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Everything posted by lpd096

  1. Saw him a couple of weeks ago, amazing story and a great man! Here is the complete episode. http://espn.go.com/video/clip?id=8574528&utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter
  2. I believe Andrew had a setback during his rehab, you know how he trains----like an animal. He'll be back but I think Andrew will be looking to win an NCAA title and resign from competing after that. The body can only take so much especially the way Andrew goes at it. I wish him the very best!
  3. Jose Champagne is wrestling at MONTINI CATHOLIC, in Lombard, Illinois. A perennial power. Jose will be at 132lbs this season.
  4. Wow! I thought you had him!
  5. Congrats to CIA and Humphrey for their honorable mention. Both great academies, great coaches!
  6. Congratulations to Coach Hawkins, Coach Tsirtsis, Coach Hernandez, and Coach Sessa in being listed in Flowrestling's TOP 50 clubs in the nation! Everyone at RWA works extremely hard and the location of the academy is key to their success as they have both Indiana and Illinois wrestlers on their roster. My prediction is, in the coming years, RWA will equal Izzy Style and OVERTIME as one of the top clubs in the Chicagoland area.
  7. MCKAJC, What happens in practice, stays in practice. Besides, what happens in practice can be much different than in a real match. Cummings is very tough. You don't win Middle School State by accident. BTW, Jer Reitz is close to or over 100lbs now, not even in Cummings' weight class.
  8. Lance "Lancer" Ellis is always stylin and profilin, he wakes up like that!!! Now that he has an Indianamat Pullover, Tammy will have to help him fight off the paparazzi!!!!
  9. From INTERMATWRESTLE.COM State power? Yet again it was the Land of Lincoln who made its presence most known across levels and styles during "Fargo week." The state of Illinois had a total of 52 All-Americans combined from the four tournaments; 28 in Greco and 24 in freestyle, 27 at the Junior level and 25 at the Cadet. Illinois squads won both team race titles at the Junior level, while finishing second in both of the Cadet tournaments. The IKWF, which is the USA Wrestling organization in that state, should be commended for its leadership, as should the coaches and wrestlers
  10. I agree, I hate commercials on TV much less on the computer watching a short video! > > > >
  11. Good luck to all of the boys at FARGO!!! Go get'em!!!!!
  12. I don't know about "Rolled" but IL would probably win, but I still think it would be a competitive meet. I do agree with you about Illinois' prowess however, they just won 5 out of 6 in National Schoolboy, Cadet, and Junior competition for freestyle and greco vs. all of the big powers including Ohio and Pennsylvania. That's quite impressive for sure.
  13. Congrats to Mishawaka! I hope they continue to provide strong wrestlers as the Penn rivalry will be hotter than ever! As for Illinois, I've said this a lot on here over the years, Indiana's TOP kid vs. Illinois' TOP kid is competitive and I believe this will continue. The difference is...DEPTH. That is where the population comes in but Illinois has an unbelievable wrestling culture. Unfortunately, basketball took hold of Indiana years ago. For every TOP kid that Indiana produces, Illinois has 2-3. I read last year that the Chicagoland area (suburbs, etc.) has the LARGEST YOUTH SPORTS enro
  14. That's good to note because when I looked over the wrestlers on Trackwrestling I was bewildered at some of the names being Cadets so I knew something was altered or different.
  15. http://www.intermatwrestle.com/articles/10318
  16. I would say at least a SQ at the very least, I would be shocked if he didn't qualify...and that's at any weight. That's just my opinion, we'll have to see...
  17. This classic match was posted on the Illinois' site today, I thought I would share. Two awesome wrestlers back in HS and later on as well. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=4fyF1uvf3Xg
  18. I have known Brock since he was little, rest assured, if he returns to Indiana, he's a Top 8 at any weight class, IMO. As far as winning a state title right now? Who knows...anything is possible. I wouldn't count him out.
  19. AWESOME!!! Congrats to the Red family, New Pal, and all of the wrestlers/parents! I am sure you know that you have landed one, committed wrestling coach! I've had the opportunity to coach with Chad on many All-Star teams all over the country and I'll tell you this: NO ONE FIGHTS HARDER FOR THEIR WRESTLERS THAN CHAD RED! Nice job New Pal!!!
  20. Hayden Lee's victory over Tommy Cash was impressive. I know how tough Tommy is so hats off to Hayden on the win.
  21. daddio, Same boat as us, Jacob broke his wrist last night at practice, it was nasty, had to go to the ER and get it re-set. I was just about to register him on trackwrestling too! It saved me some money. Now I can put the hotel/registration money toward the medical bills, LOL. Some great matchups this weekend! Cadet 106-Hughes, Hudkins, and Coy. Cadet 113-Micic, Boston, and Cash. Cadet 120-James, Harvey. Cadet 126-very low numbers, not sure about this one. Cadet 132-Champagne, Schurg. Good luck to all!!! We will miss being there, we haven't missed freestyle state in probably 11
  22. Fleeger will coach at PURDUE! Congrats to him.
  23. Could we see a change in direction for Mason Todd???
  24. http://www.twincities.com/sports/ci_20522500/apple-valley-wrestling-coach-jim-jackson-retires
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