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  1. No mention from the big Perry Falcon Monster... And if the shocker at 113 isn’t Oliver, you kidding. The Irish gamer.
  2. Mosconi bros? I’m sure they won’t be in play at 132 or 170. Irish have a shot at 6 champs. Don’t sleep on our biggun either. The Irish maiden voyage to the Al Smith will be fun. Hopefully, we live up to our #2 ranking.
  3. 'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house, not a wrestler was stirring, not even Da Rat, the singlets were hung by the chimney with care, in hopes that Bankers Life Fieldhouse soon would be there; The wrestlers were nestled all snug in their beds, while visions of "Under the Lights" danced in their heads, and matmaids in their kerchiefs, and coaches in their caps, had just settled down for a short winter nap; When out of the wrestling room arose such a clatter, I sprang from the thermostat to see what was the matter. Away to the window I flew like a flash, jumped over the scale, and threw up the sash. The moon on the breast of the new fallen snow, gave lustre to the conditioning of wrestlers below, when, what to my wondering eyes should appear, but some spladles, cradles, and coaches as chubby as tiny reindeer. With a little old moderator, so lively, but overrun, I knew in a moment it must be Y2CJ41, more rapid than takedown flurries his members they came, and he whistled and shouted and called them by name; Now Snyder, now McGinley, now, Schoettle, now Schaefer, On, Pendowski, on McClurg, On Tonte and Vega! To the center of the circle, hang from the top of the wall! Now dash away, dash away, dash away all. And, then in a twinkling, I heard in the room, the blood, sweat, and tears of each wrestlers' doom, as coach wallowed out drills as his voice grew hoarse, it was perfectly fine as it was par for the course. As Sectionals and Regionals seem almost here today, Bobby Cox and Blake Ress won't give the IHSAA trophy away, teams jockey and prepare, but go straight to work, because they know that the hardware will soon be there. As Y2CJ41 manages his site for the rest of the year, to his moderator team gave a whistle, and away they ranked, scored, and hoped for no one's dismissal, but I heard him exclaim, ere he drove out of sight, Happy Christmas to All, and TO ALL A GOOD NIGHT! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, lads. Go Irish!
  4. Kinda like when Cathedral didn’t get invited last year, but still got 3rd in the state?
  5. Pretty comical. Cathedral thrashes then #2 Portage, beats then #4 Avon at much less than full strength, #7 Warren, and #13 Crown Point in the last two weeks and they are bumped down a spot. You are telling me Brownsburg’s resume is better??? Doesn’t take a genius to realize that not having the #1 team in the state at the fictional class IHSWCA Dual State Tourney would sure delegitimize it. If Cathedral wins the Al Smith after convincingly winning the Traicoff, I’ll know that the P/P bias is just as strong in the wrestling world as it is in the football world. In the meantime, thanks for the extra motivation.
  6. Coach Watkins almost exclusively seeds from the Team State Rankings for this tournament. Since DecBell just updated them today reflecting last weekend's tournaments/duals, I have to believe he goes straight off the rankings again. And, I believe they don't come out until day before.
  7. We are a school of many counties for sure. Over 60 middle schools are represented in her halls from all over Central Indiana. 73% Catholic. 100% graduation. 97% College Placement. Come be part of the experience no matter what you excel in! We were short two weight classes last weekend. Avon's Miranda absence was noticeable, but I think he would have only picked up (at most) a couple lost quality points to Melloh. I don't think he was beating Zach. And, if Mason bumped, he wasn't beating Slivka at 145. Jordan is wrestling very well right now. A great dual nonetheless. Go Irish! Win the Traicoff!
  8. Few things: 1. Neither Avon nor Cathedral were at full strength yet. 2. Wish Conley - Rodgers would have gone the full length. The first period was very exciting. Rodgers up 3-2 after one and Conley rolled through a Rodgers leg ride into a headlock with 1:30 left in the 2nd for the fall. That will be a Bankers Life match this year. 3. Warren should definitely be a Top 20, DecBell. Young, but formidable. Next up for the Irish is #2 Portage next Saturday at the Traicoff. Some early season tests for #1 Cathedral. The boys looked pretty good today in a tournament that we typically stumble in. Godspeed this week in preparation for Indiana’s toughest dual tourney!
  9. Not sure if I am breaking the rules of pre-season banter, but the preseason #1 Cathedral Irish compete against preseason #4 Avon Orioles in the Cathedral Six Way next Saturday. Since Cathedral had an early football exit, they should be close to getting upper weights to weight for the early dual. Aside from a great looking dual, there should be some great individual matches including: 106 #3 Raymond Rioux (Avon) vs. #4 Logan Bailey (Cathedral) 113 #9 Tyler Conley (Avon) vs #14 Caleb Oliver (Cathedral) 126 - Will #1 Asa Garcia (Avon) wrestle perhaps 120 #8 Lucas Walendzak (Cathedral) or bump and wrestle 132 #3 Alex Mosconi (Cathedral)? 145 - #7 Mason Miranda (Avon) vs. #3 Jordan Slivka (Cathedral) 152 - #3 Nathan Conley (Avon) vs. #7 Elliot Rodgers (Cathedral) 170 - Will #16 160 Anthony Mosconi (Cathedral) wrestle up #3 170 Carson Brewer (Avon)? With 13 returning varsity wrestlers for Cathedral's 3rd place IHSAA State Finals team vs. 12 returning varsity wrestlers from Avon's 3rd Place IHSWCA Dual Meet Team. Should be a great early test for both teams!!
  10. Well said. Thanks for the clarification. I did order a magazine as well
  11. So, will rankings for team or otherwise be pay-to-play only for the upcoming season? I know that some tourneys like the Traicoff usually seed exclusively from Team Rankings. Further, are last year's team rankings generated unilaterally by IndianaMat or is there a voting committee/group that has influence?
  12. Are there IHSWCA or IHSAA Team Rankings anywhere? Links on the site are defunct.
  13. The word "fair" is anti-American. War capitalism and programs that overcome their obstacles of enrollment to be world class wrestling communities.
  14. James Brimm was a beast, but he had nothing on Dan Pleak. I believe Pleak beat him twice both at Connersville his junior and senior season. The other stud in that weight was Heath Kirkpatrick from Greenfield Central. All 3 were nasty.
  15. As in almost all sports, you are taught at a young age to take referees out of every possible equation. The refs might screw you sometimes and sometimes you get the benefit of the human factor. I don't want to get caught up in the semantics of a few seconds in either match, but no one can diminish Breyden's State Title. And, though it sucks because it seriously affected the team race, I know Zach will work equally as hard to be a champion in 2018. Congrats Breyden on one of the most prolific careers at Cathedral in a very storied history of rock stars.
  16. Go Coach McGinley! He has a great shot at going 6-1 this Friday night too. Big swing match at 220! Coach 'em up! Let's get another state title!
  17. Few thoughts: 1. Cathedral had a good day. A couple overachievers advance in Oliver and Rodgers. If Bailey or Walendzak advanced, they would be going into Bankers as the prohibitive favorite. Now, I think Brownsburg is probably 4-1 odds. Cathedral and Portage are 7-1. Yorktown 10-1. 2. Programs on the rise: Roncalli and Shenandoah. Wade McClurg has done a masterful job in his first year. I think he has a cornerstone 4timer in Alec Viduja. And, he has a talented young nucleus. In 30 years, I have also not seen a Shenandoah program with that energy. The crowd they brought alone carried a couple of their boys to Bankers' Life. 3. Underachievers: Perry Meridian, Carmel, and Warren. Whether the Fair injury demoralized the team or not, Perry wrestled flat. They lost almost every close match besides the Nier-Walendzak match. Warren Central must be crushed with graduation. And, for Carmel to bring 10 and only get 2 out, it was very un-CoachP-like. Overall, I felt like the semi-state was a bit down in depth. The lack of competitors from some of Indy's perrenial powers like LN and LC was noticeable. However, I can see 6 or more champs coming out of New Castle. And, I will say the parking lot/crowd was the biggest I've seen in a long time. Looking forward to Bankers. Good luck to all. Greatest week of the year.
  18. 1986 Cathedral vs Delta @ IUPUI. Coach Rhodes took out a full page advertisement in the Indy Star showcasing the event. The Cathedral line-up complete with pictures of the wrestlers and a picture of the King himself in a tuxedo. Obviously, this was against IHSAA rules at the time, but those were the old days. Cathedral was the home team and elected to wrestle in reverse order. I can't remember any of the Delta wrestlers, but I am sure there was a Ginther and a Locke on that squad. It was a #1 vs #2 kind of dual. With Cathedral down 1 or 2 points going into the 98lb match, we left it up to a little know freshman, at the time, named Lance Ellis. I am pretty sure he threw his patented lateral, but I would need someone to clarify. Either way, he got the W and so did the Irish. The gym at IUPUI was absolutely jammed and the crowd was crazy. It felt like a bar fight without punches, but with plenty of vulgarity and energy. I was a little kid then, but it was a defining moment in my love of the sport. Cathedral wrestlers I can remember: Clevenger, Sean McGinley, Matt Moll, Gilbert Durham, Steve Troy, John Maio, Billy Terry, and Lance Ellis. 80's Delta vs. Cathedral duals were the best.
  19. Correct. Matt Hasbrook was also a more accomplished wrestler winning the Cadet and Junior Nationals, FILA Cadet World Greco Runner-up, and State IHSAA title. As for football, he was the Phil Eskew Mental Attitude Winner, 2 time IHSAA State Football Champ starting both ways for Cathedral, All-State, and lettered at Michigan State and Notre Dame in football. Fun fact: After winning the state at 215lbs in 2000, he played DT for Notre Dame at 295lbs.
  20. The new 14 today. Wrestling royalty. Have a great tourney, lads!
  21. I'll take the ginger. He's angrier. Get it, youngster.
  22. Ahh, right. And Warren though I don't think they have a champ. A sneaky 106 and a finalist in Morrow. Another team of bad draws
  23. Cathedral has had plenty of amazing dual meet squads that could have won in the old format (see 80s and early 90s). Cathedral lost some heartbreakers in this very format in '86 and '88. Team fight looks like Penn vs Cathedral. Key matches are Wildebrandt vs Turner and Mammolenti vs. Harvey (though both have quite a battle in the semis). Penn has some sweetheart draws. 152 is about the weakest weight and Swank can do some damage. I see Penn w 2 or 3 in the finals. I see the Irish placing all 6 with 2 being Top 4 and 3 finalists. Home school colored shades. If we win back-to-back, I will drink heavily and celebrate the years of near misses. We have to have had the most Top 5 squads in the last 50 years without titles. Yorktown could do damage, but I don't see more than 1 finalist. EMD draws are awful. Perry could be top 5 if Elliott in the finals. Portage has a shot at top 5. And, Merrillville w two champs. Anyone else w a shot, interested to hear. 5 of Cathedral's 6 finalists are back next year. Future is bright for the Irish. Let's get another, lads.
  24. Brian Williams was at Merrilville distributing the state pairing formulas. He said he pushed print.
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