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Everything posted by IndianaWrestlingGuy

  1. Outside of the Irish, he is my favorite coach in the state. Long days on the Connersville bleachers watching him inspire the Ryan Edmunsons and other rock star Arabians to be warriors. The Hall of Fame deserves you for all your heroic character building. Congrats, coach. You’re one of a kind.
  2. Deep. The Pub with Center Grove, Brownsburg, Wabash Apaches, Lawrenceburg, and 2Xer Brandon Ingalls from the Wildcats of Lawrence North High School (btw, no qualifiers for the first time in 22 years)
  3. One point advancement w no bonus points on Friday night. BBurg looking strong. Overachievers this year by a mile. Wide open. BBurg, EMD, Irish, CE. Harris losing hurts the Rebels big time. 4 horse race in my 3rd shift logic opinion. Let’s have a great Saturday. Revel or Patron Saint if you’re bored downtown this eve.
  4. With the parity this year, I say 80 points wins. Should be a hell of a tourney!
  5. The venue isn’t on thin ice, the suites are. IHSAA Wrestling State in Suites = sparsely populated suites, full event security/pay for 3 long sessions, low food count orders, no alcohol, twice the problems of a regular event, much less profitability = not worth it for the Pacers. Not trying to be a parent, but don’t want to lose this amenity!
  6. I sure wouldn’t bet against Zeke. He is wrestling great right now. So pure. Can’t wait to see him in his first Bankers’ appearance! Get ‘em, Zeke!
  7. All Suite Folk - Bankers Life is on high alert this year as they’ve had major problems w suite overcrowding, ticket transfers over the glass, theft of some security walkie talkies last year, etc. I just got a pretty intense warning email from the head of Pacers/Bankers saying anyone caught passing tickets will be ejected and the suite ticket confiscated. Further, for the first time, they are making our competing wrestlers have tickets for suite access. And, they are stamping hands and punching tickets at the suite entrance for the first time ever. Long story short, suite access is on thin ice for this event. Please be vigilant this year with managing the amount of people in your suite. Either 20 or 24 people depending on size. Lets show the Pacers that we are a worthy crowd at the suite level and for the whole venue in general. Good luck to all!
  8. I would have thought this a worthy endorsement until I read your user name. Seems a little extraneous for first round match motivation...
  9. You never disappoint, Dingo! Great job. See you at the Icehouse after the ticket round...
  10. I think he was making the point that since we have to listen to all the Hendricks County hubris this time of year about Sectionals, Regionals, and Semi-State quality, there is not a significant difference between Evansville, New Castle, or even East Chicago. The only historically light semi-state is New Haven.
  11. Bailey defeated Beatty 10-2 on the first weekend of the season.
  12. Ummmmm, you win the day, brother. Wow. That was 3+ hours of research and prognostication. #impressed
  13. John Slivka is an effing legend. What a blessing he has been to the Cathedral program!
  14. And let’s not forget the Region. Both CP and Portage could be working with two champs each w other place winners. CP - Mendez, Bettich Portage - Moran, Washington This tourney is wide open. Gonna be great theater.
  15. Sleeping on Zeke. It was a 7-4 loss in his 7th high school match ever to Moran....
  16. That is incorrect. Those are the 3 young men that beat us. 145: #3 Alex Mosconi loses to #1(D1) and #18 nationally Derek Glicher 7-1 to make the team score 8-9!☘️🤼‍♂️ 152: #2 Elliott Rodgers loses to #2(D1) and #7 nationally Kevon Davenport 6-2 to make the team score 8-12!☘️🤼‍♂️ 160: #2 Jordan Slivka loses to #1(D1) and #2 nationally Cameron Amine 7-4 to make the team score 8-15!☘️🤼‍♂️
  17. If you would have told me Mosconi, Rodgers, and Slivka would go down in the same dual this year, I would have kissed your arse. Wow. What a squad!
  18. 113: #2 Zeke Seltzer defeats #2(D2) Nick Korhorn by fall in the 3rd period to make the final team score 34-34!☘️🤼‍♂️ After discussing criteria #1(D2) Lowell wins by 8th criteria, most first points scored. Cathedral moves to 2-1 on the day. DCC is up next.
  19. They agreed to wrestle Indiana weights for the tourney. Everyone gets pounds up north
  20. #7 Flo ranked Detroit Central Catholic (DCC) vs #38 Flo Ranked Indianapolis Cathedral wrestle this Saturday at DCC. DCC boasts hammers at 145, 152, and 160 with young lower weights. Very similar squads. Can the Irish hang with one of the country’s best?
  21. I know it’s more work, but match-by-match scores are on Twitter @CHSswamp. Match started at 285. David Guhl bumps up to win at heavyweight 12-5 after getting tossed to his back twice in double overs!!
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