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  1. It looked like a good college match. Both wrestlers appeared comfortable on their feet rather than working on the mat, and there were some excellent scrambles. Will be a great rematch, and hopefully will occur under the lights.
  2. Merrillville was in the first Lake County tournament, and maybe the first 2 or 3 before they bailed out, but no more than that. The first two were at Calumet, then Highland, Griffith, Lake Station and Hammond Clark before shifting to Hanover Central. Crown Point is the ONLY Lake County team that has never participated. Crown Point rotates a Quad dual with Portage every other year on the same date, and that tournament (held at Portage this year) also includes Lowell and Rensselaer Central. Hammond Morton advised that they see all of the teams too many times already, and thus they opted out a few years back. Wheeler is indeed in Porter County, but as a first full year varsity team needed to fill some dates and were thus added to the mix. I'm not sure, however, if that will continue or not in the future.
  3. How do you give up 3 points on locked hands? The first 2 locked hands would be a point each, while the third one would be 2 pts ;D ??? :
  4. http://www.flowrestling.org/coverage/251122-Clash-XII/video/728438-195-Johnny-Sebastian-Bergen-Catholic-vs-Bobby-Steveson-Apple-Valley Bonus video of his 8th grade brother, Gable, winning also.... http://www.flowrestling.org/coverage/251122-Clash-XII/video/728434-182-Danny-DeLorenzi-Bergen-Catholic-vs-Gable-Steveson-Apple-Valley
  5. Nick Lee is definitely a prodigy, but Micic is the champ until he's been dethroned. They both have a nice resume of national accomplishments, so it will definitely be a nice match to watch if/when it happens. 8)
  6. I believe that New Praire beat East Noble 45-30 at the Munster Super Duals on December 21... that's a pretty good win over a 3A finalist
  7. Wasn't a slam... he jacked up against the elbow joint and was called for an illegal move/unnecessary roughness, andhis opponent couldn't continue.
  8. Jason lost twice his frosh year... to Cashe Quiroga of Lawrence North at the Calumet Traicoff in early December (a loss he avenged in the state semi's) and to Anthony Napules of Merrillville in the team regional. I believe Angel lost to Joe Lopez of Illinois, who was nationally ranked. The closest match I remember Alex having was his semi final win over two timer Craig Weinzapfel of MD.
  9. Nelson has filled out, and he wrestles smart and hard
  10. I believe he was taken down in the first period of his semi final match at Mater Dei by the wrestler from Louisville St Xavier
  11. And, East Chicago's athletic director is Bill Kelly, former NCAA wrestling champ from Iowa State
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