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Everything posted by lpd096

  1. The DEVILS will definitely have something to say about who wins this tournament! I won't have to bring any Krispie Kremes or Duncan Donuts my friend! We have one of the best hospitality rooms in the state! Mrs. Brady, Mrs. Dulin, Mrs. Lenzo and the rest of the Moms do a tremendous job! I am hungry now! (that's a shocker!) See you Saturday.
  2. Red Devils survive early 'dog fight' before cruising to perfect season Story BY JOHN BURBRIDGE jburbridge@nwitimes.com 219.933.3371 | Tuesday, January 13, 2009 | No comments posted. LOWELL | Shane Tucker thought it was going to be a banner year for the Lowell Middle School wrestling team. "We knew from working with these guys in club wrestling that they were a special group," the Red Devils' coach said. http://www.nwi.com/articles/2009/01/13/sports/region_sports/doce7f57040658b03728625753c0079e9ae.txt
  3. BY NATE ULRICH nate.ulrich@nwitimes.com 219.933.3374 | Wednesday, January 07, 2009 | No comments posted. Lowell Quarterback takes leadership from the field to mat. Lowell senior Kurt Monix is anything but a "pretty-boy quarterback" who isn't tough enough to take a hit and dish one out. Just ask Monix's opponents during the winter sports season. All 17 of them have lost to the Red Devils wrestling captain in 2008-09. "He does all the little things, which is what separates your good athletes from your great ones," first-year Lowell wrestling coach Joe Willmann said. "H
  4. ...yes and all the while, still managing to hold my Krispie Kreme and chug some hot coffee! Now that's what Law Enforcement MULTI-TASKING is all about! :) :)
  5. It's pretty funny how I am always the loud, big, nut case in the corner and Lance always gets it from the officials? All Lance has to do is open his mouth and he gets nailed? Meanwhile, I am breaking 10 rules per match and nothing happens to me? It was the same in Tennessee... ??? It must be my 180lb frame and good looks, huh? Good stuff! LOL... :)
  6. TyandKy: From the looks of things, you guys have a tough middle school team too! Way to go! Good luck this season!
  7. I have to keep taking a rag and wiping Coach Willmann's mouth...he is salivating over these youngsters coming up! :) :)
  8. It will be considered a CHEAT DAY indeed!!!!! :) :) :)
  9. Lowell Middle School wrestling team has one (1) dual meet remaining in the season and that is scheduled for tonight at 5pm vs. Crown Point (Taft) Middle School. We faced them once already this season at the Merrillville Super Duals, we defeated them by 30+ points but you never know, it could change tonight and we'll have to wrestle well to win. You can never overlook a Crown Point squad! Thus far, we are 14-0 on the season (off the top of my head), undefeated/untied...LMSAC champs; M'ville Super Duals Champs I have coached middle school wrestling for nearly 20 years and I have had th
  10. The Lowell Middle School wrestling team captured the LMSAC tournament at Griffith on Saturday. Merrillville placed 2nd. Lowell had 11 finalists in the 22 weight classes that were represented at the tournament. Lowell didn't fill two (2) weight classes but crowned EIGHT Champions and THREE (3) Runner-ups. Individual Champions: 75lbs-Drew Hughes (Undefeated)-6th grade 80lbs-Jake Tucker (Undefeated)-6th grade 90lbs-Josh Bottos -7th grade 105lbs-Mitch Roadruck -8th grade (undefeated) 110lbs-Andrew Roadruck-8th grade (1 loss all season) 115lbs-Derek Pearman (Undefeated)-7th grad
  11. Jake says he would like to go 75lbs for folkstyle state this year? It's December now and he's close on some days and not close on other days...we'll have to see if he gets a growth spurt? He'll most likely be at 80lbs...with Darden and other studs and I believe Drew will be close to 70lbs also...he can go either way too...but they (Jake and Drew) won't go the same weight...they never have. I think Blake is bigger now, he had really grown the last time I saw him! He's at least going to have to go 85lbs! Anyone heard from Mike Shipley? How much is Tanner weighing these days??? Also, do
  12. NICE. I agree wholeheartedly...USAW, AAU, Borderwars, etc. all help kids get better in wrestling! :)
  13. Neuqua Valley's elite tourney was great! Some great competition over there in Naperville, IL. That's the first time that I have seen ENFORCED matside weigh-ins before each round! It was different, that's for sure. Drew Hughes (74lb bracket) had a good match with A.J. Jaffe, Drew lost but it was good and competitive. Both won their brackets and then had to face off for the weight-class trophy. Kenny Hughes reached the finals and took 2nd. Jake Tucker (78lb bracket) won his bracket and had a couple of good, competitive matches. Derek Pearman took 2nd and Zach Mroczkowski also took
  14. Lowell Wrestlers: Drew Hughes-1st place, 70lb Novice Kenny Hughes-4th place, 105lb Schoolboy Jake Tucker-5th place, 80lb Novice Derek Pearman-DNP Darion Hornickel-DNP __________________________________________________ (All of our boys were the "Younger" over there) Drew was never tested at 70, his closest match was 4-0 but it really wasn't that close, he steam-rolled thru the field. Kenny wrestled great, he just ran into a "Martinez Elite" kid who we are familiar with from summer camp and the kid is a total stud. Jake had the largest bracket in the tourney, he wres
  15. Who is going to be tough at: 65-? 70-? 75-? 80-? 85-? 90-? ETC.......... :) :) :) :) We finish up middle school in 2 weeks but we did venture down to the Winter Nationals in Danville, IL for a weekend. We have been having a great season this year! It's been a lot of fun!!!
  16. LPD=Lowell Police Department (19 years of service) 96=My first badge number after being promoted to Sergeant from a Patrolman. (I was issued # 106 as a rookie) I am currently # 93, a Lieutenant, but I kept my original LPD096 from the old days of the forum. :)
  17. Joe, I went a few days without up to date discussion and Indiana wrestling information...I almost had to go into REHAB! KUDOS to you, Joe. Much Thanks!!!
  18. Shift gears now...head out to Naperville, IL on Sunday instead of INDY...
  19. The Lowell Wrestling Club (LWC) will be attending the Neuqua Valley tournament in Naperville, IL. (The Hughes' boys and Tucker will be entering the Elite division (10-14 yrs olds) so they should get their butts waxed! :) )
  20. Thank god for another discussion forum! Way to go, Y2!
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