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Posts posted by IndianaWrestlingGuy

  1. 4 teams. Warren and Cathedral are wrestling their J/V teams as the 5th and 6th teams. 

    LaSalle’s AD called at 1:30p yesterday and pulled the plug due to social problems rampant among the team. Wouldn’t let them travel. 

    As of 10:30, Cathedral 30 Culver 3

    Warren 9, Avon 3. Tyler Wagner loses a barnburner to Eli Pack 4-3. 

    Cathedral wrestles Avon next around 11:30. And wrestles Warren around 1p. 

  2. 13 hours ago, John Thornton said:

    Anyone have a start time?

    Wrestling begins at 8:30am. In the past, Cathedral wrestles the highest ranked team last. I am just guessing but rankings would suggest: 


    Cathedral vs Bye (CHS J/V for 6th team)

    Cathedral vs Culver

    Cathedral vs Avon

    Cathedral vs Warren Central

    Cathedral vs Cincy LaSalle 


    Any of the duals in the afternoon are usually pretty tasty. The tourney hasn’t gone much past 3p the last few years. See you there. 

  3. I was told KT was kicked off the team (or maybe the school) for disciplinary reasons. Fairly certain he isn’t enrolled at Brownsburg currently. 

    His dad was a stalwart on this site when they transferred from Evansville to Brownsburg. Surprised he hasn’t responded. I think it is admirable how many on this site are interested in his well being. 

  4. On 11/15/2019 at 9:45 AM, Y2CJ41 said:

    Date: 11/15/2019
    Entity: IndianaMat
    Type: Dual Ranking
    Class: 3A
    1. Brownsburg
    2. Indianapolis Cathedral

    View full team ranking

    It’s hard to refute how good Brownsburg is. With the incredible work ethic and conditioning Coach Snyder infuses into the program and all the upper class leadership, it’s no wonder they don’t win an IHSAA title every single year. 

    It is also really good to see programs like Mishawaka creep back into the Top20. When a high quality coach leaves town, it typically takes decades to replace. Glad to see the Cavemen competitive again. 

  5. I’ll only indulge you because the two young men you are referencing above have completely different situations. To generalize them as equal is irresponsible. 

    I do love how people always assume kids pursue Cathedral purely for athletics. Athletics is just a minuscule upside of the Cathedral experience. Stop by campus sometime and see for yourself. 

  6. On 11/13/2019 at 9:01 AM, Hornet Coach said:

    I'm really glad these young men are seeking the best place to get their education.

    I assume you are referring to Cathedral’s 100% graduation rate and 99% college placement rate? If so, you’d be spot on. 

    How are the graduation rates and college placement at your schools? If you want to improve your kid’s chances to prepare for or get into college, send them our way. The $15k tuition is quite a sacrifice, but they’ll be part of an amazing campus culture and most likely be a part of a winning extracurricular. The Cathedral Open House is tonight! Come check it out for yourself from 7-9pm. No invitation required. The Wrestling Center will be open with the rest of our facilities. Come one, come all! 

  7. 3 minutes ago, Darrick Snyder said:

    I thought Brownsburg was going to get destroyed by a list of a dozen schools beginning last year?  Something about how something of ours were going to get eaten.  We weren't interested by the way. 

    Throw out your backhand compliments.  We are often criticized.  It has worked out okay for us.  When contenders are mentioned, we seem to always be in the conversation....unlike someone else, we didn't make a guarantee of winning or list all the schools that were going to beat another school.  We just show up and do work. 

    ...and to bring up feeder schools?!?!?!!?!? ? HAHAHAHAHAHA....both of our middle schools are strong.  Our Elementary Dual team consistently competes at a high level.  Yes, we have strong feeders. 

    I know our coaching staff could never compete with that of Indy Schools, but yeah Smiley was an okay addition.  Ayersman guy did okay.  HWT coaches took a beginner to a state championship.  I have a had a tad success here and at Mishawaka, etc. etc.

    Keep talking and we will keep working.


    I knew you couldn’t lay off. The only “talk” on this site comes from #theCounty. I was just trying to help you with your 2019-2020 marketing. Good luck this season, coach.

  8. 3 hours ago, FC118 said:

    FYI - Cathedral is NOT a Parochial school!

    It’s just semantics really. Private Catholic is adequate. 

    He could have said “Catholic School Sweep”. Either way, Cathedral has more than 70% of the student population from parochial Indianapolis Archdiocese schools, so call us what you want. The Indy CYO has been producing some great talent lately, so I’d look for our Catholic Indy schools to continue to contend. 

  9. 55 minutes ago, PhillyFanMD said:

    Parochial School Sweep in 2020

    Mater Dei-Cathedral-Roncali


    Orioles will be chirping this year unless the IHSAA allows a 5th year of eligibilty

    Not a chance. Crown Point or EMD are faves in my oracle. Littel injury will make it all interesting. Still think #theCounty will be dominant as usual. They have the best feeders and coaches in the state after all. Wish I lived on the west side of Indy so I could be surrounded by that wrestling brain trust. 

  10. 28 minutes ago, Sig40 said:

    Crown Point is actually going to IL to wrestle in the OPRF Invite on Dec 14 instead.  They should see some great IL teams and I believe Detroit Catholic will be there as well.

    Damn. So, no dual state and no Traicoff. Hopefully, Al Smith?? Are they seceding to Illinois? 


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