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  1. If this is the case, PM might charge up. March dem out there. Like Brownsburg at the Mooresville last year where they rested everyone (or they had ring work/SAT/etc), you never know. I just don’t feel like they have the sauce waiting on Stop 11. If so, disprove me. Warren is actually #2 after my almost 3rd Shift Logic (Colts and Pacers) inspiration. That wasn’t personal, fellas. War Indiana Wrestling.
  2. I had some time this morning and looking at results for both Grappler Gold and Marion County, I don’t think this one is going to be pretty. Unfortunately this year, these two teams match up terribly outside of 145-170. The bigs in this one will decide everything. Mater Dei does not match up well with Perry in my opinion. I thought Perry was exposed in the Marion County tourney yesterday. I think they are about the 5th best dual team in Indiana currently unless they were missing wrestlers. 103 - Freeman vs Cottey (Major PM) 4-0 113 Ross or Baughman vs. Haggerty (Fall EMD) 4-6 120 Boarman vs Venegas (Tech EMD 4-11) 126 K. Egli vs Anhony (Major EMD 4-15) 132 C. Egli vs Cavaero (Fall EMD 21-4) 138 B. Mayer vs Smith (Dec PM 21-7) 145 Lee vs Warren (Major EMD 25-7) 152 Dickens vs Fair (Dec PM 25-10) 160 Sollars vs Baker (Dec PM 25-13) 170 Parkinson vs Davis - Toss-up (Dec EMD 28-13) 182 - Pierson vs Clayton (Dec PM 28- 19) 195 McGrew vs Goodall (Dec EMD 32-19) 220 - Crowe vs Lane (Fall PM 32- 25) Heavy - 5 wins total between these 2?? An ugly toss up that could determine the outcome? Yikes. (Dec PM 32- 28) I hope for the hype it is a good dual, but I can see a bunch of blowouts due to mismatches. I can see EMD bumping everyone from 113. If not against Perry, I can see it certainly in the IHSWCA Duals. My 3rd Shift Logic state dual rankings: 1. Cathedral 2. EMD 3. Warren 4. Brownsburg 5. Perry 6. Roncalli 7. Carmel 8. Merrillville/Portage
  3. PS. Without a little “3rd shift logic” this site gets a little boring. And, that is an amazing tag line. I think I’ll name my boat that one day. Thank you!
  4. If those are two PM wins needed for the W, they’re in big trouble.
  5. Umm, no. 113 and 145 are handily EMD. I’ll say majors. 30-25 EMD and they arent giving up falls at weights listed. I’d say realistically 30-21 Final.
  6. Agree. David Guhl 12-1. Anchoring the Irish bigs.
  7. Sorry all. I had a worthy response. It was deleted. Twice. Cheers.
  8. You shutting me out, DecBell? Y2? Darrick and his ego are bad for Indiana Wrestling. His tendencies will catch up with him.
  9. EMD is 8-10 points better than BB. Just saying it will at least be that much.
  10. EMD wins by double digits. At least as much as Brownsburg beat them. I’ll say 34- 16.
  11. Gone are the days with 7 of the Top 10 teams present though. The early 2000s with Hasseman’s Franklin, Crousore’s LN, Pendoski/Tharp’s Portage, Cathedral, Crown Point, Floyd Central, Lowell, and a cast of nasty Region teams. Always one of my favorite tourneys of the year. Well run and a good sampling from around the state. However, this year the tourney is way down.
  12. No love for the Irish bigs! Keep an eye out!
  13. Walendzak and Bailey major Ross and Beatty. Rioux beats Walendzak 3-2. Garcia beats Bailey 1-0. Oh, and Culver Military is a Top 10 Tourney team. 3 - 4 podium guys. Their Ohio transfers are solid.
  14. Mosconi up 3-0 in the 3rd and gets cradled. Irish best Warren 31-28 in a great dual. Warren is good. Senior role players that stay off their back where they don’t have hammers. I’d say Top5 Dual Team.
  15. Nice article. Should be a great early test for both the Irish and Orioles on a Saturday. The matches alone below are reason enough to come to Cathedral gym this Saturday. 113 - Pierson v Seltzer 126 - Ross vs. Walendzak 145 - Coleman vs. Mosconi 152 - Graves vs. Rodgers See you Saturday!
  16. Man, it’s good to be back. Missing an Irish wrestler or two in these rankings, but we’ll have time for them to shake out the old fashioned way. Can’t wait for the season. 20 days until first weigh-in....
  17. Here you go: http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/ct-xpm-1992-04-14-9202030488-story.html If you read between the lines, it is about equal number of male/female sports scholarships and nothing to do with the $300k it takes to fund the program. Adhering to athletic governance to protect any possible impropriety far outweighs adding a program that would put the university in the crosshairs with anything NCAA IMO.
  18. Hahaha. That’s funny. They have the one of the largest endowments in the country. It is like $12B. They could fund full scholarships for everyone on the team and their siblings. It was a title IX issue in 1993 when they dropped it originally. I imagine wrestling still maintains step-child status as they have booming female sports that need equity.
  19. I’m almost positive Jason Terry (Cathedral) has more wins than Lance. I know he was 50-1 his senior year. I believe 47-2 his junior year, he won it all his sophomore year, couldn’t have been more than 4 losses. And placed 6th as Freshmen. I believe he was north of 180. CHS was into the 50 matches a season program in the 90s. I’ll try to confirm actual record. Believe Matt Hasbrook was north of 150 as well.
  20. Where the heck has Bloomington been lately? There is no doubt the Doug Blubaugh days/camps and Olympic heritage produced a few offspring, but the rest? Why did Royce Deckard leave? Can anyone revive either program? There has to be more grandpas and grandsons with historic love of the sport down there to get a program rolling again. JT Young is at Carmel now, but there has to be a few others. Matt Morin and Owen Valley? It’s a great rasslin’ town. #needaresurgence
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