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Everything posted by mockdad79

  1. Terrible call period!! I don’t blame Snyder at all!!
  2. Western would be a clear favorite in the team race bringing 14 to regionals. Should be some good finals matchups.
  3. Ok was just thinking since he beat your 2 seed, he might be worthy!
  4. Congrats to the Peru Tigers for finishing in the top 10 at the Al Smith. Pretty sure Avery Jones deserves to be ranked in the fw ss rankings after making it to the finals at 285.
  5. My vote if I had one would be for Parris!
  6. Is this the 23rd? Brackets anyone?
  7. 50 unranked kids out of 224 that's pretty good. Gotta pull for the underdogs! Thanks for the brackets!!
  8. 4 undefeated 1 seeds coming to state should be a good wt class to watch Saturday. Looking forward to it.
  9. Manchester Spartans 31-11 over Trine on senior night, coach Lake has these guys headed in the right direction.
  10. Guess they were deserving of that 2 seed after all. Congrats!!
  11. Just voted looks like he's back on top, no way we can let a wrestler lose to a bb player!
  12. Evan beech north miami over Perkins of oak hill at 285 4-1
  13. . Same here on Forrest and I would add Brendon Kelley to the favorites as well!!
  14. Awesome job by an awesome kid. Congrats Nick!!
  15. No mat assignments on brackets? Are the first two matches on one and the next two on two? I would assume that but thought I'd ask.
  16. Clayton got 2nd Cole is in finals hasn't wrestled yet
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