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Everything posted by lpd096

  1. 138lbs, depending on the pools and matchups COULD be unbelievable. Tommy Cash (Indiana State Champ this season) Jacob Covaciu (Indiana Runner-up this season) Drew Hughes (2nd and 5th @ Indiana State Finals) Jake Tucker (5th at Illinois 3A this season) Brent Moore (FLO Nationals Champion last weekend) JJ Wolfe (IL 1A Champ, Folkstyle Nationals-5th last weekend) JD Stone (VA Runner up this season) James Pleski (40-4 season record and State Finalist/multi-placer) **Add in Former IN wrestler Ryan Ford into this weight class. (OH placer) It doesn't get much better than
  2. Once you register or speak with a coach, you will be assigned a "GROUP" and you'll be told which days/times to attend. The phone number is listed on the web site. It is an Academy whereby you must be evaluated and placed with the right group that is best for your development. FYI: I believe the site is currently under construction at this time.
  3. AWOOD1: NCAA qualifiers are 1 method of measuring but I prefer measuring (the home states of) NCAA AA's as a true test of strength for each state. Lets wait and see after this weekend, perhaps the data will be similar?
  4. OBSERVATIONS: I made the drive out to Hinsdale South HS and it was nice for me and my son to see old friends, especially from down south in Indiana as we hardly ever get to see those folks. I enjoyed seeing the event, although both sides were a tad out of shape (understandably so) and with no weigh-in, it's just a fun event to wrestle in and watch. I mostly watched the AA mat and I thought Zach Davis looked real good along with DJ Smith, he was impressive. It would have been a good matchup watching DJ and Brian Rossi go at it as Rossi handled Silva much like DJ did in their match. Rossi w
  5. I love the INDY program but it's apples and oranges if you are talking about WINS in D2 vs. WINS in the Big Ten. No slight to INDY because they have produced some great wrestlers with our homegrown kids but the Big Ten is the Top Conference in the nation for D1.
  6. The # of qualifiers are as expected, no surprises. 1. PA 2. OH 3. NJ/IL The amazing thing to me is...the toughness of a state like New Jersey! So small but yet so mighty! PA is the KING but with Illinois winning every level (schoolboy, cadet, junior,---duals and Fargo), it appears that PA could have a rival soon.
  7. The Power Index will save wrestlers like Adam Coon. He'll get a Wildcard spot and justifiably so...but I, like you, do not know about how/where he will be seeded.
  8. FYI... PURDUE's RECRUITS: J. Aven (Indiana) (not nationally ranked) B Thornton (Wisconsin) D-1 2x'er (Large Schools), not nationally ranked but looks like a tough kid on film and vs. nationally ranked kids. P. Andreotti (Illinois) 3A (Large Schools)-- Placed 3rd, not nationally ranked but I saw him a lot this year, a tough kid. A. McCloskey (Indiana) Runner-up in IN last year, recovering this season. M. Leveille (Illinois) 3A (Large Schools) runner-up, lunch pale kid. Lost 3-1 in finals vs. Nationally Ranked I. White. INDIANA's RECRUITS: G. Jolley-Little (Indiana
  9. The pronunciation is: MEE_CHEECH Good luck Stevan!
  10. Nut case? You got that right! LOL Sorry, I didn't see the post until now, the CCL (Chicago Catholic League) was at Mount Carmel, some great action. The match that had everyone on their feet and the tension was thick was the 113lb final between Brother Rice's Rudy Yates (106lbs 3A State Champ last year and undefeated in his HS career) vs. St. Rita's Jake Silzer (State placer at 3A last year-106lbs.) The match went to the Ultimate Tie-Breaker. Yates rode him out for the win, barely holding on by 3 fingers as Silzer was hip heisting out. Awesome match. Mount Carmel Caravan won its 4t
  11. 106: Cummings 113: Smith 120: Lahue 126: Micic in OT 132: James 138: Hughes 145: Lecount in OT 152: Kelley 160: Hughes 170: McCloskey 182: Rypel 195: Omar 220: Robinson HWT: Bernard Do you think I am a little biased? ;)
  12. Nick Lee = BEAST I've known Stevan for many, many years. The best kid on/off the mat you'll ever know and he's a fellow RWA kid that has rolled with my son since they were little tykes. Stevan will bring it 110% and this is going to be a battle for sure. I can't say I didn't see this coming...very exciting stuff!! :)
  13. One great family, on and off the mat!! :) http://www.nwitimes.com/sports/high-school/wrestling/c-p-s-schurg-brothers-carry-on-family-tradition/article_1c180b08-6aaf-5bb3-9d0f-fd147752f129.html
  14. I am still laughing! That is too funny! I wouldn't be surprised either!! ;D ;D ;D ;D
  15. Bey is a FREAK SHOW for sure! Another great Harvey Twister! (He has some unbelievable throws in freestyle/greco also)
  16. Minooka is way down this year, that ranking will change big time this Tuesday when the new set comes out. We beat Minooka 53-13 without #1 ranked Jimmy Mickens who is not in the lineup yet due to football (We are #11 in 3A). I haven't seen Minooka this far down in a long time. OPRF is well worthy of their #2 national ranking. Very tough.
  17. Why was this article even published or endorsed by Stevan if he wasn't wrestling in HS this season? http://www.nwitimes.com/sports/high-school/wrestling/hanover-central-s-micic-hopes-to-begin-and-end-the/article_77380f06-d0a0-5b6c-8cf6-96337d7587d7.html
  18. Oops, forgot about the premium access I had when I read it as opposed to an open access article. My bad. :-[ Remove at your discretion, Joe.
  19. One-on-One with Jason Tsirtsis: Retrieved from www.intermatwrestle.com 9/26/2013 Andrew Hipps, InterMat Senior Editor andrew@intermatwrestle.com, Twitter: @InterMat Jason Tsirtsis was the nation's No. 1 high school wrestling recruit in the Class of 2012. After redshirting last season at Northwestern, Tsirtsis is expected to step in the Wildcat lineup this season at 149 pounds and make an immediate impact. InterMat catches up with Tsirtsis and talks to him about his performance at the Junior Worlds, transitioning from freestyle to folkstyle, studying greats, goals, and much
  20. It's hard to tell year-to-year just how IN's champs would do vs. Ohio/IL's champs (in a dual) because we never go Champ vs. Champ only seniors vs. seniors or when the opportunity presents itself to go Champs vs. Champs, one or both states won't have a full lineup with state champs. This year in IL, they probably have one of the strongest senior classes in a long time and don't surprised if they make a run at TEAM USA in their dual (IL vs. USA). Rossi, Jimenez, Alber, Cortez, Brill, Mahomes, the list goes on. A couple of years ago, Indiana had a real strong class, perhaps the best ever to
  21. Y2, I think you missed my point. I was merely making a case for the IHSAA's attitude toward our sport i.e. the reasons I mentioned, I was not saying this as the reason Indiana is not an upper echelon state. Although, I do feel it is a culmination of issues and it is a trickle down effect, if the leadership (IHSAA) in your state is not committed to your sport, it will have a negative effect. If I had to name the MAJOR reason, it is the youth wrestling structure and the commitment. I know in IL, there is FIERCE competition for the Novice and Senior division team titles and their IKWF state
  22. Fabio, you bring up another good point...the travel restrictions. For the life of me, I just don't get it. I would love to see Indiana's best teams at the DVORAK, CHEESEHEAD, CLASH, IRONMAN, BEAST of the EAST, etc. > >
  23. Indiana's Champs would fare well in those states, no doubt about it. The CULTURE of wrestling is different, I don't want to beat a dead horse (Regarding my disdain for the IHSAA and their support for wrestling) but when a state athletic association DROPS team state, that sends a clear message on where the priorities are at. Just a "no-brainer" decision like wrestle-backs is resisted and fought against. I could go on and on but we've all heard it before. It's a shame because in the end, it's the wrestlers who are hurt the most.
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