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Posts posted by HCCOACH

  1. Paul won both of his matches on Saturday, to get into the semifinals. That placed him at no less then 6th and qualified him or ncaa. He did not wrestle any matches on Sunday. Resting a nagging injury. Being healthy for the next step is whats important. He will be ready to go

  2. I do not believe Coach Wadkins was making a negative remark about Jeff. He only stated that Jeff invited Wheeler last year to help get there wrestling program off the ground. I was involved in this conversation and decision. Why wouldn't we help a new program get of the ground. Looking around and watching college programs drop like flys and many  high schools struggling with athletic programs in general helping a new program fill its schedule in its first varsity season sounds like a good idea to me.


    Jeff Brooks was an outstanding AD for HC. He is a great guy and my friend. Our new AD did a great job and is very supportive of our program.


    I am not sure if Wheeler will be invited back next year . I am sure that no additional Porter county schools will be invited in the future.


    Nick Petrov

  3. Lake County Championships[table]

    1Hanover Central283.52Lake Central258.53Hobart219.54Griffith1905Calumet1626Lake Station Edison139.57Munster1308River Forest1239Andrean10410Highland10111Hammond Clark85.512East Chicago Central7513No Team6714Gary Westside61.515Hammond Gavit5516Hammond Bishop Noll51[/table]The 13 th place team was Wheeler

    17. Whiting 34

    18. Hammond High 27


  4. Lake Central Harvest Classic



    2Hanover Central214.50

    3Lake Central213.50

    4Adams Central202



    7Hammond Morton139.50



    10Hammond Clark102

    11River Forest81

    12Lake Station Edison81


    14South Bend Washington74


    16East Chicago Central40


    The fourth place team was Brother Rice from Illinois with 202 points. ( not able to submit there name into format )

    The 17th place team was Hammond Gavit with 4

  5. To everyone concerned:


    Stevan is wrestling in France this week. He is competing at the senior level for USA wrestling. He will miss our event at North Newton. The IHSAA has approved Stevan's wrestling in this event. He is eligable to compete in Indiana this  year. This competition has been on his list since he wrestled in Serbia and everything with the IHSAA was handled early on.


    Great kid, great honor. Get after it Stevan!



  6. John Willems Memorial 5k & Run Around the Lake


    Welcome to the 2nd John Willems Memorial 5k & Run Around The Lake organized by the Rick Larsen Wrestling Club (Non-profit Organization 501c(3))


    The races will be held on Sept. 14, 2013. T-Shirt and Bib pick up at Hanover Central High School located at 9520 W. 133rd Ave. Cedar Lake, IN 46303 between 7:00 am and 8:00 amday of race.


    A portion of the proceeds from this race will benefit Hanover Central Middle School and High School Football program.


    A portion of the Entry Fees and Sponsorships will help establish a future foundation called the John Willems Foundation that will eventually award a Hanover Central Student Athlete with an annual John Willems Scholarship Award.


    We truly appreciate all the volunteers, sponsors and runners involved with keeping the memory of John Willems alive in his beloved home town and beyond.


    John was Hanover Centrals Asst. Coach for the last nine years. We miss him deeply. John lived for Hanover Central and Indiana wrestling.

  7. Hanover Central


    Andrew Howe 3x State Champion, 1 x runner up 1,1,1,2

    Stevan Micic  2x State Champion, 1x 3rd place  1,1,3

    Paul Petrov    1x State Champion, 1x runner up  1,2,4

    Greg Larsen    1x State Champion, 1x runner up  1,2 


    Micic has one more year left.


    HM Roger Blanton State Champion

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