bolte*
    220: Andrew Irick(2/2/4):Drew Webster*, Kyle Cornwell*
    220: Christian Graft(12/5/1):???, Cameron Brown, Drew Webster*, Jayden Elwood(3)*, Keegan Miller, Parker Smitley, Reese Wicker*, Tristan Martin,Tristen Martz(2)
    220: Cullen Browning(4/2/0):???(2), Andrew Irick*, Drew Webster*
    220: Damari Dancy(12/6/0):Aj Fowler(2)*, Alex Searfoxx, Breslin Walker(Oh), David Guhl,Drew Bailey(2)*, Eddie Alonso, Ethan Alderson, Gabe Robison(Il), Jacob Bolte*, Joey Kidwell*, John Wilcher, Jonathan Williams, Mark Mummy, Sam Perez, Tyler Stein(Oh), Wil Stone
    220: Drew Bailey(2/2/4):Aj Fowler(2)*
    220: Drew Webster(1/1/4):Andrew Irick*
    220: Jacob Bolte(1/1/7):Lawson Aiken*
    220: Jayden Elwood(3/2/5):Braydon Erb,Levi Leffers(2)*
    220: Joey Kidwell(2/2/1):Drew Bailey*, Ewan Donovan*
    220: Josh Howell(6/3/0):Deshawn Young, Haakon Vanbeynan, Jacob Bolte*, Lawson Aiken*, Micah Dodson, Will Stewart*
    220: Kyle Cornwell(3/3/1):Andrew Irick(2)*, Drew Webster*
    220: Lawson Aiken(4/1/3):Ethan Smegal(Oh), Jacob Bolte*,Jayden Williams(2), Owen Quillin(Oh)
    220: Levi Leffers(1/1/5):Jayden Elwood*
    220: Reese Wicker(8/4/1):???, Christian Graft*, Jayden Elwood*, Keegan Miller,Levi Leffers(2)*, Tytan Grote(Oh), Victor Lee
    220: Will Stewart(2/1/1):Jacob Bolte*, Matthias Ervin(Ky)
    285: Aidian Rea(10/4/0):Aaron Breivogel, Dorian Keys*, Jamichael Watts*, Lane Eubank, Luke Mcgennis,Matthew Munoz(2)*, Matthias Ervin(Ky), Nathaniel Duncan, Wyatt Kramer
    285: AJ Jones(3/1/1):Adam Bowman, Andrew Hughes, Holden Parsons*
    285: Anthony Atria(5/3/0):Alex Cartwright*, Jorge Martinez, Nick Garcia, Will Crider*, Yehezquel Devault*
    285: Crae Kunkleman(8/3/2):???(2), Jamichael Watts(3)*, Jonathan Williams,Kolt Keller(2)
    285: Dorian Keys(4/1/5):Crae Kunkleman*, Joel Radvansky(Mi), Steven Kolcheff(Mi), Tche Leroux(Oh)
    285: Holden Parsons(2/1/3):Adam Bowman, Muhammad Sidibe*
    285: John Harris(3/2/3):Dennis Hubbard,Jamichael Watts(2)*
    285: Logan Swallow(5/3/0):Aj Jones*, Holden Parsons*, Logan Shaffer, Venice Mccullough, Vince Yoder*
    285: Matthew Munoz(9/2/2):Cameron Elmore, Chance Bolin, Cody Melton(Ky), Dylan Thompson, Esmond Orris(Ky), Jacob Bolte*, Max Comado, Muhammad Sidibe*, Robbie Gentry
    285: Muhammad Sidibe(4/4/2): Dorian Keys(3)*, Jamichael Watts*
    285: Sam Jones(13/6/0):Antone Alexander, Crae Kunkleman*, David Guhl, Dennis Hubbard, Dorian Keys*, Isaac Lawrence, Jacob Bolte*,Jayden Williams(2), John Harris(3)*, Robbie Gentry
    285: Vince Yoder(6/3/1):Chase Leeper(2), Holden Parsons*, Levi Leffers*, Yehezquel Devault, Zach Mcqueen
    285: Will Crider(4/1/1):Alex Coleman(Oh), Nathanial Duncan, Nathaniel Duncan, Yehezquel Devault*
    285: Yehezquel Devault(2/2/2):Alex Cartwright(2)*

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