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  1. I'm pretty sure this magical two second delay is what people could see watching it live and then looking at the trackwrestling feed on the scoreboard. And there is normally a delay between live and a broadcast. However, there would be no delay on the broadcast between the clock and the video as noted by hook so I suspect the 2 seconds is real. I also suspect over 50% of the general public won't understand. It's a similar lack of understanding as this great movie quote illustrates "but it goes to eleven"
  2. IU has deep seated problems in many of their sports. Both basketball teams are having issues. Football has sucked for at least a generation. I concur that they have an organizational problem. It was exposed during the Bob Knight fiasco and has never improved.
  3. The excuse factory was working overtime. 8 vs 4 is so simple.
  4. Folks, spend your money and support wrestling. You should make it a priority and not a complaint, if you have the means.
  5. Indiana had some additional rules that might hurt small schools (in all sports). Not sure how other states compare. Chiefly among these rules are the strict regulations regarding in-season training with kids from other schools and club teams.
  6. First round of regional, first two rounds of semi-state, and first round at state are all single elimination . . . you lose, you are out.
  7. It has been boring. Probably because every perceived injustice is disected to the nth degree and no one wants to take a chance of offending anyone else's delicate sensibilities. It's more of a wrestling news site now, which is nice.
  8. So is the problem at Indiana with the coaching or the recognition/acquisition of talent?
  9. Another fine example of a bunch of white men sticking it to some indians. At least your (perceived) injustices don't require you to move off your land or die.
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