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Everything posted by lpd096

  1. MICIC over GSP!!!!!!! You the man, Stevan!!!!! Luv ya kid!!!!!
  2. hahaha, you got that right, B. Too much funk and strength from the standing position, he couldn't score!
  3. I remember that too!!! That was a great match!!!
  4. It would be pretty cool to see Champs vs. Champs, but I realize it's good for the seniors also.
  5. Majored him, I believe? Of course, Jason did that to a lot of good wrestlers last year. Evidently, Illinois sees something in him, they signed him on for next year. I thought Ellingwood and Sliga split but I may be mistaken...at any rate, it would be a good match-up.
  6. This was my first year spent in Illinois for an entire varsity wrestling season and like I've said for many years, Indiana's top guys can compete with Illinois' top guys...the difference is, after that "top guy" in Illinois, there is another 3, 4, or 5 top guys behind him whereas in Indiana, the numbers are not there. Add to that, over the past few years, Illinois can make claim as the Number 1 wrestling state in the country over Ohio and Pennsylvania based upon Cadet/Junior Duals and Fargo results. The depth is amazing over there, Illinois has schools with 3500 or 4000 students as far as the eye can see it seems. When I look at the breakdown of 1A, 2A, and 3A in Illinois and compare it to Indiana, I see Illinois' 2A being very comparable in talent, numbers, etc. but that's not to say that Indiana wrestlers couldn't defeat some 3A kids, it's just a numbers issue.
  7. This is the KEY issue. If the following lineup shows up for ILLINOIS, it's going to be a long day for the INDIANA squad. 106lbs: 2A --Nkosi Moody, Sr. Nationally Ranked. 113lbs: 2A --Tommy Pawelski, Sr. Signed with Stanford. 120lbs: 2A--BJ McGee, Sr. Natonally Ranked, signed with Mizzou; 3A Sebastian Pique, Sr. in/out of the National Rankings. 126lbs: 2A-Cameron Kennedy, Sr. or Jordan Laster, Sr., signed with Princeton. 3A--Jordan Northrop, in/out of the National Rankings 132lbs: 3A George Fisher, Sr. Nationally Ranked, signed with Michigan. 138lbs: 3A Dem Spraggins, Sr. in/out National Rankings. 3A Cullen Cummings, Sr. 145lbs: 3A Wade Lardy, Sr. Runner-up to Bryce Brill. 3A Justin Weber, Sr., signed with Wisconsin. 152lbs: 3A Kyle Langenderfer, 2X State Champ, Nationally Ranked; Brian Murphy, Sr., Ranked 2nd in the nation, signed with Michigan. 160lbs: 3A CJ Brucki, Sr., or Hunter Rollins, Sr. 2A Vosburgh, Friedman, or Frazier. 170lbs: 3A Colin Holler, Sr. Nationally Ranked, signed with S.Dakota St.; Dan Rowland, Sr. State Runner-up 182lbs: 3A Joe Arioloa, Sr., Nationally Ranked and State Champion. 195lbs: 3A Ricky Robertson, Sr., Nationally Ranked-signed with Wisconsin (I believe?); Jordan Ellingwood, Sr., Nationally Ranked and has beaten Sliga in the past...but Sliga has beaten him too, if I recall? 220lbs: 3A Tom Howell, Sr. State Champion. 285lbs: 3A Andrew Geers, Sr., lost to Brian Allen-one of the nation's best HWT's who is a junior. This list doesn't have the 1A wrestlers included but there are many strong 1A kids.
  8. That too! Thanks for pointing that out!!!
  9. Drew Hughes is undefeated at 120lbs. (His only loss was a bump up to 126lbs)
  10. http://www.nwitimes.com/conferences/northwest-crossroads-conference/lowell-wrestlers-repeat-as-ncc-champions/article_3fca9149-1167-50c1-9733-faf1436fde6f.html
  11. Looking at the lineups and comparing rosters, etc., I would place Perry at/near 20th in the nation. We (Mount Carmel) see all 5 Illinois teams that are ranked in Intermat's FAB 50 and when I look at Chicago Marist's lineup vs. Perry's, that would be a good dual but I would slightly favor Marist in a nail biter. Chicago Marist is currently ranked 21st. The IHSAA is certainly hampering the efforts of teams like Perry to attend tourneys like the Cheesehead or the Dvorak. The Dvorak would not be that far of a drive (Rockford, IL) and it is one of the toughest tournaments in the country. With regards to Region HS's wrestling over in Illinois, they do go over there but they don't see any heavy hitters (Team-wise) they only hit some good individual wrestlers. (M'ville at Rich East and CP at the Stagg)
  12. That's correct, I heard most of the OPRF starters were at Iowa City West.
  13. Re: Sopko's major... Touche' Great job, Scotty!
  14. hahaha----when you coach these kids from age 5 on up, you get attached. LOL
  15. Kenny Hughes----Champion! Both Hughes' boys have an argument for OW! The only point Drew gave up was a penalty point vs. Davis and he pinned the Number 1 kid at 120lbs. Kenny stuck his way to the Al Smith title! Both deserving, how about a Co-OW?
  16. Hartman and Forte, Champs!
  17. Both HUGHES' boys in the finals! Lets go HUUUUUUUUUUUGHES!!!!!!! :) :)
  18. 4-0! Great job, Drewfus!!!! Hammer down kid!!!
  19. Garza lost to an Illinois kid at the Rich East tournament.
  20. I don't think either one can HOLD 120lbs...I could see a wrestle off at '26 and '32, Loser at '26 wrestles off for '32...a domino effect for sure.
  21. The Schurg family has 4 starters on CP's lineup----Dusty, Denny, Darden, and Daylan. Dallas is wrestling in college now. A GREAT bunch of kids and two wonderful parents!
  22. Lets put an end to this... Jason LOVES Northwestern! I have spoken to him personally, he loves his classes and the wrestling team!
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