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Everything posted by clive2246

  1. How do you people know if he's on the roster at 152...I'm sure he was
  2. Evidently Acuna didn't wrestle. CP shut out Portage 64-0.
  3. This has been quite entertaining. Thanks! ;D
  4. Flowrestling is getting ready to air Northwestern vs. Stanford live. Marcus Shrewsbury will be representing NW at 197.
  5. That's because it's hard to chase down a 2yr old when you are using a walker... Congrats!!!
  6. Yeah, but Ashton Kutcher is hot. ;D
  7. Mashed potatoes come in a box silly!
  8. FF, You seem so paranoid lately.....
  9. Just wondering if there is a way to make someone "invisible" on the board. Then I wouldn't have to sift through all of their garbage and actually read semi intelligient posts. Not mentioning any names.....duck_and_run
  10. I took this picture near Conseco during the break this year. I bet that this guy's life would have been much different if he would have had all of the opportunities that class wrestling would have brought to him.
  11. Actually, VMI's time would be better spent studying than compiling studies.
  12. Actually, I would like to thank them. Some of the nicest people I have ever met. They rock!! ;D
  13. The lineup for both teams is listed here: http://nwitimes.com/sports/high-school/indiana/article_f9e39504-366e-5b5a-a804-721ae71259c3.html
  14. Putting all of the crowding issues of the Merrillville SS aside, they do run a good tournament. Finals started at 5pm.
  15. Quick question...do I have time to make some popcorn or will duck and run be gone before it gets done?
  16. I'm curious...what is Y2 hidding?
  17. Who wants to take bets how long duck_and_run stays around?
  18. You know what Rankingsguy, Anthony has never used being sick as an excuse. And I'm sure that you know his family, so you know darn well that wouldn't even be an option. A fan made that an excuse for his first loss to Bradley, I don't recall reading anything about him being sick any other time. I think you are over reacting just a bit.
  19. Cool...I'll even let you use my phone.
  20. Hawkins lost to Bradley 6-5.
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