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  1. Lake Central Harvest Classic [table] 1Penn323 2Hanover Central214.50 3Lake Central213.50 4Adams Central202 5Calumet157 6Hobart148.50 7Hammond Morton139.50 8Griffith126 9McCutcheon118 10Hammond Clark102 11River Forest81 12Lake Station Edison81 13Highland80.50 14South Bend Washington74 15Andrean54.50 16East Chicago Central40 [/table] The fourth place team was Brother Rice from Illinois with 202 points. ( not able to submit there name into format ) The 17th place team was Hammond Gavit with 4
  2. [table] Hanover Central74South Newton6 Hanover Central72Frontier4 Hanover Central49Twin Lakes24 Hanover Central74North Newton0 Hanover Central34Penn JV37 [/table]
  3. To everyone concerned: Stevan is wrestling in France this week. He is competing at the senior level for USA wrestling. He will miss our event at North Newton. The IHSAA has approved Stevan's wrestling in this event. He is eligable to compete in Indiana this year. This competition has been on his list since he wrestled in Serbia and everything with the IHSAA was handled early on. Great kid, great honor. Get after it Stevan!
  4. John Willems Memorial 5k & Run Around the Lake Welcome to the 2nd John Willems Memorial 5k & Run Around The Lake organized by the Rick Larsen Wrestling Club (Non-profit Organization 501c(3)) The races will be held on Sept. 14, 2013. T-Shirt and Bib pick up at Hanover Central High School located at 9520 W. 133rd Ave. Cedar Lake, IN 46303 between 7:00 am and 8:00 amday of race. A portion of the proceeds from this race will benefit Hanover Central Middle School and High School Football program. A portion of the Entry Fees and Sponsorships will help establish a future f
  5. Hanover Central Andrew Howe 3x State Champion, 1 x runner up 1,1,1,2 Stevan Micic 2x State Champion, 1x 3rd place 1,1,3 Paul Petrov 1x State Champion, 1x runner up 1,2,4 Greg Larsen 1x State Champion, 1x runner up 1,2 Micic has one more year left. HM Roger Blanton State Champion
  6. Hanover Central 62 North Newton 12 Hanover Central 15-5 on the season.
  7. Hanover Central 27 Lowell 51 Hanover Central now 14-5
  8. Hanover Cemtral 56 Hammond Clark 6 Hanover Central record 14-4
  9. Hanover Central 75 Westside 3 Hanover Central 45 Gavit 23 Hanover Central 59 Whiting 6 Hanover Central is now 13-4 on the season.
  10. Saturday, January 5, 2013 Hanover Central High School. Cedar Lake, Indiana Seeding This meet will be seeded at Hanover Central High School on Wednesday, January 2, 2013 at 6:00 p.m. Enter the Athletic Center doors and go to the Athletic Hospitality Room for seeding. Seeding Information Please fax, (219) 374-4417, your entry list, with seeding information, by January 2rd 12:00 p.m. (CENTRAL) to the attention of Jeff Brooks. You may also email your list to jbrooks@hanover.k12.in.us. If attending the seed meeting, please bring your scorebook. BE PROMPT. Teams with no repre
  11. Hanover Central Placed 2nd @ The Laff Jeff Holiday Duals. 7-1 on the weekend 10-4 overall. Hanover Central 57 Renn Central 12 Hanover Central 62 Crawfordsville 18 Hanover Central 44 Kokomo 28 Hanover Central 30 New Prarrie 40 Hanover Central 51 Laff Jeff 23 Hanover Central 51 Cascade 27 Hanover Central 34 Kank. Valley 31 Hanover Central 69 Seeger 10 Wrestlers going 8-0 Issac Cortez Stevan Micic Evan Larsen Tyler Scott Josh Bartozsek
  12. Hanover Central 70 Boone Grove 4
  13. Hanover Central 4th out of 8 teams Hanover Central 65 South Newton 15 Hanover Central 70 Frontier 9 Hanover Central 30 Twin Lakes 45 Hanover Central 30 Penn 43 Hanover Central 30 North Newton 46 2 and 3 on the day. Wrestlers going 5-0 Stevan Micic, Tyler Scott, Josh Bartoszek
  14. Hanover Central 51 North Newton 18 Hanover Central 15-2 on the season
  15. Hanover Central @ Reed Custer in Illinois HC placed 5th out 0f 17 teams 106 Stevan Micic 1st 120 Paul Petrov 1st OW OF TOURNEY 145 Charlie Mavros 1st 132 Lucas Lager 3rd 126 Sean Orzel 4th 285 Josh Bartoszek 5th Paul Petrov voted outstaning wrestler of the tournement.
  16. Hanover Central 71 Hammond Clark 9 Hanover Central current record is 14-1
  17. Lake County Championships 306 Lake Central 255 Hanover Central 240.5 Hobart 195.5 Griffith 158 Calumet 152 Gavit 123 Munster 118 River Forest 86 Highland 83 Lake Station 75 East Chicago 66 Andrean 59 Clark 56.5 Hammond High 55.5 West Side 49.5 Bishop Noll 38 Lew Wallace 37 Roosevelt 19 Whiting 106 Issac Cortez (HC) dec. Brandon Truver (LC) 7-4 113 Stevan Micic (HC) by Fall Nate Reitz (GRIF) :58 120 Paul Petrov (HC) T-Fall Matt
  18. Hanover Central 78 Whiting 6 Hanover Central 72 Westside 6 Hanover Central 49 Gavit 24 Hanover Central is now 13-1 on the year
  19. The Seeding Meeting is on Tuesday night. It would be nice if we could get the rosters to our AD as soon as possible. This meet will be seeded at Lake Central High School on Tuesday, January 3, 2011 at 6:00 pm in order to avoid any conflict with teams or coaches? New Year?s/holiday plans or any of the major college football bowl games. A reminder will be sent later as the date gets closer and to avoid any discrepancies. Please have the Head Wrestling Coach confirm the date and location with: Jeff Brooks-Hanover Central Athletic Director by December 30, 2011 at jbrooks@hanover.k12.in.u
  20. Hanover Central 39 Renn. Central 35 Hanover Central 47 Crawfordsville 30 Hanover Central 40 New Prarrie 36 Kokomo 45 Hanover Central 30 Hanover Central 54 Laff. Jeff 17 Hanover Central 4-1 on the day, 10-1 on the year RIP Coach John Willems SOFU
  21. I would like to thank the Indiana wrestling community for all the support that we have received here at Hanover Central. John Willems will be missed and never forgotten. He made a difference is so many peoples lives that his influence will be greatly missed. John has left behind a loving wife and two young boys. Keep this young family in your prayers. Hanover Central Wrestling has been blessed to be a part of John's life. Viewing@ Burdans Funeral Home 12901 Wicker Ave. Cedar Lake, In 46303 Monday 1/2/2012 @ 3:00
  22. Hanover Central 69 Boone Grove 9 Hanover Central 6-0 on the year.
  23. Hanover Central (2A) Yes Nick Petrov
  24. Hanover Central Placed 1st @ the North Newton Duals 5-0 on the day HC 56 South Newton 15 HC 66 Frontier 15 HC 41 Twin Lakes 39 HC 54 River Forest 27 HC 52 North Newton 30 Individuals g0ing 5-0 Stevan Micic Paul Petrov Lucas Lager AJ Goeders Charlie Mavros
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