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Everything posted by IndianaWrestlingGuy

  1. Ps, EC wins 34-30 over #1 in Cincinnati Elder. Tell DecB. They have a squad.
  2. Peep an Andrew Wilson sighting on Wednesday night...
  3. Incredible venue! Great theater for the sport! Nice work, East Central!!!
  4. Paragraph break, big fella. I appreciate the new forum passion, but GD I felt like I was holding my breath through that diatribe.
  5. New commish. Never know. IHSAA added the success factor to nullify P/Ps, but I don’t think it has been significant. Let’s not forget Evansville Mater Dei is #1 in the Power Poll having another great year and just beat Cathedral heads-up. And, Roncalli is Top 10. The IHSAA governs all sports equally, not just wrestling. Historically, we haven’t had enough proximity between P/P schools in the state to have a conference. Cathedral is basically a default member of the Greater Catholic League (GCL) of Cincinnati for football playing Moeller, Elder, and St. X last year, while also playing Louisville Trinity. Cathedral has hit Cincy and Detroit the last 3 years for rasslin’. Our biggest challenge is scheduling. We hit all of the good Indiana tourneys (Traicoff, Al Smith) and host an aggressive opening 6-Way. So, not sure we have better options until IHSAA relaxes their travel restrictions. Ps. If anyone wants to see some good Catholic revelry, stop by Cathedral vs Roncalli on Wednesday night, 1/22. It is Archbishop Charles Thompson Night. There will be a short tribute to His Holiness’s misguided social crusade. Kidding aside, these boys have been wrestling each other for 12 years now and there is no love lost. J/V at 6p. Varsity at 7p under the lights at Cathedral’s Welch Activity Center. See you there.
  6. Congrats EMD. So many great Cathedral - Mater Dei match-ups. Throw in the Crown Point littles and the IHSAA title is gonna be awesome.
  7. Cathedral’s Twitter has updates for the Irish @chsswamp
  8. I would argue it is the Littell effect. If he’s healthy, 126 and 132 are equally top heavy and nowhere to hide.
  9. Matt Howard is still running bout sheets. Hoping Mousey’s is still serving 6oz jars of Pabst. Such a great part of Indiana. Good luck to Cambridge City, Milan, Union County, and the rest of the brethren from SE Indiana. PS. As the Rat loves his Region BDogs, I love my lads from East Central. 3 likely place winners dotted up with a loaded team of depth. Gotta believe they are close to Top10. But, DecBell is the authority, so who knows. #spartanbowl #rax #howards
  10. Totally agree with you on tourney team. I would say they are the favorite going into the Al Smith. I think the easiest way to compare a dual is the victory over Chesterton (39-34). In that match, Crown Point had pins at 120, 138, and 160. In a Cathedral dual, I think CP could lose all 3 of those matches. That is a 27 point swing in those matches alone.
  11. Since Cathedral won't see Crown Point this season in a dual, I will stir it up. I don't see Crown Point winning a match after 132 Mendez in a dual (similar to the Chesterton dual). I also don't see many quality points below 132 outside of Frazier at 113. And, Bettich vs. Seltzer is a toss-up. I'd even put Bettich as slight underdog. I would say Cruz vs Stewart (145) and Williams vs Urasky (152) might be toss-ups, so I gave you one of those two matches for good faith. I'm thinking 34-23 Irish.
  12. If Avon, EMD 1, CHS 2, BB or Warren 3, CP? I think Warren beats Brownsburg and CP.
  13. They definitely don’t lay out the match-ups when they do these or use comparison scoring.
  14. Hilarious disrespect, Dane. I should expect nothing less. Don’t think you’ve ever had the Irish in the top spot the last 3 years. A good motivator...
  15. He been sniffing other horse’s asses lately? It is the #szn.
  16. They are definitely way down. Congrats to the Wildcats. Looking forward to some fur flight in Ft. Fun.
  17. Kudos to Avon for their early scheduling. That said, the Vegas spread for Mater Dei is -27. I don’t think Avon is a Top 10, but they are a good comparison squad. #1 Brownsburg 27 point dual win #2 Cathedral 37 point dual win #5 Warren 27 point dual win I’d be surprised if EMD doesn’t win by 30.
  18. This tourney is better than the Traicoff, eh?
  19. Out of curiosity, what are the enrollment cut-offs for the IHSWCA classes?
  20. Make sure you reach out to Kevin Troy and Frankie Medvesek. They have been running clinics/camps for IPS kids for a few years now and they have some subsidies. If you DM me, I can put you in touch.
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