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Posts posted by IndianaWrestlingGuy

  1. Mike Ester, Demetrius Burton, and Tony Vaughn anchored one of FW Snider's strongest squads ever in 1991-1992. Good memories of those boys at Market Square and through the AAU circuit at Arsenal Tech satellites and Team Indiana. Rest in peace, Mike.  

  2. 2 hours ago, Y2CJ41 said:

    Per the current standings Indiana would be in 9th place as a country in the world right now.

    Incredible. From going no AAs in Fargo to a Top 10 “country” in the world with upside, it is a ridiculous statement. Good luck Lucas and Mason. All Hoosiers are in your corner. Crush. 

  3. 6 hours ago, Y2CJ41 said:

    Brayton's draw is here

    The Azerbaijani was 8th at Cadet Worlds last year.

    Brayton's potential quarter-final match could be returning bronze medalist Diacon of Moldova.

    On the top half is Arushanian of Ukraine who was a bronze medalist last year at 65kg.

    He is the 17th match on Mat D to start the morning, thus he should be on the mat around 5:30am.

    If you haven’t wrestled an Azerbaijani or Moldavian in your career, is it even a career? 

  4. Tuition is $55k/year. I don’t know the Cernus family financial position, but the aid these families receive is certainly a factor in attending Culver. It is the same problem the Indy private’s face, but on steroids. 


  5. Congrats to our Indiana Outlaws for getting 4th out of 60 teams and winning the copper trophy. Led predominately by Cathedral Irish wrestlers, the Outlaws had 2 undefeated Gold All-Americans in Jordan Slivka and Center Grove’s Breyden Littell. Silver All-Americans with one loss were Zeke Seltzer and Alex Mosconi. Roncalli’s Alec Viduya becomes Copper All-American. Congrats to all Indiana teams and wrestlers. It looks like this great state had number of teams that were very competitive. 

  6. 2 hours ago, BrokenTowelRack said:

    I think that annually this is one of the silliest topics on the message board, where instead of making it about the impact freshmen, we see venom from people who are angry that some of these families moved to another district for a better opportunity in life for their child.  I can assure you that the following 8 kids did not feel any less "SPECIAL" when they got their hand raised Saturday night because they did not win for their original community or first high school:

    Brennen Cernus- Columbus, OH

    Jacob Moran- Crown Point

    Brayden Littell- Perry Meridian

    Jesse Mendez- Lake Central

    Asa Garcia- Danville

    Elliott Rodgers- Noblesville

    Jordan Slivka- Shenandoah

    Nick South- Jennings County

    I think your intent is positive here, but some points of clarification at least for the Cathedral kids. 

    If you want to use “original community” as where they came from, you would have to take Jordan Slivka off the list as he started in the CYO. He attended St. Barnabas and competed in CYO wrestling until 3rd grade before his legendary ol’ man transferred to ‘Doah. They came back to attend catholic high school as his family situation changed. His cousins currently still rassle with the dirty CYO Southsiders. 

    If “original community” means where the 8th grader graduates from, then you would have to pull Elliott Rodgers out of this group. He wrestled CYO since was in 4th grade at St. Maria Goretti, he attended middle school there, and his dad is the coach. His younger brothers currently wrestle for St. Maria Goretti. 

  7. 6 hours ago, indypharmd said:

    I'd hazard a guess a few programs will contend over the upcoming years [alphabetically] Brownsburg, Cathedral [central Indiana recruitment area], Center Grove, Crown Point, +/- Chesterton  and Penn (if folks stay in Porter County & Granger/Mishawaka, respectively). One unique trivia answer about Brownsburg and Center Grove will be the fact that those kids coming in mostly consist of youth that have grown up in their respective communities -training with their community clubs/middle school teams & local academies. 

    This topic is about incoming freshmen (and my son will be part of the Bburg Class of 2023)... but, the incoming sophomore depth for the Dogs is very promising, too! Two current freshmen placed this past weekend and they have classmates that push them everyday...

    I always find it interesting that people with no knowledge or association with Cathedral or Roncalli think we have all these kids on our team that didn’t grow up in our middle schools and local programs. 90% of the Cathedral team wrestled Northside CYO. I’d say the percentage is even higher for Roncalli with Southside CYO. It’s what gives us strength in football, girls volleyball, etc. The Rebels and Irish have a ton of hammers coming in for the next couple years from our Catholic grade school teams. 

    Other teams like the ones you mention above should be proud of their commitment to the sport and the excellent clubs they have built. But, I wouldn’t call it unique.  


  8. On 2/13/2019 at 9:28 PM, TeamGarcia said:

    Don’t even need to look at what you put together. I’m sure you put a few hours putting this together. Congrats ! Well done. But from your recent post on your few days you been on here . It’s been all Cathedral. We get it, that’s fine . So let me guess what you worked so hard on . First of all you like thinking right now. Man it’s been 7-8 hours, only 2 Likes. About 600 views . Why not more ? Let’s dive in. 

    Hmmmm... 4-5 Cathedral wrestlers in the Finals . No one lower than 3rd cause you don’t want to be casted away in the Cathedral “click” it be  Highlighted in Green or Gold cause they #1 in your bias eyes then everyone else. Wow we’re shocked . 

    Lets go on ...  Team Race - man Team Race the Top 6 will be so close anyone can win it . It’s so crazy ! Right .  Why lie to us ? Don’t even have to look since you picked all Cathedral and probably winning they must leading big time, just give Cathedral the team trophy, then so the Team race won’t even be close. Then also then there’s everyone else right . OMG ... Were so shocked again . 

    Let me predict something else that’s going to happen . Again by me posting this “I’ll make you famous” like most of these posters on here .  You get 5 mins of it .  My “opinion” on here is such a big deal,  you might get upset, who knows, lots of sensitive people on here. Maybe try to throw me under the bus. Say something about Avon, my kids cause you can’t handle my verbal assault  . Ouch... not the first time nor... will it be the last. 

    So tell us again why should we look again, when we already know it’s just Cathedral Fan ? 

    Ok I’m Done . 


    The Notorious 


    PS.... we’ll see if this person can take a joke 😂

    Passive Aggressive much?!?? Another example of “The County” being the county. Congrats on your son’s career. Hopefully, he is a little more modest than his Notorious dad. 

  9. Outside of the Irish, he is my favorite coach in the state. Long days on the Connersville bleachers watching him inspire the Ryan Edmunsons and other rock star Arabians to be warriors. The Hall of Fame deserves you for all your heroic character building. Congrats, coach. You’re one of a kind. 

  10. 24 minutes ago, Y2CJ41 said:


    Team Wrestlers Current Points Max Points Max w/o Bonus
    Brownsburg 7 7 182 140
    Indianapolis Cathedral 5 5 130 100
    Evansville Mater Dei 5 5 130 100
    Avon 4 4 104 80
    Roncalli 4 4 104 80
    Columbus East 4 4 104 80
    Crown Point 3 3 78 60
    Perry Meridian 3 3 78 60

    Deep. The Pub with Center Grove, Brownsburg, Wabash Apaches, Lawrenceburg, and 2Xer Brandon Ingalls from the Wildcats of Lawrence North High School (btw, no qualifiers for the first time in 22 years)

  11. 18 minutes ago, slice60 said:

    Did they announce Team Scores at end of session? If so, did they count the 2-point Advancement or is Trackwrestling correct?


    One point advancement w no bonus points on Friday night. BBurg looking strong. Overachievers this year by a mile. Wide open. BBurg, EMD, Irish, CE. Harris losing hurts the Rebels big time. 4 horse race in my 3rd shift logic opinion. Let’s have a great Saturday. Revel or Patron Saint if you’re bored downtown this eve. 

  12. 12 hours ago, TripleB said:

    The rake the Indiana Wrestling Community over the coals for $$, nothing is on thin ice. 

    The venue isn’t on thin ice, the suites are. IHSAA Wrestling State in Suites = sparsely populated suites, full event security/pay for 3 long sessions, low food count orders, no alcohol, twice the problems of a regular event, much less profitability = not worth it for the Pacers. 

    Not trying to be a parent, but don’t want to lose this amenity! 

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